Southside Presbyterian Church, Tucson, Arizona, Migrant Sunday

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The first Sunday service after a week of social action church members faces — from the Reverend Alison Harrington’s arrest on Monday evening in Washington, DC at an immigrant reform rally (200 were arrested, including Tucson Congressman Raul Grijalva) to Tuesday’s altercation between church members, immigration activist and Barrio Ochoa residents with Tucson Police Department and Border Patrol after a traffic stop near the church resulted in the detention of two Southside Worker Center members, and other activists. On Friday, members of the End Streamline Coalition, some affiliated with the church, along with Puente from Phoenix, and Derechas Humanos and No More Death, organized two blockades to prevent the federal court deportation proceedings of undocumented immigrants.

Southside Church of Christ Friday Night 2017 Homecoming Concert

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Tonight the Church TV Network presents LIVE the Southside Church of Christ Homecoming Concert. Friday night kicks off a weekend of celebrating the “Power of Unity We’re Taking It Back”.

Southside Baptist Church, Chesapeake VA 60th Anniversary

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baptist church chesapeake va

Southside Baptist Church celebrates its 60th anniversary and homecoming in 2012. Starting as a Sunday School mission of another baptist church in 1920, Southside became fully organized as a separate independent church in 1952.

Southside Baptist is located in the heart of historic South Norfolk, Chesapeake VA.

Southside Church of Christ Service/ Jerome Malone, Sr. /”A Woman Made Straight”

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The Southside Church of Christ in Rogersville, AL invites you to praise the almighty. You will listen and sing alone with the best acappella congregational singing. You will also get the word of God with Bro. Jerome Malone, Sr. with the Gospel lesson titled,” A Woman Made Straight.” Visit the Southside Church of Christ’s website at and also the Church TV Network new website at

Southside Baptist Church – Suffolk Virginia

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Southside is a church located in Suffolk, Virginia that is dedicated to providing an awesome worship service where you will learn how the Bible directly applies to your life and the circumstances you are dealing with today. We offer two morning worship experiences, and great preschool and children’s programs in a safe environment for learning about God.

Our church worships together dressed anywhere from shirt and tie to sandals and shorts; everyone is welcome here. Whether you are single, married, a parent, teen or child, we strive to make church creative, relevant and excellent for you each week.

Come and sing to the top of your lungs, share your faith, and be prepared for a life-changing experience!

Southside 20181215 FullService

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Southside Seventh-day Adventist Church Indianapolis Indiana located at 4801 Shelbyville Rd Indianapolis IN 46237. Full Sabbath Service December 15, 2018: Welcome, Prelude, Introit, Invocation, Hymn of Praise, Tithes & Offering, Children’s Story, Garden of Prayer, Prayer of Response, Special Music, Scripture Reading, Sermon, Hymn of Response, Benediction, and Postlude