Introducing the Solar Sign Light from

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What is the enlogik™ Solar Sign Light?

A fully automatic, solar powered, lighting device for illuminating real estate signs shortly after the sun sets till after sunrise.

Why would I need to illuminate my sign at night?

Many people work late, leave their homes early in the morning and much of their off-time is in the evening. In addition, during the fall, winter and early spring seasons some parts of the country are dark by 4:30 pm. As far as we are concerned, extremely valuable curbside marketing time is lost by dark signs that can not be seen at night.

Extremely valuable curbside marketing time?

Here in Miami, the afternoon commute home starts at around 3:30 pm and peaks between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. The morning commute starts at around 5:00 am. This is an extremely valuable segment of the home buying market and they frequently drive past your listing and your brand without noticing it. We created Solar Sign Light to change all that.

Really? Who shops for a property at night?

Everybody!!! Most people work a 9 to 5 and are forced to look at homes late in the afternoon. Moreover, a consumer who is on the hunt for their next home will scour a neighborhood well into the night searching for that perfect house.

Did you say my brand?

Yes!!! While the average consumer driving past your listing may not be shopping for a home, the fact that they glance at your illuminated sign and consciously or unconsciously read and absorb your name, company name and/or image, contributes to your brand awareness and value. Another factor you should consider… YOU are reading this and that means you are one of the first to be exposed to the Solar Sign Light. You will undoubtedly be one of the first in the country to use illuminated signs before it quickly becomes an industry standard.

So you think this will impact the traffic to my listing?

Absolutely and we guarantee it! But the added benefit is the impact to you professionally. Imagine that beautiful street in your market where several top producers have active listings and your sign is the only one that stands out like a beacon in the night. Standing out in a crowd is an understatement!

Ok, I am almost ready to order. How much is it?

It’s $100 bucks.

Is there any way I can get a discount?

Not typically. However, we just launched and are in “PRESALES MODE” where we are offering a one time 30% discount in order to introduce the Solar Sign Light. Until December 22, 2017 you can buy up to 5 units for $69.99 each. We will begin shipping on January 15, 2018.

Great! How do I buy it?

Simple, go to and hit the BUY button, select your quantity and enter your credit card information. You will receive your order confirmation with your ship date. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Is my personal information secure?

Absolutely. This website is built on a completely certified and encrypted platform and is guaranteed to be safe and secure. Moreover, our company has been in business for more than 7 years and enjoys an impeccable reputation worldwide.

I have a question you don’t have listed here.

No Problem, select CONTACT from our menu bar and ask away!

Can I speak to a human?

Yes Sir. Call us at 305-814-3664.


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It’s all about SUNSHINE and the SKIES 24/7. Now in 1080p HD. When on, the SDO/NASA – Solar Dynamics Observatory – live stream is viewing the sun in time lapse for the last three days to present at different wave lengths of light. This site is streaming from Edmonton, Canada. Presently there are 3 main cameras, cam1 is the pan, tilt and zoom, cam 2 is west facing for sunsets and cam 3 is east facing for sunrises. All cameras are on the roof on a mount I built. There will be unscheduled content on occasion with interesting subject matter. Thank you for subscribing. Comments are welcome in the chat or down below in regular comments. Please don’t forget to hit the like button. Thank You for watching.
SUN Data is current. Best viewed in full screen.

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Occasional Music by Kevin Macleod

Carefree AZ Solar Panel Cleaning Service

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Call 602-301-4653


No, rain water doesn’t keep your solar panels clean any more than it keeps your car clean. The gradual build up of dirt and bird droppings can greatly reduce the power your solar panels generate for you.

