Church of Christ sermon “Joy Made Complete” 1 of 2, Chattanooga, TN

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Church of Christ sermon “Joy Made Complete” 1 of 2, Chattanooga, TN
Mountain Creek church of Christ
May 15, 2011

Church of Christ sermon “Joy Made Complete” 1 of 2, Chattanooga, TN
1 John 1:4-10

Fallen, Pastor Jonathan Meyer, Next Level Church Fort Wayne

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“Purity” Preaching from an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Phoenix, AZ

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Set Me Free Reality Church, Mobile, Alabama (Human Video)

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we did this video at reality church in mobile alabama on 10-24-10. it’s a very powerful message about being bound by sin and the reality that Jesus can free you and give you victory.

Gospel Meeting: “Personal Evangelism” – Sunday Evening Sermon 2/10/13

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This is the third of six lessons as part of a Gospel meeting held by the Southside Church of Christ with Brother Kris Emerson of Beaumont, Texas.

In this lessons Brother Emerson discusses the necessity and many of the challenges that we all face when we seek to evangelize those around us.

The Southside Church of Christ family is a group of people who are striving to learn, understand, and live what God’s Word teaches. We want to be New Testament Christians- nothing more, and certainly nothing less. If you are in our area, we would be honored if you stopped by to worship and study with us. We meet at 602 Henderson Street in Jacksonville, Texas. We meet at the following times:
Sunday Mornings 9:30am – Bible Classes 10:20am – Worship
Sunday Evening 6:00pm – Worship
Wednesday Evening 7:00pm – Worship

You can also visit us at our website:

Sinless Consistency

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June 18, 2013
Speaking the Truth in Love Conference
Wallen Baptist Church, Fort Wayne. Indiana

Speaker: Ron Wallace
Ron Wallace is the President of the Bible Fragrances Biblical Studies Institute and has been the senior pastor of Calaveras Bible Fellowship for over 30 years. He studied biblical languages at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He has taught Hebrew and Greek at Berean Fundamental Church and Calaveras Bible Fellowship. Ron is one of the premier speakers on the “Pre-Wrath Rapture” position.

Elmbrook Church Protects Sinners | Jason Webb Resign Controversy

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BROOKFIELD – A senior leader of Elmbrook Church, one of the largest churches in Wisconsin, has resigned “due to multiple marital infidelities” and to seek inpatient treatment for an unspecified addiction.

Jason Webb, senior church pastor for four years, announced his departure in a remorseful letter sent to the Elmbrook congregation Wednesday. Webb’s resignation was tendered last week, church officials said.

An interim senior pastor to replace Webb is expected to be chosen as soon as mid-next week by Elmbrook’s council of elders, said Mark Heckman, the church’s executive director of support services.

When asked how the loss of Webb is affecting Elmbrook, Heckman said, “We are experiencing a range of emotions from disbelief to anger to fear and everything in between.

“This is an undeniably hard place, and it is an opportunity for deep spiritual growth. We are also concerned for the Webb family and trying to provide adequate care for them.”

Webb was brought into Elmbrook from its sister place of worship in Mukwonago — Brooklife Church.

Elmbrook draws thousands of attendees to its weekly services. In addition to its flagship Brookfield campus, Elmbrook in 2016 opened a satellite location in Delafield after merging with Westbrook Church.

The letter
Webb’s letter said:

“It is with deep remorse that I write you this letter. As you are aware, over the last two years I have been on a journey towards emotional, spiritual and relational health.

“While I have been open with you about much of the journey, there is one part that I have kept hidden. I have also been struggling with a serious addiction, which has led to many betrayals, including unfaithfulness to my wife, Heather.

“Words cannot fully describe how sorry I am for my sin. The gravity of all of this is not lost on me. I have lied to Heather, my counselor, the men in my life, the elders, the staff and the church.

“I am so very sorry. As I come to terms with this, I must take two difficult steps for myself, my wife and my children.

“First, I will immediately seek intensive inpatient treatment for addiction over the next six weeks. Second, I am offering my resignation as senior pastor of Elmbrook Church.

“Elmbrook will always be dear to me. I will continue to count it one of the greatest honors of my life to have served under the Elmbrook umbrella in various capacities for the last seventeen years, and as senior pastor these last four years.”

Arizona Artists Face Jail Time For Not Serving Gay Weddings

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Heart Wrenching Testimony of a Teen Age Girl Coming to Know Jesus

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Young people today face more evil, and more sinful temptations then when I was growing up. I don’t think most adults truly understand. Here is a testimony of a young girl coming to know Christ. Watch and listen as she shares the horrible experiences she faced at such a young age … and overcame. I admire this young lady and have the highest respect for her … I would welcome her into my home and family in a heartbeat. Enjoy and share with people you know that would be ministered by her touching presentation …

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Church of Christ Sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 3 of 3, Chattanooga, TN

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Church of Christ Sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 3 of 3, Chattanooga, TN
Mountain Creek Church of Christ, Red Bank, TN
Wells Hill Church of Christ Gospel Meeting
April 26, 2011

Church of Christ Sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 3 of 3, Chattanooga, TN
Peter’s Denial
Paul’s Persecution

Church of Christ sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 2 of 3, Chattanooga, TN

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Church of Christ sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 2 of 3, Chattanooga, TN
Wells Hill Church of Christ in Fayetteville, TN
April 26, 2011

Church of Christ sermon “Accepting Forgiveness” 2 of 3, Chattanooga, TN
Peter’s Denial
Paul’s Persecution of the Church

“The Church At Antioch” by Monte Ginnings

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Preacher, Monte Ginnings, delivers his April 28, 2013 evening sermon, “The Church At Antioch”, at the Northwest Church Of Christ in Lawton, Oklahoma.