Stony Hill, Bethel CT

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Hi Everyone. This is Eric, I’m happy you’ve joined me on this adventure.

On this ride I went around the Stony Hill section and the bike path at Copper Square residential community of Bethel, CT. This was a lot of FUN!! I really enjoyed this ride.

Hope you enjoy the video, more to come. Subscribe for more content. Thank you!

Vivre, played live at St Mary and St Giles Church, Stony Stratford by Vivant

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Vivant are Mark Prescott (violin) and Clive Williams (melodeon). This video is taken from our live concert at Stony Stratford St Mary and St Giles church in June 2013 – the sound is recorded live acoustically to minidisc from a microphone in the audience (no PA system) and has had no audio effects added to it – what you hear is how it sounded to our audience!

This piece, Vivre, was composed by Stephane Delicq.