Hi, this is Rick Lane, owner of Affordable House and Window and Solar Panel Washing and our other affordable repair and maintenance services. We serve the entire valley with prompt service. There is no additional charge to service any of the communities in the Phoenix metro area.
• Solar Panel Cleaning Is Not a Do-It-Yourself Project: Solar cells are delicate and water from a tap and traditional cleaning chemicals can quickly injure panels and degrade your energy performance. The build up of some typical household cleaning supplies can actually result in your panels collecting more dust down the road.
• Soft Water Washing: Phoenix area residential and commercial solar panels gradually get dirty from dust, rainfall, bird droppings and flying insects. At Affordable Solar Panel Washing we use safe, but effective cleaning methods that won’t injure your solar panels or the environment.
• Panels Should Be Cleaned Twice Each Year: Our recommendation is to plan on having your solar panels professionally cleaned at least every six months. At Affordable Solar Panel Washing we have routine service plans available so that you won’t have to remember to keep panels fresh and efficient. We’ll do it for you.
• Commercial Jobs: We handle commercial jobs of any size as well. Look to us for cleaning both ground or roof-based systems. Typical commercial facilities that should implement a routine cleaning plan include: retirement homes, hotels and motels, hospitals, medical and educational facilities, churches, sporting, retail and industrial structures. Call us for a free estimate: 602-301-4653.

Midland Sophomore Solar Installation (2013)

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Highlights of Midland School’s Class of 2015 installing Solar panels put to “Something Good Can Work” by Two Door Cinema Club. A special thanks goes out to Gary Gordon and Thor Allen for sharing your wisdom with us!

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I do not own the rights to this music. All rights go to the appropriate label and company affiliated with Two Door Cinema Club.

Low-Income Housing Solar Panels

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6.7.11 (ANTHONY) — With help from a federal grant, Tierra Del Sol, a non-profit group in Anthony, New Mexico, plans to start installing solar panels on 20 local low-income family homes.

Isaias Amaya has helped install solar panels on 3 homes in the Dos Lagos phase 2 subdivision in Anthony.

Amaya says, “We had a family, their electrical bill started at $42, and now they’re paying negative $12.95.”

Amaya is a Project Director with Tierra Del Sol Housing Corporation, a group who helps low income families obtain affordable housing.

Veronika Molina Economic Development Coordinator with Tierra Del Sol says installing the solar panels on the homes helps families because it reduces their utility bills.

Veronika says, “These families were families that were either 80 percent or below area medium income, and so they need the assistance with being able to pay utilities. So that they are able to achieve the American dream, and not only get into a home, but sustain the home, and also build equity in their home and in their investment.”

Starting this summer Isaias Amaya plans to start work on installing solar panels on 20 more local homes.

Amaya says, “We’re going so far to help the families even with their electrical bills.”

Tierra Del Sol is also starting a green job-training course to teach locals how to install the solar panels so they’ll be able to work on the installation project.

Molina explains, “We are going to be asking for willing participants that would like to learn the process of solar panel installation.”

Explains Veronika Molina, she says she thankful they received the federal solar panel installation grant.

Molina explains, “To see a beautiful home, and to see a family be able to live in it, and not have to struggle financially to keep their house, and to be comfortable in their house because the solar panels they provide a lot of savings for these families, it’s a very humbling feeling.”

Reported by: Jared Andersen.

Off Grid Living | Learning as We Go | Solar

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We hooked up a solar panel, another battery, etc. Things seem to be running much more efficient now off the grid.

Take Control | Live Simple | Make it Happen!


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Weekend Update on the Solar Eclipse – SNL

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Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackle the week’s biggest news, including President Donald Trump staring into the sun without glasses during the solar eclipse.

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Lancaster, Calif leads the nation towards 100% solar.

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Rally in Japantown to
support solar, oppose nukes, 5-11-13 Sat. & 6-11-13 Tue.,
Post & Buchanan & Geary & LaGuna.
5 speakers:
anniversary of Fukushima meltdown.
We hold these rallies on the 11th of each month,
to rally for solar in Japan.

