“Bless the Lord Oh My Soul”. Bishop Abney with Bethel Pentecostal Church Choir of Grand Rapids, MI.

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Bishop William C. Abney Jr. (9/9/1927 — 1/23/2007). Publically best known as: Pastor, Gospel recording-artist, charter-school founder, brother to gospel musician and author Etterlene DeBarge, and uncle to the famous DeBarge siblings.

Excerpt from Apostolic Archives International:
He received his call to the ministry in 1950, and later attended the Detroit Bible Institute. William obtained an Associate Degree from Bethel Practical School of Theology, and was ordained by the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, (PAW) in 1960. He received as Honorary Doctorate Degree from Aenon Bible College in August, 1984.
Bishop Abney served faithfully in the service of the Master from his youth. Saved as a teenager, he was a great inspirational leader both to the young and the old. He was director of the church choir and youth auxiliary at the Bethel Apostolic Church in Detroit under the pastorate of the late Dr. Benjamin J. Goode, where he grew up. Bishop Abney was also a renowned gospel singer with some recording experience to his credit. [More at:

Excerpt from article written by: Joshua Aldredge 1/28/2007:
Bishop Abney joined Bethel in 1961, when the congregation met in a drug store. The church now has more than 400 members. He is also noted for starting a charter school, William C. Abney Academy in 1998.

Entire video at: uploaded by Kenny Keys (2organman)

“Money Can’t Buy My Love” (Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones)… Detroit, Michigan

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“Money Can’t Buy My Love” (Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones)… Detroit, Michigan

Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones “Hey Officer” “Answer Me”
“I Wanna Know” Music Library…

I Wanna Know (Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones)… Parkside Very Own!

Birth Of Soul: Special Detroit Edition “1961-1964″…

Featuring Parkside Very Own Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones… “Answer Me” Song…

The Soulful-Gospel Singers… “The Collins Trumpeteers” With Tonnetta Collins, Joyce Collins-Harris, Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones And (Not-Pictured) June Collins…

Darrell Jones

A Vintage Classic Taken From The Parkside PJ’s History, Legacy And Memoir Album…

Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones
Hey Officer
— with Darrell Jones.

Money Can’t Buy My Love
Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones…

Birth Of Soul (Special Limited Edition) 1961-1964…
Song#23 “Answer Me” Vivian Collins (Cara Bell, William Garrett, Mike Hanks) Serock “2002” (1962) Arranged and Directed by Mike A.Hanks…

“Answer Me” is one of several songs here that Willie Garrett had a hand in writing with Mike Hanks and Dave Hamilton during the early 1960’s. Arguably too black-sounding to get airplay on pop stations- and in any case unlikely to appeal to the nation’s pop-inclined record buyers- “Answer Me” veers towards Detroit’s heavyweight vibe. An instrumental of it by the star makers got released on Hank’s exit label in early “1963”, but Vivian Collins’ gospel-styled exhortation brings gravitas to iron spades…

Although the exit single is the sole one bearing the star-maker’s name, Various permutations of the group played around Detroit’s Clubs and on countless recording sessions. The line-up on “Answer Me” included guitarist Eddie Willis and bass player James Jameson, and the collective invariably featured pianist Joe Hunter. Schooled in jazz and imbued with a palpable sense of hope from living in the Motor City during a period of demographic and social change, this stellar collective nicknamed the (Earl Van Dyke & The Soul Brothers) B.K.A. The Funk Brothers was responsible for the distinctive “Motortown to Motown Detroit sound.

Open Arms “Vivian Soul Collins-Jones”…

Crying (Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones…

A Detroit-UK Motown-Northern Soul Unsung Legend popcorn soul rock funk performer that got her stardom in The early 1960’s and her music is still moving strong on social media YouTube, Stringray, iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify channels… Vivian “Soul” Collins-Jones also collaborated with Earl Van Dyke and The Soul Brothers B.K.A the Legendary Funk Brothers on the 1961-1964 birth Of Soul (Special Limited Edition) Album, She has worked with some of Motown’s prominent Writers and performers such as Richard “Popcorn” Wylie, Jesse Greer, William Garrett, Mike A. Hanks and the King Of Motortown to Motown himself Mr. Berry Gordy…

A Detroit Go-Go

Northern Soul Memoirs

Earlier years performing with the Collins Trumpeteers… In Local neighborhood Area Churches, As a Quartet gospel family group from the 1950’s to 60’s in Detroit, Michigan…

Collaborating Record Labels:

Serock Records “1962”
Answer Me
(Mike A. Hanks, Cara Bell & William Garrett)

Hey Officer
(Mike A. Hanks, Cara Bell & William Garrett)

Twirl Records “1963”
I Wanna Know
(Richard “Popcorn” Wylie)

Open Arms
(Quinton Kimble, Jack Stoneman & Martin Wyler)

Lark Records “1968”
Money Cant Buy My Love
(Jesse Greer)

(Jesse Greer)

“To You, O Lord, I Lift My Soul” (Revised Grail/Haugen) Practice Track

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Practice track for Marty Haugen’s “To You, O Lord, I Lift My Soul” setting for the 1st Sunday of Advent in Year C from the Revised Grail Collection published by GIA Publications, Inc.

