Making the largest single stained glass window in the world

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Judson Studios and acclaimed glass artist Narcissus Quagliata are using a new, beautiful way to make glass. The result is one of the biggest stained-glass windows in the world at the Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas.

The Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem with the most beautiful stained Glass Windows

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In terms of the formation of a congregation, the Lutheran Christmas Church is the oldest Lutheran church in Palestine. It was formed in 1854 by German missionaries, which means the ministry is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. In 1886 the construction of the sanctuary of the Evangelical church was begun by the Germans. Some Americans of German origin, living in Philadelphia, PA, gave financial help. The church was completed in 1891 but could not be used for worship until it received a permit from the ruling government in Istanbul, seat of the Ottoman Empire. In 1893 Empress (Kaiserina) Augusta Victoria of Germany (wife of Emperor [Kaiser] Wilhelm II) visited Istanbul because there was a relationship between Germany and the Ottoman Empire. She was able to obtain the necessary permit for the Bethlehem church. The sanctuary was dedicated in 1893. The actual permit document exists today in the church; it is beautiful, written in the Ottoman script. In 1893 the church name was Evangelical Christmas Church (it was connected to the Lutheran and Reformed traditions). Not until 1947, through the efforts of Lutheran World Federation (LWF), did the church become named and recognized solely as a Lutheran church. The official name of the church since 1947 is the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church.
History of the Sanctuary
The windows in the church came from the Emperor Stained Glass Factory in Germany. They are in a unique style, similar to German windows, and made to reflect the Bethlehem and Holy Land environment. In the church chancel, at the front, are three windows depicting the Christmas story, complete with angels, shepherds and the Holy Family. At the left, in a shallow, rounded chapel, are three windows showing the life of Christ until his baptism, including the flight to Egypt, portraying Jesus and his family as refugees. This picture is particularly pertinent and poignant for the congregation of today because two-thirds of the people re refugees themselves. At the right, in another shallow, rounded chapel, are three windows portraying Jesus’ passion and resurrection, with the crucifixion in the center window. The remaining windows in the main church are related to Bethlehem’s biblical history and landscape.
Windows made by this factory in this style have been used around the world, but today the Bethlehem windows are the only ones to survive in total. This is an amazing fact for two reasons:
The church was bombed in the 1967 war and the roof and ceiling were damaged; and
The church was in the middle of fierce Israeli shooting and bombing in 2002.
People were under curfew in their homes and could hear glass breaking everywhere. Pastor Raheb, who lives with his family in the parsonage on the church compound, also could hear glass breaking and feared it was the stained glass windows. No one could get out to check until a few days later. When Pastor Raheb finally went into the church he was astounded and grateful to see that all the windows were unbroken and intact. There is one small hole in the red robe of a person in the left chapel windows, which is hardly noticeable but serves as a reminder of the frightening chaos and the damaging attacks in 2002.

St. Thomas Church New York City Amazing Stained Glass Windows & Surf City in Manhattan

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St. Thomas Church New York City Amazing Stained Glass Windows & Surf City in Manhattan


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Alone in St. Anne Church, Detroit, MI.

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Here’s the interior of St. Anne’s Church, Detroit, MI.

Grace Church – New York

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Grace Church, a Gothic revival masterpiece designed by James Renwick, Jr.

The Little Church Around the Corner – New York

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When you come upon this oddly beautiful historic structure amidst modern high-rise condos in the burgeoning Madison Square neighborhood, you will once again be awed at the diversity of New York. Also known as The Little Church Around the Corner, this Episcopalian house of worship with its twists and turns has been compared to a “holy cucumber vine”.