Adventist introducing homosexuality in the church. Adam and Steve

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Sodomitish Impurity. Oh, how disgusted is God with the tame, lifeless, Christless efforts made by some of those who profess to be His servants! God’s work must be carried forward strongly and upward. This cannot be done unless the sensuality that corrupts the whole man is separated from the religious experience. This work must be done. {TSB 119.2}
Church members need to fast and pray, striving earnestly to overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. Not one particle of Sodomitish impurity will escape the wrath of God at the execution of the judgment. Those who do not repent of and forsake all uncleanness will fall with the wicked. Those who become members of the royal family and form God’s kingdom in the earth made new, will be saints, not sinners. Isaiah 30:1-3, 8-16. {TSB 119.3}
Those who have had great light and have disregarded it stand in a worse position than those who have not been given so many advantages. TSB Section VI-Other Sexual Evils

Pastor Jonathan Henderson began preaching at the age of fifteen. Since then he has traveled all over the world sharing the gospel message. Jonathan graduated from Pacific Union College, in 1998, with a degree in Theology. He was the senior pastor at the Grand Advent Church in Oakland, California, where he served in that capacity since 2003. In 2008, Pastor Henderson published his first book entitled “Worth Every Drop-A Journey into the Heart of God”. He is currently the chaplain at PUC.

Bible Talk with IHPM. EP 5 – Pastor Steve Miller Interview Part 1

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God bless you for listening to God’s Gypsy Christian Church’s Podcast.

Pastor Steve Miller Interview. Part 1of 2.

GGCC Podcast Season 1, Episode 5.

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Steve Hill – Legacy Of Revival

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On Sunday, March 9th, Evangelist and Pastor Steve Hill went home to be with the Lord.

After experiencing his own deliverance from drugs, alcohol and crime in 1975, Steve Hill dedicated his life to serving the Lord, and led many to salvation during his time here on Earth. He served as the evangelist during the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida from 1995 to 2000, which drew more than 4 million people from 150 different nations. Thousands of lives were dramatically transformed through this revival as the power of Christ was ministered to those in attendance. Steve and his wife, Jeri, were also the founders and senior pastors of Heartland World Ministries Church in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Steve Hill was a great man of God who dedicated his life to serving the Lord, and he will be greatly missed. Please remember to keep his family in your prayers during this difficult season.

O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright – Steve Hohnstadt (b.1986)

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Bell Choir: Sarah Marie Bereuter, Joy Spencer, Sarah Nord, Nathan Fischer, Natalie Bereuter, Jean Barker, Michelle Fischer, Monica Kletke, Jonathan Fischer, Jim Vinkenberg, Mason Hodges at Calvary Lutheran Church in Kansas City, MO. Steve Hohnstadt, director

Hanging in Denver – Steve Stine Live Hangout

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Glory Road Program- Steve Strang of Charisma Magazine “God & Donald Trump”

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Interview with Steve Strang, CEO of Charisma Magazine on his book “God and Donald Trump”. You can order it today by going to:

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