Standing Up by Staying Down | Temple Church Nashville TN

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Title: Standing Up by Staying Down
Pastor Damien Durr
Date: 1/29/2017
Scripture Reference: 1 Peter 5:5-10

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‘Standing Strong’ Jim DePrimo – Cop Church Chattanooga 03-07-17

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Jim DePrimo is a police lieutenant, member of the Cop Church leadership team, and host of the “Operation: In the Word 2017” YouTube videos to walk through the One Year Bible. He shares from James 1:1-12 about Standing Strong through difficult times and maintaining the proper focus on the journey.

Standing Seam Metal Roof, Austin Roofing Contractors (512) 491-9050

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Rev. Dr. William Barber at Madison, WI speaking on standing against the codification of ALL hate

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The word codify.
cod·i·fy (kŏd′ĭ-fī′, kō′də-)
tr.v. cod·i·fied, cod·i·fy·ing, cod·i·fies
1. To reduce to a code: codify laws.
2. To arrange or systematize

The greatest myth of our times is that extreme politics
only hurts a small subset of people.

What extremists do – and notice I didn’t say “Democrat” or “Republican” – I said “extremist”.

What extremists do is they try to make us fight separately. They attack us separately and make us fight separately.

What me must understand is that extremist politics hurts us all.
I’ll never forget – in the middle of a LGBT fight in North Carolina – a reverend asked, “Well, why are you involved as a black preacher? Why were you involved with LGBT?” Well I said, “First of all this isn’t a war between the black church and LGBT. That’s a false notion. That’s the notion that the religious right tried to understand. If anybody understands race in america it’s the Black Church.”

Second of all I said to them, “Because the 14th amendment was passed to provide equal protection under the law for every citizen…
And because black people know the original sin of america which was racism and because black people know that once that sin was committed it took 250 years of travesty – of chattel slavery.

100 years of Jim Crow.

Martyrs and people being killed that we STILL haven’t gotten over.

We ought to be the last ones that want to see anybody codify hate into our constitution

And they, “Said that’s not the same thing as racial discrimination.” And I said, “I know that. But it’s discrimination.”

And because I’ve been touched by america’s original sin
of racial discrimination then i have to stand opposed to all the forms of it.”

And using that argument we were able to get allies who were theologically – and in their own churches – based on the first amendment – the right from and for religion – they were not totally for same sex marriage but they stood with us against Amendment One on the moral and constitutional principle that even if I have not come to that point inside of my church sanctuary I have to be against anything that codifies hate and discrimination within the laws of this land.

Rev. Dr. William Barber spoke in Madison, Wisconsin at Bethel Lutheran Church on WIsconsin Avenue 03/14/2014.

Rev. Barber has been a key leader in the Moral Monday movement which is also known as the “Forward Together” movement.
See his web site here: