Immaculate Heart Novitiate – Sisters Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary (Tucson, AZ – 2/24/16)

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Every so often I try to shoot a video somewhere in Tucson that might bring back memories to my friends or relatives who might be missing their old hometown. I’ve seen the Immaculate Heart Novitiate from a distance over these past many years but have never set foot on the grounds… until last week, when I shot this footage. I don’t know much about the place except that it is inhabited by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, located at 3820 Sabino Canyon Road, Tucson, AZ. You can see the cross high on a hill as you drive along Sabino Canyon Rd. between River and Snyder Roads. I hope those of you who have wondered what this place looks like are satisfied with this video.

I chose the reflective, contemplative song “Holy Is His Name” as the soundtrack for this video. The singer is John Michael Talbot, former guitarist of ’70s country folk-rock band Mason Profitt who left rock stardom for a life of monastic spirituality. He is founder of a monastic community called The Brothers And Sisters Of Charity.

For more information about the Sisters Of The Immaculate Heart Of Mary, click this link:

Wendy Williams “apologizes” to the Clark Sisters after shading them

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Wendy Williams faced some serious backlash from the gospel community after shading the legendary Gospel group The Clark Sisters. Wendy congratulated Snoop Dogg for his #1 gospel record, while dissing the Clark sisters. She said it is time for the Clark Sisters to “step up their game”, implying that they have done nothing in their career (The Clark Sisters won Grammys, sold millions of records, and had the number one gospel album multiple times). Kirk Franklin, Tasha Cobbs, and Kierra Sheard spoke out in defense of the beloved group…which forced Wendy Williams to backtrack on her statements. Wendy released a statement on Instagram and invited the group to perform on her show.

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Nov 21, 1842 – The Sisters of the Holy Family – New Orleans – Louisiana

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The Sisters of the Holy Family based in New Orleans, Louisiana, were founded in 1837 as the Sisters of the Presentation by Venerable Henriette DeLille. In 1842, the religious institute changed its name to the Sisters of the Holy Family. Member use the Post-nominal letters S.S.F. which stands for Souers de la Sainte Famille.

Catholic Vocations: Franciscan Sisters called to parish service

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The Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity serving the rural community in Nebraska. The Gospel message of Jesus comes alive in their ministry, the compassion of St. Francis resonates in their outreach. The Roman Catholic order serve in Catholic health care, education and parish ministries in thirteen U.S. dioceses.

Praise Break Jacky , Dorinda, Karen, Twinkie Clark Sisters LIVE in N J

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Jacky , Dorinda, Karen, Twinkie the Clark Sisters LIVE in N J 2017
Is My Living in Vain. COGIC
This channel Great Gospel Songs, Sermons, Praise Break and Testimony Videos is dedicated to the Worship and Praise of Our Father God, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit.

Run This Race – The Williams Sisters, “Power In The House

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The Williams Sisters, “Power In The House” Release Date: July 13, 2004

Once Upon A Time, not long ago, five sisters and their mom flew from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and performed a concert of a lifetime. If you’re feeling churchy, then come go to church!

The Williams Sisters latest release entitled Power In The House sums up this traditionally-styled CD. I’ve had the privilege of listening to the Williams Sisters perform live and when you listen to this CD, you’ll feel as if you’re in the church – having church.

These sisters are serious about singing the praises of God. Vanessa, Renee, Juliet, Patricia, Janice and Mom Terry have a family blend that’s unique in its own right. Power In The House starts off with Never Lost The Fight, written by Jay Lowe. This is definitely one of those toe-tapping numbers. I’m so glad God has never lost a fight.

Power In the House, the title cut, is led and written by Renee and Juliet. These songs have a simple but true message. A lot of today?s music has complicated lyrics and sophisticated rhythms. What I love about Power In The House is the clear fact that these ladies believe in the Word of God and have chosen to sing about. A lot of our churches don’t have any power in the house. But the William Sisters let us know on this up-tempo number that we need the power of the Holy Ghost! If you’re a liar, drug dealer come on in the house! Why? Cause Jesus is in the house. Yes Sir!

My Change is a song that speaks about deliverance. Renee has got to know that she’s anointed! This number encourages the believer to wait until your change comes. Sometimes when you’re down, keep on smiling and don’t wear a frown?. There’s no need to worry cause God will bring about a change! Anybody gonna wait on him? Just lift your hands and wave ’em in the air on this one. It ministers to the spirit.

