Liturgy and Solidarity – Beyond Frontiers

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Presenters: Marcus Mescher and Susan Reynolds
Thursday, April 19, 2018

Liturgy and Solidarity: Beyond Frontiers

Pope Francis has been calling for the Church to go to the frontiers to accompany those on the margins with mercy, solidarity, and hope. This joint presentation explores the chief obstacles to overcome and opportunities to embrace in order for liturgy to share in this vision of the Church to be more of a “field hospital” than a laboratory in loving God and neighbor. Mescher traces the historical roots of liturgy as a radically inclusive experience of table-fellowship to serve as an imaginative framework to heal the divisions that mark the Body of Christ today. Reynolds explores how liturgy can help to form community in parishes characterized by cultural and racial diversity.

Sponsored by the School of Theology and Ministry

Marcus Mescher is assistant professor of Christian Ethics, Xavier University, and Susan Reynolds, Ph.D. is a candidate in Theology and Education at Boston College STM and adjunct faculty in Theology at Belmont Abbey College.

“Black Lives Matter FUMC Ministry of Solidarity” First United Methodist Church, Madison, WI

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FUMC Ministry of Solidarity

First United Methodist Church
203 Wisconsin Avenue
Madison, WI 53703

Reopening of St Casimir Church in Cleveland — Joe Hoffman

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Joe Hoffman had never been in St Casimir Catholic Church in Cleveland Ohio. Yet he met outside the Church every week and prayed for it to reopen. He told why he got involved in the movement, Solidarity and about his first visit inside the Church doors.