Just before signing a petition, asking Governor Jerry Brown to institute a solar Feed-in Tariff requiring all Utilities, like PG&E, to pay anyone who feeds solar onto the grid, at $0.54 kwh
Lancaster, Calif., mayor R. Rex Parris recently announced a pioneering update to the city’s residential building code:
Starting on Jan. 1, 2014, all newly constructed single-family homes must include a 1.0 kW solar system, at bare minimum.

The more solar panels the better.

Mayor Parris is only 20 years behind the cloudy, foggy German city of Frieburg, which became the first 100% solar powered city in the world in 1994.

Germany is rapidly becoming the first 100% solar powered nation on earth, thanks to the leadership of 19 year old college student Hermann Scheer, who first proposed that Germany could be 100% solar powered in his 1980 book: “Solar Economy”.

A Lancaster, Ca law mandating solar for all new homes?

That’s right … a bold — and certainly historic — move but not entirely surprising for the Los Angeles County city of more than 155,000 that leads the state of California in solar generating capacity.

Parris, hell-bent on branding his sprawling Antelope Valley community, not just as the solar capital of California, but as the “solar energy capital of the world,” has already overseen some major photovoltaic-related developments in the past couple of years.

Most notably, in 2010 Lancaster partnered with SolarCity to launch a successful solar financing program for homeowners, nonprofits and businesses called Solar Lancaster.
According to Greentech Media, the 1.45-megawatt program — it extends not only to private homes and businesses but also to city hall, the Lancaster Performing Arts Center, Clear Channel Stadium, churches, schools and more — will generate $1.5 million annually through 2017 and then $800,000 per year for the next 20 years.

Hey, when you’re blessed with 300 days of sunshine, a high altitude, and a whole lot of flat roofs, going for broke when it comes to solar investments only seems logical (even in a heavily conservative town led by a no-nonsense Republican mayor).

Additionally, Lancaster is home to several utility-scale solar production plants including eSolar’s groundbreaking Sierra Sun Tower.

The requirement that all new homes must be equipped with solar systems will be written into Lancaster’s “Residential Zones Update.”

Reads a draft of the update: “The purpose of the solar energy system standards is to encourage investment in solar energy on all parcels in the city, while providing guidelines for the installation of those systems that are consistent with the architectural and building standards of the City.”

Specifically, all newly built single-family family homes on lots larger than 7,000-square-feet must have a 1kW to 1.5 kW system. The minimum for rural homes on lots greater than 100,00-square-feet is 1.5 kW.

A flamboyant personal injury attorney and Kenny Rogers lookalike, who was born and raised in Lancaster, Parris has been praised for his aggressive and at times controversial crime-reduction efforts in addition to his commitment to clean energy.

He made the big announcement at an event sponsored by L.A.-based mega-builder KB Home, a company that worked with Lancaster to erect numerous solar-centric developments in and around Antelope Valley.

Parris, who addressed the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi this past January, acknowledged that the new regulations would be met with opposition by the building industry: “I understand the building industry is not happy with this. We will just have to take the heat. I could not do that without a city council — made up of people who want a political career — with the courage to take that heat.”

Mystery, National Solar Observatory, 2 USPS Sunspot, NM Evacuated, Closed

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Now two Post offices are closed.
The Cloudcroft Post Office, which is about 15 miles north of Sunspot, also remains closed.

ABC 7 has confirmed that the Post Office will not be re-opened until further notice and cannot be re-opened until approved by local law enforcement officials.



Tennessee Solar Panels in Tennessee Solar

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Texas Father’s Day Flood 2018 – Major Tropical Trouble

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PO BOX 35946
The NWS puts the development chance of this system at 10%.
There are 34 active Volcanoes in Guatemala right now.
Texas & parts of the Gulf Coast will see a problematic amount of rainfall.

God bless everyone,

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THORnews Volcanic Variables:

34 Active Volcanoes
Fuego Volcano has had 2 major eruptions
(the 2nd eruption happened after government
said the volcano wouldn’t erupt agin anytime soon)
Pyroclastic Flow = Gray Mud that is 1300 degrees

Heats Gulf of Mexico like a bathtub.

