Wink Burcham – “Cleveland Summer Nights” – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK – 11/12/16

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Wink Burcham – “Cleveland Summer Nights” – Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa, OK – 11/12/16 – Horton Records Rock n Folk n Chili Cook Off — Wink Burcham – acoustic guitar / vocals, Stephen Lee – guitar / backing vocals, Paul Wilkes – upright bass, Roger Ray – pedal steel, Jake Lynn – drums / backing vocals

Video & editing by Press Pause Films; Audio by Red Cat Event Audio

This is the annual fundraiser event for Horton Records, a non-profit, volunteer-based music organization in Tulsa. The event features live music, live art, raffles, silent auctions, and a chili competition from local restaurants, as well as a musician chili competition. Food donations and winter coats are gathered each year to help those in need in the Tulsa area. All proceeds support Tulsa-area musicians through recording, distribution, band management, booking, touring, promotion, workshops, and administration. For more information, visit

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Music City Kings vs. Georgia Hornets | 2018 MLBA Summer League

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This is the first game at the Spirit Filled Ministries Church’s gymnasium for the Georgia Hornets. The game got heated for no reason – literally for no reason, you’ll see who caused it – but the Kings were able to come up with the victory in overtime.

And speaking of the Music City Kings, the guys had to wear their “white undershirt” because the owner of the team, who hadn’t arrived to the game, kept their jerseys since the owner had a delay over a flat tire on it vehicle.

Gym/Location: Spirit Filled Ministries Church (Columbus, Georgia)
Camera: iPad 2
Video Software: Windows Movie Maker

Summer of Mercy, 1991, Wichita, KS, CBN News.

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In 1991 I spent a over a week freelancing for CBN News after I actually influenced them into covering the story, since I was doing a special for TV 50. I had journeyed there myself to see what it was all about with the late Thurmond Mitchell, a KC local journalist. What happened this Sunday morning elevated the story to national prominance and made this video I shot a key piece of evidence in the courtroom. Regardless of your position on the subject, the camera did not lie and witnessed police brutality against peaceful protesters and stopped a frame up enabling justice to prevail.

AZ Living | Surviving Summer | Walking Around Downtown Phoenix

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It has been a long hot week! But I am finally here with my weekly video. Hang out with me and my friends in downtown Phoenix today in this HOT Summer day. I was a little bit anti Arizona this week, because of the heat!

Places in this video:
Serafina Coffee in Downtown Phoenix
Zooks in Downtown Phoenix

Let’s connect:
Instagram: @DeborahKabwang
Twitter: @DeborahKabwang


Summer 2010 3

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Summer 2010 was busy, but so fun, including our church kids’ camp, a trip to Cordova, Alaska to visit family and attend a class reunion. Lisa and Eli were with us for a few days; we also traveled by cessna and ferry to visit family in Tatitlek and Valdez, then spent one week in Seattle with Lisa ~ hope you enjoy meeting our family and seeing the scenery!

Human Trafficking in San Diego – D.A. Summer Stephan and Dr. Jamie Gates

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Join our team, get educated, make a difference.

In a previous show Kevin took a look at the Bible’s perspectives on slavery, which were written between 4500 and 2000 years ago. This time he addresses an incarnation of slavery that plagues the modern world, including our own communities and schools in the US: human trafficking.

Human trafficking can be defined as “the deprivation of a human being’s liberty for the purpose of sexual exploitation or labor exploitation.” Traffickers identify vulnerable people and gain control of them through physical force, fraud, or psychological coercion in order to use them for profit through commercial labor or sex acts. This ranges from forcing them to do excessive physical work for little or no pay, to making them participate in pornography or even prostitution against their will.

Kevin’s guests are Chief Deputy District Attorney Summer Stephan, and PLNU professor Dr. Jamie Gates. Both have been involved in efforts to end human trafficking for many years: Summer through the District Attorney’s office, and Jamie through his organization Churches Against Trafficking. They talk with Kevin about the causes of this problem, how to raise awareness and fight against it, and what warning signs to look for in order to recognize both perpetrators and victims.

To learn more about human trafficking and what you can do to stop it, visit and Consider getting involved in an upcoming event, such as AHT’s Break Free Run on September 12th, in order to raise awareness about this critical issue.

