Electrical Panel Causes Structure Fire / North Hollywood RAW FOOTAGE

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NORTH HOLLYWOOD – A fire in an electrical panel to the rear of a 2 story apartment building sent heavy smoke throughout one first floor unit. LA City Firefighters had to force entry into the affected unit, and there was nobody home at the time of the fire. The exact cause of the fire is under investigation, and DWP was sent to the address to tend to the remains of the panel. It is unknown if any other units were affected by the fire.

SBCoFD Structure Fire Division 3 City of Victorville Condor Road.

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#Local935 #Firefighters with #SBCoFD responded to a residential structure fire yesterday in the City of #Victorville. Firefighters found a well established fire and through a coordinated aggressive attack the fire was extinguished in less than 30 minutes. Two dogs were rescued and returned to the home owners. Local935 would like to thank Victorville on its continued support of public safety and staffing.

Syracuse NY Working Structure Fire RAW Video

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At Approx 6:19pm Engine companies 3,8,18 Truck 8 Rescue Squad and Car 3 were dispatched to a reported structure fire near the corner of Marguerite Ave and South Ave. Truck 8 called en-route and advised smoke showing from quarters. Engine 3 arrived and reported a large, 2 story wood framed house with heavy fire showing from the attic, signal 99. Truck 8 entered and began a primary search. Engine 3 pulled a line and entered from side A of the structure. Crews made a good push on the fire in the attic. Simultaneously Squad 1 went to the roof and vented. Crews in the attic made quick work of the fire and had it knocked in only a few minutes. All searches proved negative, no injuries were reported. Great job SFD

EPIC MOTOR! ThyssenDover Hydraulic Elevators-Parking Structure #1-CSUS-Sacramento, CA

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These have awesome dry-powered pumps! For being hydraulic, these go pretty fast for 6 floors. These used to be Dover with traditional but they got a slight ThyssenKrupp mod just like the others. Although this is only a parking structure and these seem like nothing special, believe me when I say these were probably one of the most interesting elevators on the entire campus. (Hint that everything else sucks)

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Massive structure fire in St. Thomas Ontario

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For the second time in one night a massive fire has broken out at the same corner New St. & Talbot St. This fire is claiming almost an entire city block. Around 35 – 40 fore fighters are are scene and temperatures outside with wind chill – 24. This video is from 5hrs of footage shrunk down aprox 20 mins. This is all raw footage and god bless these Fire Fighters for what they do! Amazing people they are!

Structure Fire 04-18-2014

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At 1:14 PM on April 18, 2014 High Point Fire District responded to a structure fire near 24646 Highway 9, Mt.Croghan.
Firefighters arrived to find a modular home with the roof completely burnt off and the front rooms fully engulfed in flames.
The first arriving engine attacked the fire with its deck gun while firefighters deployed a hose line and attempted to enter the home.
Firefighters quickly discovered that the homes floor was too damaged to support their weight.
The incident commander then ordered a “surround and drown” operation and request assistance from the Ruby Mt.Croghan Fire Department.
A portable water tank, known as a drop tank, was set up and a tanker shuttle was used to bring water from a hydrant at the intersection of Highway 9 and Mills Road.
Ruby Mt.Croghan firefighters arrived and deployed a second hose line while a High Point brush truck sprayed a water and foam mixture into the home.
Firefighters used an estimated 10,000 gallons for water to extinguish the fire.
The cause of the fire is being investigated by the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Department and the South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division (SLED).

SBCoFD Structure Fire Division 2 City of Hesperia Oxford Avenue.

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Structure Fire Oxford Ave, #Hesperia.
BC138, ME302, ME301, MA301, MT304, ME314, ME40, BP40, I165
#Local935 #Firefighters with #SBCoFD Personnel performed a safe and aggressive attack on a single story residence. Crews were met with a fully involved garage extending in the main residence. Initial on scene resources dealt with multiple explosions from two 5 gallon propane tanks on the rear patio and an electrical service drop that was immediately secured by #SouthernCaliforniaEdison after it fell from the residence. Roof construction consisted of lighweight truss and upon arrival of the first in company the decision was made to perform a defensive attack due to partial roof collapse. As crews obtained knockdown of the fire they transitioned to an offensive mode for mop up and overhaul. For this reason a Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) was established and maintained throughout the incident. It is a standard practice for RIC group supervisor to evaluate the structure during a 360 for potential forcible entry issues, softening opportunities, confirmation of entry and exit points as well as an initial confirmation of crew location and assignments. In this case it was determined as a defensive fire and no crews were interior in an IDLH. RIC was maintained until knockdown and assisted in a situation status and resource status role.
Due to the continuous service and closest resource concept the incident was handled by units from multiple divisions as well as backfill of stations in the City of Hesperia.
The first due engine arrived within 5 minutes and had #fire knockdown in approximately 30 minutes. #RedCross was contacted for 6 adults and two children who were displaced. The fire was confined to the building of origin. No damage to surrounding homes or structures. No injuries to the public of fire department personnel.

Structure Fire Light Weight Construction

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This is a video of a fire that I am posting for learning and studying of some things that could have been done better. Please add constructive comments only. And how you would have attacked this situation differently. Point out things that you observe in the video that should not have been done or could have been done differently.

Train hard

01-06-2018 Clarksville, VA 4th Street Structure Fire

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Firefighters battling structure fire in frigid 18 degree temps in Clarksville, VA on 4th St. beside the Kanpichit Super Rhino Muay Thai gym. (6:00pm)

October 19, 2009 Massillon, Ohio Structure Fire

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One of a series of arson fires in Massillon, Ohio in 2009. At the same time this fire was going on, an apartment building fire was occurring a couple blocks away. Perry Township provided mutual aid on the other fire. Engines 214, 211, Tower 216 and two squads responded to this fire.

Portsmouth Va, Fire Department Structure fire

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Engine 2, Engine 1, Rescue 1, Ladder 1, an Battalion 1 were dispatched to Norfolk Naval Shipyard to assist the Navy regional Fire Department with a structure fire. B1 arrived and upgraded it to a working fire bringing Engine 11, Battalion 2, Medic 1, and EMS 2. L1 set up and assisted Tower 21 with defensive attack. Crew from Navy regional made entry and one FF started to having shortness of breath. L1 quickly assisted in getting the FF out, and the FF was transported. Crews were on scene for several hours continuing to mop up. Navy units on scene were Engine 21, Engine 22, Engine 23, Engine 11, Tower 21, Squad 22, Rescue 25, and Battalion 21.