Hawaii Kileau Volcano

Tropical downpours to threaten flooding in Texas, Louisiana

Tropical downpours may lead to flooding and travel problems in parts of Texas and Louisiana this weekend to early next week.

A tropical disturbance associated with a plume of showers and thunderstorms that began to brew over the western Caribbean last weekend is forecast to migrate northwestward this weekend into early next week.

“The disturbance is highly unlikely to develop,” according to AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski.

“However, this disturbance will cause flooding rainfall to progress slowly inland from the western part of the Gulf coast starting later this weekend,” Kottlowski said.

Risk of heavy rainfall, flooding to expand later Sunday through Tuesday

Enough rain is likely to fall to cause incidents of urban and low-lying area flooding, especially in the swath from Houston, southward to Brownsville, and inland to Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

Motorists in the major metropolitan areas such as Houston, Dallas, Port Arthur, Victoria, Corpus Christi, Brownsville, San Antonio and Austin, Texas, as well as Lake Charles, Louisiana, should anticipate travel difficulties by the start of next week.

The Monday commutes could be a mess along parts of the Texas and western Louisiana coasts. More widespread problems may occur from coastal and central Texas to western Louisiana by Tuesday.

Motorists are reminded never to drive through flooded roadways as the water may be deeper than it appears and the road surface compromised beneath the water.

Slow-moving tropical downpours have the potential to unload localized rainfall on the order of 6 inches or more where showers and thunderstorms repeat. Should even a tropical depression or weak tropical storm form, rainfall could be even heavier in some communities.

Static AP Harvey Bayou Widening Project Houston

Construction workers excavate and widen Brays Bayou as part of a nearly $500 million flood control project Thursday, March 22, 2018, in Houston. The project, which will widen 21 miles of the bayou and build stormwater detention basins. The project is one of several large-scale flood control projects Houston-area officials are hoping to fully fund and build. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

While much of the rain may fall on Father’s Day weekend when many people may have outdoor plans, rainfall is needed over much of the region.

Abnormally dry to moderate drought conditions exist over much of Louisiana and central and southeastern Texas, according to the latest United States Drought Monitor. Severe drought exists in some counties of Texas as well.

Movement of the batch of tropical downpours is uncertain beyond this weekend.

On one hand, the rain may be drawn northward across the Plains and part of the Mississippi Valley.

However, another scenario is possible.

“There is a chance the system stalls over southern Texas and northeastern Mexico for several days next week,” according to AccuWeather Lead Storm Warning Meteorologist Eddie Walker.

Another Harvey is not expected

Even though the area of disturbed weather is originating from the western Caribbean Sea and may organize just off the South Texas coast, a repeat of Harvey is not anticipated with this event, despite the chance of rain farther south and west.

Earth-cooled, shipping container underground CA home for 30K

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As a kid Steve Rees played in caves and learned how the earth could cool. As an adult, he buried two shipping containers and created an off-grid retirement home for himself and his wife Shirley.

After a few years of camping on their 10 acre plot in Northern California, they bought two shipping containers, hired an excavator and got to work. Doing most of the work themselves, their finished home cost them $30,000 (solar included). Their 640-square-foot space cost them less than $50 per square foot.

Rees explains that while this is less than conventional construction costs, the savings only begin with construction. With a solar-powered well, a bit of propane and solar tubes for most of their light, they haven’t had any city water or electric bills since 2002. Winter temperatures in their home (even during 20 degrees outside) never fall below 62 degrees (an RV catalytic heater is sufficient for heating). Even when the temperature rises to 110 outside in the summer, their home has never risen above 82 degrees.

When they asked the county about permitting they were told they “didn’t have a permit for burying containers”. They have been inspected since completing their home and they have a permitted septic system and a permitted well, just no permit for a single family dwelling.

Steve Rees book: “Off Grid and Underground”

Original story:

Steve has agreed to field questions at [email protected]