Pastor Joique D. Bell- Sermon Clip

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A small clip from Pastor Bell’s sermon from when he shared with us on our friends and Family day at Gilt Edge. Dr. Bell is teh pastor of Bethel Baptist church in Louisville KY.

Gilt Edge Missionary Baptist Church
1713 Green Street
Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130

(812) 283-6395

Pastor D.L Motley Jr. is Senior Pastor

Israel Sinai Christian Church and ahomevic-Vicky Thrasher .CORPUS CHRISTI, Tx

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Israel Sinai Christian Church, & ahomevic-Vicky Thrasher, at Corpus Christ, Tx, and
Ch. Thurnace York, Ed. D.; CLC; Ph.D, talking about one of many books with Dr. Roy Stock
Ch. Thurnace York, Ed.D.; CLC; Ph.D.
[email protected]
Better Life Foundation Founder
Better Life Foundation Executive Director
Better Life / Recovery™ Associate Director
York University Board
York University Provost
Discovery of Recovery™ Associate
Provost: TECU (Trinity Evangelical Christian University)

Advisor: UNTCI (United New Testament Church International)

Advisor: TECU (Trinity Evangelical Christian University)

Regional Representative (UNTCI), (TECU)

Former Consultant; United Association of Christian Chaplains and Counselors International (UACCCI)
Former Consultant; United Evangelical Church of America (UECA)
Former Educational Consultant; (UACCCI), (UECA)
Recovery™ Life Coach
FT.D. — Family Therapy
Ph.D. — Family Therapy
FT.Dt. — Family Therapy
Ed.D. — Higher l Ed.
D.D. – Divinity
D.D. – Theology
M.A. — Divinity
M.S. — Special Education
M.A. Graduate Work
Th.M. — Graduate Work
B.A. — English / Biology
Elementary / High School Certification
Th.B. — Bible / Missions
Th.G. — Bible / Theology
RP — Religious Practitioner
Graduate; Pioneer Theological Seminary
Graduate; Trinity Institute of Christian Counseling
Graduate; United Graduate College and Seminary
Graduate; Southeastern Nova University
Graduate: Lighthouse University
Graduate; Holmes University
Graduate; East Central State University
Graduate; University of California at L.A.
Graduate; University of New York at Buffalo
Graduate Work; Fresno State
Graduate Work; San Jose State
Graduate Work; Chico State
Graduate Work; Clarksville School of Theology
Graduate Work; University of Toronto
Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
FEMA Programs — Professional Development Series
American Association of Christian Counselors
Board Certified Chaplain;
Board Certified Biblical Counselor;
Board Certified Pastoral Counselor;
Dr. Thurnace York is a Recognized Certified Religious Practitioner & complies with the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors
(Title 22, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 681, subtitle A, 681.2 definitions, (14), (A), (B), (C)).
TYRES Professional Associates Programs
PRELIMINARY (Better Life / Recovery™ Institute) with York University TOPICS, CERTIFICATES, MODULES, AND COURSES

(Some of the Programs and Certifications can lead to the following areas of specialization.) (Some Examples are:)

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Therapist

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Family Therapist

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Marriage Therapist

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Chaplain

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Disaster Chaplain

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Business Chaplain

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Social Worker

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Life Coach

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Counselor

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Crisis Counselor

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Disaster Counselor

Becoming a Better Life / Recovery™ Counselor of Encouragement

Remember; God did not create You to fail™ (By Dr. Thurnace York, Ph.D. with assist. of Dr. Roy E. Stock, Ph.D.)

Train Course Development & Provider (Through Better Life / Recovery Institute)
(Received; Wednesday, August 6, 2008 10:24 PM)
Associate with Harvestime Overseas Education
Educator, Professional Lecturer, Speaker, Composer, Arranger, Recording Artist
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Mt Sinai MBC 2011 2012

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Introduction to the Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church in Port Arthur, Texas! Come and Meet Us at the Mount! Rev. Randy G. Vaugh, Senior Pastor & Rev. Lawrence G. Vaughn is Resident Pastor!