John 15: Bearing Fruit for Jesus (Narrated sermon sketch note)

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A narrated sketchnote on a sermon by Pastor Eric Laverentz on May 21, 2017, at first Presbyterian church in Edmond, Oklahoma. Eric preached on John 15:1-9.

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Gospel Brunch – SNL

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Chefs (Amy Schumer, Cecily Strong) show off inventive recipes on Gospel Bunch with Traci (Leslie Jones) & Pervis Scott (Kenan Thompson).


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Steven Seagal Parody

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An amateur parody of Steven Seagal’s acting… Well, it is also a tribute, because I like him a lot. This video was made in two three hour sessions, in the forest behind our lovely town of Trenčín. The language spoken in video is Slovak. It was fun.

The title of the video means : Deadly Death 3: Revenge of Death

The soundtrack is made by BT & Nick Phoenix. I do not own any of the music.

Sorry for the low quality, it was shot in evening with light not so good.


Steven Seagal – Jozef Slávka
Boss – Martin Kyselica
Thug 1 – Martin Taufer
Thug 2 – Juraj Hatlas
Thug 3 – Milan Pleva
The Poor Victim – Jakub Šípoš

Directed by:

Jozef Slávka

Written by:

Jozef Slávka

Camera :

Denis Matúš
Lukáš Matejka
Lukáš Čučo


Denis Matúš

Special Effects:

Matthew Jan Abrman

The Honorable Keeper of the Sword:

Filip Taufer

2012 Trenčín, Slovakia


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Come Visit CLUB 66 Ministry where we “do life together” here”s a sketch during on of our service that explores “church gone wrong” please don”t let this happen in your churches! Good times folks joins us @
Living Word Bible Church
3520 E. Brown Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85213
Fri Nights 7:30pm


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Mary (Krulikowski) Peterson is a Christian Comedian. These clips were recorded at First Baptist Church of Columbia, South Carolina during the Southern Baptist Convention’s “Women’s Lifestyle Evangelism Conference” in 2008.

Who’s Church Is This? (Fetty Wap Parody)

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Who’s Church Is This? (Fetty Wap Parody)
Who’s Church Is This? (Fetty Wap Parody)
Who’s Church Is This? (Fetty Wap Parody)