Maine Video Production with Sound & Motion presents Maine High School Class A Soccer Highlights 1

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Sound & Motion Productions was on hand Oct 24th in Kennebunk as the Kennebunk High School Boys Soccer team advanced over visiting Deering High School. Griffin Drigotas scored the only regulation goal for Kennebunk, with the victory coming via penalty kicks after 2 scoreless overtime periods. Kennebunk will face Gorham High School on Oct 27th in Gorham, Maine. Let Sound & Motion produce your next video project for you! or 207-283-9191!

Greta Van Fleet – Black Smoke Rising [Live In The Sound Lounge]

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Greta Van Fleet performs “Black Smoke Rising” during a 101WKQX intimate session in The Sound Lounge.

The Sound Lounge is Chicago’s premiere music venue that hosts private, intimate concerts and exclusive events for 101WKQX. The only way in is to win! Text “lounge” to 312-101 to find out how you can be a part of the next Sound Lounge session!

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HYMN – “Sound the Battle Cry” (congregation Christian church singing)

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In order to see the words to the song on the screen, click on the rectangle that says “CC” in the lower right corner of the video.

Sound the battle cry! See, the foe is nigh;
Raise the standard high for the Lord;
Gird your armor on, stand firm every one;
Rest your cause upon His holy Word.


Rouse, then, soldiers, rally round the banner,
Ready, steady, pass the word along;
Onward, forward, shout aloud Hosanna!
Christ is Captain of the mighty throng.

Strong to meet the foe, marching on we go,
While our cause we know, must prevail;
Shield and banner bright, gleaming in the light,
Battling for the right we ne’er can fail.


O! Thou God of all, hear us when we call,
Help us one and all by Thy grace;
When the battle’s done, and the vict’ry’s won,
May we wear the crown before Thy face.


Here is the link to make an online donation to Faithful Word Baptist Church:

“The Purpose of the Anointing” Sermon by Harvest Sound (feat. Scott MacLeod)

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Pastor Scott MacLeod speaking on “The Purpose of the Anointing”.

Join us for church every Sunday at 10am.
1419 Clinton St.
Nashville, TN

For more info on Harvest Sound, go to:

Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – Step Into the Water [Live]

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Ernie Haase & Signature Sound – Official Video for “Step Into the Water (Live)”, available now!

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Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Wet your feet in the water of His love
Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Come join angels singing praise to the Lamb of God

It’s time we, the people, stand up for what is right
It’s time we squared our shoulders back and raised our swords to fight
For the Bible is my weapon and the Spirit is my shield
The Church needs more of its members to be workers in the field

Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Wet your feet in the water of His love
Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Come join angels singing praise to the Lamb of God

There is victory for the Christian who walks the narrow way
There has been a prize appointed for the soul who does not stray
Though I want to live for Jesus, and be all that I can be
So that I can rest with Him forever, live eternally

Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Wet your feet in the water of His love
Step into the water
Wade out a little bit deeper
Come join angels singing praise to the Lamb of God

Masonic Pastors In Churches & What Their Message Will Sound Like-Beware

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Masonic pastors are infiltrating Christian churches all over the US and probably the world. Such is what happened to my mother’s church. To my horror, a Masonic message was preached at my mother’s memorial service. I didnt fully understand all of this, but felt something wasn’t right. So, I asked a brother in the Lord to please review the message and help me understand what really happened. I cant go back and undo what this “pastor” did, but I can use this to warn any who would listen. Please please pass and share this. You need to be aware what a Masonic message would sound like so you can run from said church if you are in that church and then to warn others to run.

Ted’s youtube Channel (Tenha Fe’) here:

Nazarene Articles of Faith

Google search links I mentioned in this video are as follows:
East Gate Masonic Lodges (in the name of the lodge and more)

Rising son Lodge Name search results link:

East Gate Shopping Centers search link:

Shopping center picture search link with pyramids, alters etc..

“Pastor” Jim Dorsey’s PDF Book

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Please visit our website where the following songs on my “Trial by Fire” album, are available for a free download forever. Those songs are “Trial by Fire”, Eyes To See” and “Yahweh’s Blessing-A Priestly Blessing”. The New song “The Good Shepherd” and “New Beginnings” is also available as a free download and is on my 3rd album that is underway as we speak.
Remnant Reconnect (non Mandela Effect group good for connecting with other believers.)

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How Church Should Sound! – Dr. Shirley Ann Moore

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First Lady Dr. Shirley Ann Moore singing “When I See Jesus” at one of our powerful services. She is the First Lady of Faith Covenant Church of Jesus Christ located in Atlanta, Georgia where the Pastor & Founder is Pastor Mark A. Moore, Sr. For more information, call 678 895 7773 or visit

QUIET DOWN | Heart Sound Live from Vineyard Boise | Vineyard Worship

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From HEART SOUND: Live from Vineyard Boise
Written & Sung by Jeremiah Carlson
Available on HEART SOUND: Live from Vineyard Boise

Quiet down and you will hear the sweetest sound
His love song over us
His love song over us

Listen now, the Father’s heart is pouring out
His love song over us
His love song over us

He’s rejoicing over lost ones found
Sons and daughters come receive your crown

Come all you children listen to the sound
It’s the song of the Father crashing to the ground
His banner over us crosses the universe
Written upon it are the love songs He sings over us

His love song over us
His love song over us

©2010 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP).
Admin. worldwide by Vineyard Music.
All Rights Reserved. International Copyright Secured. Used by Permission.

WILDFIRE | Heart Sound Live from Vineyard Boise | Vineyard Worship

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Brand new LIVE music from Vineyard Worship! Full LIVE album available everywhere JUNE 22, 2018!!

Sung by Jeremiah Carlson (The Neverclaim).
Produced by Mitchell Maldonado (The Neverclaim).
Mixed by Karl Anderson at Anchour Studio (Windham, ME).
Mastered by Grammy award and Pensado award winning mastering engineer Brad Blackwood at Euphonic Masters (Nashville, TN)

Written by Jeremiah Carlson, Marcus Hathcock, Jesse Meyer

Your love is like a flame Burning ever bright
Shining like the sun In the dead of night

Your presence is the wind blowing through my life
Embers in my heart start to ignite

So I cant stop singing

There’s a wild fire, theres a wild fire
In my soul
There’s a wild fire, theres a wild fire
In my soul
Cant contain it, cant explain it
But this I know
This fire is wild and it cannot be controlled

Your love, Your love is the fire
Your love, Your love it is wild
Your love, Your love is the fire
A wild fire, a wild fire

©2018 Mercy/Vineyard Publishing (ASCAP) / Vineyard Hymnal (SEASAC). Admin by | CCLI # 7109995

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Episode 178 Musician Nina Walsh & Medium Ross Bartlett – Connecting to the Afterlife with Sound

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Can sound connect you with the Afterlife? Together Nina and Ross are working on just that! Nina Walsh is a composer, performer, engineer and producer. She has been on her own journey finding evidence of the afterlife. Visit Nina at:

Ross Bartlett is a medium, who has an extraordinary gift that few people share. When he was 16, he was the youngest known medium in the world. He’s the author of the books, “Heaven Therapy: Insights into the Afterlife,” (available at: ) and “Earth Angel: The Amazing True Story of a Young Psychic” (available at: ) Visit Ross at: and

YOU’RE INVITED: Sandra Champlain will be speaking at the upcoming Afterlife Symposium September 15-17, 2017 in Scottsdale, Arizona. You can find out more & register for the Symposium at

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