Wisconsin Trout Fishing – Snow Fishing 4/15/2018

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As nearly all of WI has been pounded by the blizzard, I decided to check and see if fishable water could be found. I was surprised to find pretty good water conditions. The 40-50 mph winds are over but the snow continues. When I started, the snow had let up but it came back around. It was heavy enough to be unable to cast with precision. The bite went south when it got stiff too. A few nicer browns here and a few dinks. Happy Fishing!

A January walk after the snow, on Orthodox Christmas Day in Kodiak, AK

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A short walk on the day of Russian Orthodox Chirstmas.
Note the gray skies at the begining and the nicely clearing blue skies at the end of the walk.
And since it is “Christmas Day”, we’ll finish by the Russian Orthodox Church, as an eagle checks us out.
Makes winter look fun, doesn’t it?
Merry Christmas in January!

The Snow Song

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The Half Moon Jug Band is here to tell ya, just so you know, “This is Maine. It’s gonna snow.” Special thanks to the Littlefield extended family and friends at the East Benton Fiddlers Convention for hosting us. www.halfmoonjugband.com
Words and Music by Troy R. Bennett