William Paul Freeman is an active music educator, organist, conductor, and church musician based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Freeman is currently the Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church in Las Vegas, Nevada where he is also a frequent organist and musician at Guardian Angel Cathedral and other parishes throughout the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas. He currently teaches guitar and music at Mojave High School.

As the Director of Music at St. Anthony’s, Freeman has helped guide the young parish through infancy. At St. Anthony’s, he directs the Choir of St. Anthony’s, the Praise and Worship team, the Children’s Chorus, and the Tagalog Chorus. Additionally, he supervises and assists the Spanish choir. Under Freeman’s leadership, the program has tripled in size. With Freeman’s energetic leadership, the Music Ministry has collaborated with other ministries and groups as well as other churches including the Lone Mountain, Skye Canyon, and Tule Springs LDS Stakes and other Catholic parishes within the Diocese of Las Vegas. As an organist at Guardian Angel Cathedral, he has led music during Mass from the organ console.

Recognized for his work, Freeman was the 4th Degree Knight of the Month in April 2018. He graduated with highest academic honors from National University. He also won the Msgr. Henry Kawalec Memorial Organ Scholarship Competition in 2011 sponsored by the Church Musicians’ Guild of Buffalo. In 2010, he was recognized by then Bishop Kmiec for his service to the Diocese of Buffalo with the Manus Christi Award.

Prior to his appointment as Director of Music and Liturgy at St. Anthony’s, Freeman worked at Grace-in-the-Desert Episcopal Church, Infant of Prague RC Church, Cleveland Drive Presbyterian, and was an assisting musician at St. Gregory the Great and Sts. Peter and Paul in Buffalo, New York. He also was a member of the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus and collaborated with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Chautauqua Institute Orchestra.

Active within the Vegas community, he currently serves as the Sub-Dean of the Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Guild of Organists after serving a two-year term as a Member-at-Large. He founded the Canisius College Las Vegas Alumni Chapter and is a 4th Degree Knight with the Knights of Columbus. Freeman holds academic degrees from Canisius College (BA Music), National University (M.Ed. Education), University of Notre Dame (Certificate), and Western Governors University (MBA) and has completed extensive musical training at George Mason University, the Eastman School of Music, and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. His primary organ teacher was Roland E. Martin.

For more information on William, please visit and visit his LinkedIn page at

St. Anthony of Padua Roman Catholic Church was founded in 2006 by Bishop Joseph Anthony Pepe of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Las Vegas. St. Anthony’s is one of the fastest growing Catholic parishes in the United States of America. Fr. Bob Puhlman currently serves as pastor. For more information, please visit www.saplv.com.

My Soul Got Another Dip – Indian Creek Youth & Children’s Choir, Huntsville AL

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Indian Creek PB Church (ICPBC) 2012 Youth & Children’s “Throwback” Concert: Just a “snippet” of what this group of youth and young adults gave on Sunday!

Choir Directors: Cierra Green and LaTorria Parker
Guest Director: Shawnie Ingram (this song)
Lead Vocalist: C. C. Pair
Musicians: Organ – Min. Antone Jones, Keys – Michael Richardson, Bass – Roy Gaiter, Drums – Damian “Yogi” Figures
Guest musicians: Guitar – Mark Copeland and Percussion – Lloyd Wrigth

Haunted Halloween Special | Flying Phantom Lights | Soul Reaper Paranormal

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Tonight the team travel a short distance to a very tiny 19th century cemetery. During the afternoon Kyle and Jason visited tonights location to make sure the place would we worthy of a paranormal investigation.

From the moment we arrived we felt that this place would be perfect as we were looking to do something different for our fans. This cemetery has graves which date back to the early 1800’s, and some of the graves here belonged to very interesting people indeed.


[email protected]

Soul Detox Small Group Bible Study by Craig Groeschel

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The DVD and Participant’s Guide are available online at:
ChristianBook.com –
Amazon.com –
BN.com –

Soul Detox Small Group Bible Study by Craig Groeschel.

In the Soul Detox Small Group Bible Study, Craig Groeschel shines light on the dark influences, emotions, and behaviors to empower Christians to live pure lives in a filthy world.

We all know that smoking is unhealthy, but are we aware that there are other second-hand toxins that we bring to our home, workplace, and church, exposing ourselves and loved ones to deadly poison? These are things that we allow ourselves to view, think, and be part of every day without considering the risks to our spiritual health.

1. Lethal Language: Experiencing the Power of Life-Giving Words
2. Scare Pollution: Unlocking the Chokehold of Fear
3. Radioactive Relationships: Loving Unhealthy People without Getting Sick
4. Septic Thoughts: Overcoming Our False Beliefs
5. Germ Warfare: Cleansing Our Lives of Cultural Toxins

Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv, a pace-setting multicampus church and creators of the popular and free YouVersion Bible App. He is the author of several books including Weird,The Christian Atheist and It. Craig, his wife, Amy, and their six children live in Edmond, Oklahoma