I’m Ready is a jubilant tune that speaks volumes! Juliet penned this tune and does lead vocals. What I love about traditional music is the clear message.we’ve got to be ready to go home when He calls us. It reminds us to live every day like it’s our last and be rapture-ready.


Darrell McCall and The Forester Sisters | Live at Church Street Station

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In this episode we have performances by: The Forester Sisters and Darrell McCall

Welcome to Church Street Station, presented by the legendary Rex Allen Sr. Originally airing in 1988, it was recorded live at the The Cheyenne Saloon and Opera House’ located in Orlando, Florida. Church Street Station brings you the best live performances from all your country music favourites.

The Forester Sisters are an American country music vocal group consisting of sisters Kathy, June, Kim and Christy Forester. The quartet had commercial success in the 1980s, charting fifteen Top Tens on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, including the Number Ones “I Fell in Love Again Last Night”, “Just in Case”, “Mama’s Never Seen Those Eyes”, “Too Much Is Not Enough” (with The Bellamy Brothers), and “You Again”.

In this episode the American country music group perform “Dixie Man” from the debut album “The Forester Sisters” released in 1985 on Warner Bros. Records and their first two #1 country singles “Just in Case” and “I Fell in Love Again Last Night”; also from the debut album. Finishing with the single “The Boy from New York City and a rendition of The Andrews Sisters major hit “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”.

Following this we a performance of the #52 US Country chart hit “Pins and Needles” (In My Heart) from the album “Lily Dale” released in 1976 and the single “Down the Roads of Daddy’s Dreams” released in 1978. Mr McCall is a country music performer, known for his honky tonk and traditional country musical style at the height of his career in the 1960s, and his return to popularity during the Outlaw country era in the late 1970s.

This performance was recorded live at Church Street Station in Orlando, Florida.

Introduction to the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist

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Overview of the Dominican Sisters of Mary –

The Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist is a Roman Catholic community of women religious based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our community was founded in the Dominican tradition to spread the witness of religious life in accord with Pope John Paul II’s vision for a new evangelization.

Through profession of the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, along with a contemplative emphasis on Eucharistic adoration and Marian devotion, our community exists for the salvation of souls and the building of the Church throughout the world. As Dominicans, our primary apostolate is the education and formation of young people. We remain open to engaging the modern culture with new forms of evangelization in order to preach the Gospel and teach the Truth.

Lord, I’m Depending On You – The McDonald Sisters,” Live in Conway, SC”

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The McDonald Sisters have sung from the north, south, east and west coasts of the U.S. Their singing ministry has spread globally from Switzerland to Portugal to Spain, but the quartet started modestly in 1963 when Priscilla McDonald, a young mother, overheard her pre-school daughters Valerie, Pamela and Evelyn singing along to radio hits by the Supremes and Love Unlimited.

Priscilla enjoyed gospel music growing up, so after she heard her girls harmonizing to Motown, she wanted to hear how they would sound as a gospel quartet. Baby sister Deborah soon joined the group. The McDonald Sisters made their debut at First Baptist Church in Parkton, North Carolina, where their cheek-pinching charm and sweet harmonies earned them local celebrity. “We received overwhelming support in and around the area,” Priscilla remembered.

At this point, neither Priscilla nor her daughters thought about singing professionally, or even performing outside of Parkton and Fayetteville, but Evelyn recalls that one of their fans knew otherwise. “There was a very wise old mother at an A.M.E.Z. church across the street from ours,” she explained. “One day, this mother spoke a prophetic word to us. She said, ‘Parkton will not be able to hold you. You will go into the world and spread the word of Jesus Christ.’ And that’s what we did.”

It was not until 1979 that the McDonald Sisters recorded their first single, “I’m Glad I Found the Lord”/”One Day Soon.” The record was released on K&W Enterprises, a local label run by the late Ken Wormack, who also served as the McDonald Sisters’ manager. Under his leadership, they made numerous recordings. One of their most popular recordings, even today, is “Prayer Changes Things.”


Pink Sisters Convent of the Divine Love Philadelphia PA

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I called them the Nuns Behind Bars. 1993 visiting our sister who just arrived from Baguio, Philippines and assigned to Mt. Grace Convent in St. Louis, Mo. we are glad to visit her first in Philadelphia before going to St. Louis. Mo. Most of us who relocated here in the US have not seen her for over 20 years. They still follow the strict rules of their order prior to the Vatican ll.

The Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (a.k.a. Pink Sisters) a contemplative religious order they take turns in Adoration of the Holy Eucharist and praying 24/7 for the salvation of the world and people who ask to pray for them.

The nuns are cloistered they only go out when they are assign to another convent or for their doctor’s appointment, wearing their grey habit.

Most of the nuns came from well to do families and are college graduate some are doctors, lawyers, accountant, nurses and even have to give up their boyfriends. I see my sister ex-boyfriend weep in Manila when she told him about entering the convent, I also cannot forget when my Dad cried & sad for the whole week.

The Mother House where the Mother General reside is in Steyl, Holland

if you are near any of the convent below best time to visit in the morning at 7 a.m. for Holy Mass and 5 p.m. for Vespers & Benediction I am sure you will love to hear the sisters singing. Of course the convent is open to public from 7A.M. to 6P.M. with the Eucharist Expose for prayers or adoration.



Convent of Divine Love
2212 Green St.
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Mt. Grace Convent
1438 E Warne Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63107

Adoration Convent of Christ the King
1040 S Cotner Blvd.
Lincoln, NE 68510

Blessed Sacrament Convent
4105 Ocean Dr.
Corpus Christi, TX 78411


Helmtrudisstr. 23
33014 Bad Driburg, GERMANY

Anbetungskloster St. Gabriel
Baynernallee 31
14052 Berlin, GERMANY

Klasztor Slowa Bozego
Ulica Rodziewiczowny 18
Skr. poczt.4
48-300 Nysa 1, POLAND


Soeurs de l’Adoration Perpetuelle
B.P. 30924


Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters
Aradhana Kunj
P. O. Carmelaram
Bangalore 560 035


St. Joseph’s Convent of Perpetual Adoration
AC P O Box 388

Convent of the Most Blessed Sacrament
P. O. Box 62
2600 Baguio City, PHILIPPINES

Adoration Convent of Divine Peace
Fortuna St., P.O. Box 29
6014 Banilad

Holy Spirit Adoration Convent
P. O. Box 80620
8000 Davao City, PHILIPPINES

Immaculate Adoration Convent Barrio Polo, P.O. Box 74, Kalibo;
5610 New Washington

Adoration Convent of Divine Mercy P. O. Box 08
4120 Tagaytay City, PHILIPPINES


Convento Del Divino Amor
Barrio Jorge Newberry
Sgto. E. Romero 5817
5019 Cordoba

Convento Nossa Senhora do Cenaculo
Rua Nunes Machado 150
Caixa Postal 405
84001-970 Ponta Grossa – PR BRAZIL


Biara Adorasi Tritunggal (SSpSAP)
Jalan SMU II, Tromol Pos 801
Ruteng 86508



Thanks and God Bless to you all!


Life at the Benedictine Sisters Monastery in Clyde, MO – 2

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Part 2: “Ora et Labora” is a Latin phrase that refers to “prayer and work” which is incorporated in Benedictine life in a way that is … all » balanced.

We Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual … all » Adoration are a contemporary monastic community living according to the Rule of Benedict. We serve the Church through a ministry of prayer and a dedication to the Eucharist. We strive to witness to God’s presence in our world through our community life and by offering a welcoming space for silence, prayer, and spiritual hospitality in a shared environment of monastic peace.

Every day, every moment in the monastery is an opportunity to respond to God’s love. In our community life we find happiness in our relationship to God, serving each other and praying for those in need.

Our daily life revolves around the Liturgy of the Hours (praying and singing the psalms) and celebrating the Eucharist. Lectio Divina, reflecton on the Word of God, is our lifeblood. We are washed with the Word every day. We meditate on the Word. Little by little we become the Word.

Our work supports our life of prayer, whether is be making altar bread, welcoming visitors, responding to prayer requests, making soap and candles, playing music, cooking or gardening. In everything we do-working and relaxing, studying and praying-we try to be aware of God’s presence.

We have monasteries in the following locations:

Benedictine Monastery
31970 State Highway P
Clyde, MO 64432-8100

San Benito Monastery
859 Main St.
Dayton, WY 82836-0510

Benedictine Monastery
800 N. Country Club Road
Tucson, AZ 85716-4583

Osage Monastery
Forest of Peace
18701 W. Monatery Road
Sand Springs, OK 74063-5300

Visit our other websites: