A Tridentine Christmas: Midnight Mass at St. Stanislaus in Milwaukee

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Enjoy some moments from the High Mass of Christmas Eve. The beautiful Church of St. Stanislaus in Milwaukee hosts the coming of the Infant King.

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church

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Phase one of the project was construction of the new church. We collaborated with the Church representatives to create value engineering cost savings of approximately $1.4M. The new 27,000sf church is constructed of concrete and structural steel frame with light gauge steel framing supporting exterior plaster, stone cladding and architectural precast trim. The roof is steel decking with concrete roof tiles at gables and bituminous roofing at parapet areas. The copper domes reaches just over 90′ high.

St. Stanislaus Tour

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Founded in 1866 and completed in 1873 by immigrant Poles, St. Stanislaus still stands today and is home to a thriving Catholic community. Much of St. Stanislaus’ original interior was destroyed in the 60’s and replaced with an overall modern, lackluster look common in that period (carpets over beautiful hardwood, painting over marble, replacing intricate art with abstract shapes, etc.) Under the brilliant leadership of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest and with the support of a thriving community, St. Stanislaus is well on its way to restoration. Some notable changes include the restoration of the floors, the installation of an Italian-made, marble alter rail, replacing abstract stained glass windows, a complete restoration of the sanctuary and so many more.

Cream City Catholic produced this video as a tribute to one of the few Catholic Churches left in Milwaukee that is growing rapidly, celebrates the Latin Mass and is dedicated to honoring and preserving the Catholic Church’s rich history.

St. Stanislaus Church: The Restoration

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This is the story of St. Stanislaus Church in Milwaukee, administered by the Institute of Christ the King.

The video keeps a special eye on the restoration that is in progress. See how 19th century immigrants’ work is being carried on today through the miracle that is the Traditional Latin Mass.

Video Produced by Bolder Pictures.

St. Stanislaus Catholic Church Modesto California.wmv

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This video is of Saint Stanislaus Catholic Church in Modesto, California. I took these photos and wanted to share them because I think this is one of the most beautiful churches in the world (and I have traveled all over the USA, Europe, and a few other places and have seen a lot of beautiful churches)… Modesto has a population of just over 200,000 and if you didn’t know about it and only listened to the news, you’ld think it was a “small farming community”… but it is much more. This vidoe is just one example of the beauty of my town (for more take a look at: ). You’ld think this church was in the Tuscany area of Italy if you didn’t know better. You can see more of my photos at: ‘ and at ‘ This is one photo that I processed 32 different times to give it the look of different times of the day and different times of the year. Hope you enjoy it. (Sorry… these photos are ©)