Mormon Stories #585: Eric Reeves, son of Relief Society General Presidency Member Linda S. Reeves

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Eric Reeves is the son of LDS Relief Society general presidency 2nd counselor Linda S. Reeves.

In this episode he discusses: 1) his early years in the church and his loss of faith in the LDS church, 2) why he vehemently opposes the parallels made between same-sex marriage and polygamy, 3) why he is speaking out against the new LGBT policies, and 4) why he is encouraging church members to openly oppose these policies

Stacy + Bob | Indiana Historical Society Wedding Highlight | Indianapolis

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Motor Bus Society 2016 Fall Convention Sacramento, CA 1956 Greyhound Scenicruiser PD4501

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8028 PD4501: 826 Scenicruiser 1956. Western Greyhound from the late 1960’s to early 70’s, Then it was used for Hesselgrave Charters, then went up to Bassett Transit in Richland Washington. For the past 14 years Dave Pagel and Ted Campbell have been restoring this bus.

©Videographer: Mitch Friedman

Relief Society Building Construction

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Historical color footage shows the construction of the Relief Society Building in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1954–1956.
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The project was funded, in part, by the members of the Relief Society, the world’s largest and oldest women’s organization. This footage shows the building at all stages of construction and offers a look back at Salt Lake City in the mid-1950s.

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World Mission Society Church of God holds clean-up event in Bakersfield

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World Mission Society Church of God holds clean-up event in Bakersfield

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Paranormal Society investigates a historic manor in Port Arthur

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PORT ARTHUR — Friday the 13th is a day some dread. It’s considered an unlucky day for some, but those looking to connect with spirits favor the day. Six News Reporter Kalie Desimone was there as members of the graveyard shift paranormal society investigated the rose hill manor house in port arthur. Brett Wright is trying to communicate with spirits at the historic Rose Hill Manor in Port Arthur. “Some of these people we have visited with before actually did live here. Two of the voices we caught identified themselves as Mr. And Mrs. Woodworth” says Wright. Friday night the investigators with Graveyard Shift Paranomal Society say they heard from a different ghost at the haunted home. The investigators used gadgets like voice recorders and K2 electromagnetic field meters. Tools that pick up the presence of ghosts. Ghost investigator Brett Wright asked a series of questions to a certain spirit who calls himself ‘Richard’. Other members of the Paranormal Society tracked the ghosts answers through special software. “Most people think it’s just Hollywood and glam actually they are haunted locations” says Wright.Carolin Beck says she came to friday night’s ghost tour to ask the experts some questions. She says at one time she didn’t believe in ghosts. “There are no ghosts. There’s nothing to prove ghosts exist” says Beck. Beck believed those words until she had her own experience while staying in a hotel room after evacuating for Hurricane Rita. “In a certain room there, there was a haunted head bored. I thought it was funny until I actually heard breathing. Steady rhythmic breathing” says Beck. Beck says that was enough proof for her. Friday night guests on the tour say they heard several strange things including a whistle. And while some can chalk the noise up to the air conditioner or any other number of ways to explain the sound, Brett Wright offers those people this challenge. “Some people have always had doubts now is your time to come forward and take a step behind the scenes” says Wright. If you’d like more information about the Graveyard Shift Paranormal Society and their events you can find them on Facebook.

San Diego Bishop Builds Gay Agenda from Papal Spin

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