Mic Solo Studios | Sunshine Ministries | Imani Milele Youth Choir | Tucson Arizona 2017

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This video was recorded, and captured by Mic Solo Studios in association with Keepsakes of Triumph.

Imani Milele Children’s Choir on October 22nd, 2017 in Tucson, Arizona . Presented by Sunshine Ministries in association with Passage Fellowship at True Light Church.

For more info on the Imani Milele Choir check out:

Camera 1 : Grace Tang
Camera 2: Michael Jones
Editing : Michael Jones

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LORD ( I Love You more than anything ) Solo by Sister Alisha Maye

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Solo by Sister Alisha Maye
Solo score from the DVD The Resurrection
Youth Day Resurrection Service 2010

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Cory Henry’s solo Tribute to Melvin Crispell “Wonderful is your name”

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NYC sent Professor Melvin Crispell home with a Musical Celebration. Musicians from across the country pay their respect. Listen to one of many. Cory Henry plays from the heart. Dedicated to Melvin Crispell

Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing – Organ Solo – Broadway Baptist Church, Ft. Worth, TX

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Organ solo, Come Thou Fount, arranged by Jason D. Payne and performed on the 191 rank Rildia Bee O’Bryan Cliburn Casavant pipe organ of Broadway Baptist Church in Ft. Worth, TX.
Purchase sheet music for this piece here:

Precious Memories Organ Solo 2018

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Live at Theodore J Farmer Jr. Live Recording 2017 in Lawton Oklahoma

Bishop Abney (1993)

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Bishop abney singing accompanied by Craig Tyson (1993)

Lancaster Chin Christian Church ( Christmas 2015 solo)

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Lancaster Chin Christian Church (LCCC), PA. 2015 Christmas lio i sak mi a si cang.
Vocal: Nu Bawi ( Simon Nu)
Electric Guitar: Siang Ling ( Pa Sing)
Acoustic: Jonathan Pa (Pa kem)
Bass: Joseph Pa
( Unrehearsed..)

Mule Deer Hunt Solo DIY – Stuck N the Rut 90

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Travis, Tom, and Adam split up early in the morning to cover more country. Adam was able to spot this buck first thing in the morning, but before Adam was able to get setup on the deer, he bedded down. Adam’s patience eventually paid off after sitting there all day, waiting for the buck to get out of his bed, the buck finally got up and Adam was able to make a spectacular shot on him with the 338 Ultra Mag. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe for more Stuck N The Rut videos!!!

You Won’t Relent/All Consuming Fire/Spontaneous Worship (Jesus Culture) at Invade Conference 2015

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Hey everyone! This is a bit from our recent Invade Conference at Fresh Start Church in Peoria, AZ.

You Wont Relent 0:00
All Consuming Fire 4:35

I apologize for the terrible audio but its all i could get.

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