This episode first aired on August 30th, 2015.
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The Last Rose of Summer, by H.W. Ernst – Pierce Wang, violin

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Polyphonic Studies for Solo Violin, Etude No. 6
Variations de concert sur l’air irlandaise ‘The Last Rose of Summer’ in G Major
Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst

Performed by: Pierce Wang
Date: September 28, 2014
Venue: Fremont Symphony Guild Benefit Recital, First United Methodist Church
Location: Fremont, CA

Ft Sill Army Summer Show w/ Maren Morris & Aaron Watson

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This is a recap video from my show at Ft Sill Army Base in Lawton, Oklahoma. The song in the video is Keith Urban’s, “Somebody Like You,” and was a live recording we did there at the show!


There’s a new wind blowin’ like I’ve never known.
I’m breathin’ deeper than I’ve ever done.
And it sure feels good, to finally feel the way I do.
I wanna love somebody,
Love somebody like you.

An’ I’m lettin’ go of all my lonely yesterdays.
I’ve forgiven myself for the mistakes I’ve made.
Now there’s just one thing, the only thing I wanna do, mmm, mmm.
I wanna love somebody,
Love somebody like you.

Yeah, I wanna feel the sunshine,
Shinin’ down on me and you.
When you put your arms around me,
You let me know there’s nothing in this world I can’t do.

I used to run in circles goin’ no-where fast.
I’d take, uh, one step forward end up two steps back.
Couldn’t walk a straight line even if I wanted to, mmm, mmm.
I wanna love somebody,
Love somebody like you.

Whoa here we go now!

Yeah, I wanna feel the sunshine,
Shinin’ down on me and you.
When you put your arms around me,
Well, baby there ain’t nothing in this world I can’t do.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand,
But you’re teachin’ me to be a better man.
I don’t want to take this life for granted like I used to do, no, no.
I wanna love somebody,
Love somebody like you.

I’m ready to love somebody,
Love somebody like you. Oooh.

An’ I wanna love somebody,
Love somebody like you, yeah.

Oh yeah.
Oh, I wanna be the man in the middle of the night,
Shinin’ like it’s true.
I wanna be the man that you run to whenever I call on you
When everything that loved someone finally found it’s way
Wanna be a better man
I see it in you yeah…

Kieth Urban, Maren Morris, Aaron Watson, Chris Stapleton, Country Music, Live Music, Country Radio, XM Radio.

THIS SUMMER.. We’re coming to a U.S. city near you!

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Happy Summer! ☀️🎉 Festival/fair season is already underway.. and we hope it’s YOU we get to see across the U.S….what’d ya say?! (upcoming tour dates below) More info:

06.22 – Doswell, VA
06.23 – Mason, OH
06.24 – Phoenix, AZ
06.29 – Pottersville, NY
06.30 – Shirleysburg, PA
07.07 – Honolulu, HI
07.13 – Oshkosh, WI
07.20 – Mineral City, OH
07.21 – Clarksburg, WV
07.22 – Quincy, CA
07.23 – Paso Robles, CA
07.28 – Bellevue, NE
07.30 – Darien Center, NY
08.03 – Gilford, NH
08.04 – Duluth, MN
08.09 – Asheville, NC
08.11 – Muskegon, MI
08.12 – Indianapolis, IN
08.25 – Santa Claus, IN
09.08 – Orlando, FL
09.12 – Hutchinson, KS
09.14 – Lexington, KY
09.15 – Sandusky, OH
09.22 – Palmdale, CA

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Summer Snow Storm in Alaska | Live Alaska Vlog | 4 Seasons in one Day

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We experienced every season on our drive to Anchorage Alaska. From extreme wind and rain to snowstorm and sunshine. We witnessed a car accident and lost parts of our car, but at the same time enjoyed every moment of the road trip.

Join us as we travel through Alaska and explore the Anchorage area. We are part of the Alaska State TeenPact Leadership School and will be attending the weekly class hosted in the Heart of the City Church.

We will post daily vlogs as there are too many restaurants, amazing places and fun moments to put into one vlog.

Counting it all Joy,

Simone and Kerstin