Slim Jesus – Drill Time REACTION

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aaronREACTS are my initial reactions, feelings, and opinions of music videos that I come across. You get the raw emotions that corse through me as I watch a video for better or for worse.

Aaron Mamuyac is a pastor of Youth, Young Adults, and Community Groups in Port Saint Lucie Florida. He has been in ministry for 10 years and a Youth Director for 6 years. He has now authored 3 books and has become an ordained pastor in the Christian Reformed Church and is planning to plant a church in the next few years.

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Goodbye Slim Harpo – Robert Pete Williams

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Robert Pete Williams (Mar 14, 1914 – Dec 31, 1980) was an American Louisiana blues musician. His music characteristically employed unconventional structures and tunings, and his songs are often about the time he served in prison. His song “I’ve Grown So Ugly” has been covered by Captain Beefheart, on his album Safe as Milk (1967), and by The Black Keys, on Rubber Factory (2004). – Williams was born in Zachary, Louisiana, to a family of sharecroppers. He had no formal schooling, and spent his childhood picking cotton and cutting sugar cane. In 1928, he moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and worked in a lumberyard. At the age of 20, Williams fashioned a crude guitar by attaching five copper strings to a cigar box and soon after bought a cheap, mass-produced one. Williams was taught by Frank and Robert Metty, and was at first chiefly influenced by Peetie Wheatstraw and Blind Lemon Jefferson. He began to play for small events such as Church gatherings, fish fries, suppers, and dances. From the 1930s to the 1950s, Williams played music and continued to work in the lumberyards of Baton Rouge. He was discovered by ethnomusicologists Dr Harry Oster and Richard Allen in Louisiana State Penitentiary, where he was serving a life sentence for fatally shooting a man in a nightclub in 1956, an act which he claimed was in self-defense. Oster and Allen recorded Williams performing several of his songs about prison life, and pleaded for him to be pardoned. Under pressure from Oster, the parole board issued a pardon, and commuted his sentence to 12 years. In December 1958, he was released into ‘servitude parole’, which required 80 hours of labor per week on a Denham Springs farm without due compensation, and only room and board provided. This parole prevented him from working in music, though he was able to occasionally play with Willie B. Thomas and Butch Cage at Thomas’s home in Zachary. By this time, Williams’ music was becoming popular, and he played at the 1964 Newport Folk Festival. By 1965, he was able to tour the country, traveling to Los Angeles, Massachusetts, Chicago and Berkeley, California. In 1966 he also toured Europe. In 1968 he settled in Maringouin, west of Baton Rouge and began to work outside of music. In 1970, Williams began to perform once again, touring blues and folk festivals throughout the United States and Europe. His music has appeared in several films notably, the Roots of American Music; Country and Urban Music (1971); Out of the Blues into the Blacks (1972) and Blues Under the Skin (1972) the last two being French-made films. His most popular recordings included “Prisoner’s Talking Blues” and “Pardon Denied Again”. Williams has been inducted into the Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame. He reduced his activities by the late 1970s and died in Rosedale, Louisiana on December 31, 1980. (wikipedia)

Death & The Beautiful Lady (DVD) – Slim & The Supreme Angels,”Live! In Jackson, MS”

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Slim & The Supreme Angels – Live! In Jackson, MS DVD Release Date: February, 1997
Slim & The Supreme Angels is an American traditional black gospel music group from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Supreme Angels were formed in 1953 by several young ministers. In 1956 Reverend Howard “Slim” Hunt of Walnut Grove, Mississippi, joined the group as the guitarist. Having been called to further their ministry, the minister’s left the group to Pastor various churches. Rev. Hunt decided to continue on as the now the lead singer of the group, changing the name of the group in later years to ” Slim & The Supreme Angels. As personnel changes continue through out the years, Robert “Sugar” Hightower, of DeLand, Florida formerly of The Hightower Brothers and Mighty Clouds of Joy became the group guitarist and vocalist. The remaining group members of The Supreme Angels were Quincy King on vocals, Larry Young on vocals and keys, Michael Kimpson performing vocals and bass, and Maurice Robinson playing drums and singing vocals. They released seventeen albums over the span of 51 years, and the imprints they utilized were the following: Melendo Records, Nashboro Records, Black Label Records, Intersound Records, MCG Records, Gospel Jubilee, Malaco Records, and Grammercy Records. The group got three album to place on the Billboard magazine Gospel Albums chart, and those were 1989’s Death and the Beautiful Ladies, 1995’s Stay under the Blood, and 1996’s Nobody but You.(From Wikipedia)
Track Listing:
1. Death & The Beautiful Lady
2. Church Folk Talk Too Much (dialogue)
3. Some Day
4. Praise You Lord
5. Honey Dripper (dialogue)
6. I Can’t Stay Here
7. Cast The First Stone
8. Shake My Hand
9. Don’t Trust A Snake
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Slim & The Supreme Angels LIVE in Raleigh, North Carolina 1988

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Enjoy the last three songs from Slim & The Supreme Angels’ song set recorded LIVE at the Annual Spring Festival in Raleigh, NC (May 1st 1988). The late Daniel “Scotty” Scott takes lead on “I’m Going Home To Live With Jesus” and the late Howard “Slim” Hunt leads “My Soul” and the Supreme Angels “Holy Ghost Shout”.


2009 National Folk Fest. Butte, Montana.

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Check out the annual National Folk Fest in Butte, Montana.