Pastor Moises Kindelan, South Oklahoma City Spanish SDA November 21, 2018

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Pastor Moises Kindelan, South Oklahoma City Spanish SDA Church, November 21, 2018

Servicio de miércoles, en la iglesia Adventista del Séptimo día, 3215 S Kentucky Ave, Oklahoma City OK 73119. Wednesday night service at the Spanish Seventh-day Adventist church. Like, Share, and Subscribe. Thank you! 

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Tue. 12-25-18 – 11am Spanish Christmas Mass – Fr. Sergio Fita / Dcn. Andrew Gilliland

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The Holy Mass at St. Anne Roman Catholic Parish in Gilbert, Arizona, not far from Phoenix.

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Spanish Oaks Las Vegas

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Spanish Oaks, guard gated neighborhood in Las Vegas, Nevada. Located near the intersection of W Sahara Ave and S Valley View Blvd. Situated near down-town Las Vegas, this community features mature trees, 6 tennis courts, 6 pools and a massive community clubhouse. Visit to search homes for sale/rent in this and other neighborhoods in the Las Vegas Valley!

Old Spanish National Historic Trail | Wikipedia audio article

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This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article:
Old Spanish National Historic Trail

00:01:10 1 History
00:08:12 2 Description of the trail route
00:08:22 2.1 Armijo Route
00:12:06 2.2 Main Route
00:13:55 2.3 North Route
00:14:58 2.4 Modifications to the Trail before 1844
00:15:59 2.4.1 Lower Narrows Crossing – Cajon Pass Cutoff
00:16:37 2.4.2 Salt Spring – Fork of the Road Cutoff
00:17:17 2.5 Frémont’s Cutoff
00:18:14 3 Historic preservation and commemoration
00:19:13 4 Gallery
00:19:22 5 Notes
00:19:30 6 External links

Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago.

Learning by listening is a great way to:
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“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”
– Socrates

The Old Spanish Trail (Spanish: Viejo Sendero Español) is a historical trade route that connected the northern New Mexico settlements of (or near) Santa Fe, New Mexico with those of Los Angeles, California and southern California. Approximately 700 mi (1,100 km) long, the trail ran through areas of high mountains, arid deserts, and deep canyons. It is considered one of the most arduous of all trade routes ever established in the United States. Explored, in part, by Spanish explorers as early as the late 16th century, the trail saw extensive use by pack trains from about 1830 until the mid-1850s.
The name of the trail comes from the publication of John C. Frémont’s Report of his 1844 journey for the U.S. Topographical Corps., guided by Kit Carson, from California to New Mexico. The name acknowledges the fact that parts of the trail had been known to the Spanish since the 16th century. Frémont’s report named a trail that had already been in use for about 15 years. The trail is important to New Mexico history because it established an arduous but usable trade route with California.

Journey of 1933 to the Spanish Main, Part 1

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Shipboard and ocean views
Title cards transcription:
“Cruise Ship Voyage
Port au Prince, Haiti; Kingston, Montego Bay, & Nelson Barracks, Jamaica; Puerto Columbia, Barranquilla, & Cartagena, Columbia; Cristobal, Balboa, Panama; CANAL ZONE Colon, Ancon, Old Panama”
“Via the SS Columbia:An American ship, American owned, American manned”
“A splendid ship, the SS Columbia: and one of the prides of America’s new Merchant Marine”
“Now that we have seen and approved of the SS Columbia, let’s take a trip to the islands which Columbus discovered..
..a territory full of rich imagination, waters of the pirates and buccaneers,lands of the Spanish Main.”
Kate Tode knitting.
“Fresh air on the topsides: Kate with Bill and Lady Griffin. (good scouts, good fellow passengers).
“Modern pirates of the Spanish Main wait for passenger’s pennies (dimes and quarters too) on arrival at Port au Prince, Haiti”
Young Haitian men diving in the water.
“The red tropic sun disappeared beyond the horizon as the ‘SS Columbia’ heads to Kingston Jamaica. Warm weather to-morrow”
Ocean sunset
“Skirting the coast of the ancient Carib country. The name of this fierce man eating people is still preserved in the Caribbean Islands and the Caribbean Sea”
Coastline of Jamaica
“Jamaica was discovered on the 14th of May, 1494, by Columbus on his second voyage. It’s mountains rise to 7360 feet above the sea”
“King Street is the Broadway of Kingston. Here stands the delightful old parrish church dating back to 1692”
Intersection, street scenes, Queen Victoria statue from rear, city life, church.
“Steaming across the routes where once the wealth of Incas was borne to Spain”
Sunset on ocean
“The first port of call in South America was Puerto Columbia from where a visit was paid to the important inland city of Baranquilla on the Magdalena River. From Puerto Columbia our ship brought us to the capitol of the department of Bolivar Columbia ie CARTAGENA, the best harbor on the north coast of South America, from where was shipped for centuries the wealth of the new world. Founded as early as 1533 by Pedro de Heredia, it was the destination of most ships that sailed from Spain to America. It’s massive stone walls, in some places 40 ft. thick, survive to speak of their strength in the early days”
Harbor view
“The grim old fort of San Filipe, which successfully withstood the siege of Admiral Vernon in 1741, has never been conquered.”
Soft focus shot of fort
Better pan of Cartagena old town
“Among the numerous churches of the ancient city, the largest and most impressive is the Jesuit church of San Juan de Dios, with its double towers and celebrated marble pulpit”
Side view of church and street scene
“An old monastery adjoins the church, which was erected by royal order of Phillip II, King of Spain, issued in 1603.”
The monastery’s balcony arches.
“Profligacy must be a virtue in Cartagena. The authorities claim that sixty percent of births are illegitimate. Let’s take a look at a few of ’em”
Children running.
Children gazing at the camera, perhaps posing.
Some children on the streets, as the camera passes in a car. One toddler is not dressed.
Children on the street staring at the camera. Children waving to the camera.
A child and a man on a donkey on the road.
Children [at an orphanage?]
A boy backs away from the camera
“All things are learned at an early age in Cartagena, including smoking”
Little girl smoking, holding a toddler
“Cute little bastard is this one”
Very young boy washing his hair in a large tub under portico.

Wedding Guitar Music Albuquerque: Spanish Romance “Romanza”

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Omar VIllanueva playing the favorite guitar piece ” Spanish Romance” (romanza). It is also well known by it Spanish name: Romance Anonimo.
Guitar Music for weddings in Albuquerque, New Mexico

May 17, 1999 – Liquidrone @ The Spanish Moon Concert Baton Rouge Blues Rock Jazz Funk

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Liquidrone was the Headliner this evening at The Spanish Moon in Baton Rouge, Louisiana – for a Show called Verbal Intercourse – Poetry Reading & Slam Poetry – HI-8 mm video source, digitally converted with Pinnacle device. Barely edited with Windows Movie Maker.

Class 14: Baptist Spanish Language Course in Phoenix, AZ

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