Sis Mya Domingue Going Forth In The Lord & Outpouring

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The Light Of The World Pentecostal Church
2717 Carnation Ave Fort Worth, TX 76111
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Apostle Patricia R. Penigar, Overseer
Bishop Raymond J. Penigar Jr., Pastor

Testimony by Sis. Madhu Latha Alluri

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Testimony by Sis. Madhu Latha Alluri, D/O G Moses Choudary [Maranatha Visvasa Samajam]
CTC Fremont
visit us at
4500 Thornton Ave Fremont CA 94536

0 [GCBC1.3] The Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church (Tulsa, OK) Mass Choir – A & B Selections

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Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church website:

Minister Leviticus Moore’s website:

God’s Hand Productions website:

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– Hosting their 4th Annual Musical, Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church (Tulsa, OK) Music Department’s Mass Choir usher’s in a spirit of excellence through praise and worship under the direction of Minister of Music Leviticus Moore and Choir Director Rosalind Williams. Prepare to have your soul stirred! [GCBC1.3]

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Gospel Singing at Sis. Martin’s church in Indianapolis, Ind. Susan Turner

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Sis Susan Turner singing 10-12-11 at Sis. Martin’s Church in Indianapolis, Ind.