Klondyke Ghost Town | Arizona Silver Mining Town | USA

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Klondyke is a populated place in Graham County, Arizona, that was founded around 1900 by some miners who had recently returned from Alaska after participating in the Klondike Gold Rush. The town is located west of Safford in the Aravaipa Valley. The Galiuro Mountains lie to the southeast and the Santa Teresa Mountains to the north. POPULATION 50.

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Welcome to my channel, the OFFICIAL home of American Ghost Towns,
I make video’s about Ghost Towns in America and other parts of the world,
with the HISTORY and FACTS about these towns.
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Granite Ghost Town | Abandoned Silver Mining Boomtown | Montana | USA

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Granite is a ghost town in Granite County, Montana, United States, three miles east of the town of Philipsburg. Granite thrived as a silver mining town in the 1890s and is now completely deserted.The state of Montana maintains the mine superintendent’s house and the ruins of the union hall as Granite Ghost Town State Park.

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About my Channel.
Welcome to my channel, the OFFICIAL home of American Ghost Towns,
I make video’s about Ghost Towns in America and other parts of the world,
with the HISTORY and FACTS about these towns.
Also video’s about Travel and People.

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Metal Detecting 1943 Silver Nickel + Wheatie $5.83 in coins searching for gold

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Found a $1 Dollar Coin and a War Nickel from 1943 that is silver clad over copper. A cop car drove by but didn’t stop so i was free to keep hunting. Slowly sweeping the closed High School sports fields complex, hope to search every square inch and hit the motherload of old stuff.

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Spider-Man – PS4 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 12 – Silver Sable!

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Walkthrough Part 12! Spider-Men Gameplay!
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Thanks for watching my Spider-Man Gameplay and Walkthrough! This game one of the most anticipated games of 2018! You may have seen a trailer or review, but this playthrough will feature my impressions, reactions, and commentary throughout the full story mode including the ending! If you’re a fan of Spiderman, then let’s play Marvel’s Spider-Man! Subscribe to ZackScottGames for new episodes today!

Marvel’s Spider-Man features your favorite web-slinger in a story unlike any before it. Now a seasoned Super Hero, Peter Parker has been busy keeping crime off the streets as Spider-Man. Just as he’s ready to focus on life as Peter, a new villain threatens New York City. Faced with overwhelming odds and higher stakes, Spider-Man must rise up and be greater.

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Name: Marvel’s Spider-Man
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Platforms: PlayStation 4 (PS4)
Release Date: September 7, 2018

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SALT LAKE CITY ROAD TRIP 2017: Soccer, LDS Temple Square, Silver Lake, In-N-Out

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What’s going on, friends?
It’s that time of year again! Time for out yearly road trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. We go every year for a Portland Timbers soccer match, but it ends up being so much more each time.
This year, we spent time with Austin and Jess of Austin and Jess Vlogs and Men Try Videos, We ate at the delicious Cafe Rio, Went to a soccer match between the portland timbers and Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium and we even visited the Temple Square of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We topped it all off with a trip to In-N-Out Burger for some double-doubles!
We really packed a lot into this trip and I hope you enjoy watching it!

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music: ‘passing by’ by Birocratic

Dr. Boyce Watkins – Silver Rights Economic Development Summit – 02.07.15

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02.07.15 Silver Rights Economic Empowerment Forum at St. Stephen Church, Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Boyce D. Watkins, “The People’s Scholar,” is one of the leading financial scholars and social commentators in America. He advocates for education, economic empowerment, and social justice.

Dr. Watkins is a Scholar in Residence in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Syracuse University.

The Dynamic Silver Wings – From St. Louis, MO – Olive Branch Miss. Baptist Church – Pt. 1

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The Dynamic Silver Wings – From St. Louis, MO – Olive Branch Miss. Baptist Church, 915 E 59th St, Kansas City, MO 64110 – Pt. 1- August 25, 2018
Rev. Thurmond (TC) Caldwell~Host
‘”Quartet Walk”
K106.1 FM ~ 11:30 AM Sat. CST
[email protected]
Rev. Thurmond (TC) Caldwell~HostPRT Gospel ~ 1590 Am
1- Making A Way
2- He’ll Make It Alright
3- When The Saints Go March In
4- Going To See Jesus
5- Jesus Dropped The Charges
Video by donmademyvow

Silver & Spitfires I Old Church Field I Metal Detecting Part 2

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This is the 2nd part of my epic metal detecting hunt in the Old Church Field. I got back under those trees looking for coins dropped near them and found a beautiful silver sixpence with my Garrett AT Max. I also had the added joy of seeing spitfires and a Lancaster
bomber although dont get over excited I did my best filming them, although I capture the fab sounds the engines made. It was great to see the back light come on my at max under the trees too its such a great metal detector! Metal detecting has to be the best hobby in the world, I just love it :-)======================================================
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Equipment & Info:

Dawn – Garrett AT Max Garrett Euroace 350 ACE 400 400i DD coil,
Garrett wireless zlynk AT Pro pointer
Camera – Samsung galaxy Note 4
Editor – Windows media player & Photoshop

Smallest Church & Smallest Mailing Office – Silver Lake WV (May 9 1997)

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Our visit to a shoebox-size church-the smallest in the continental US on a rainy day. Located in Silver Lake (Eglon) West Virginia, about 10 miles north of Thomas on US 219. The smallest mailing office (i.e. post office) is also located on the grounds. Opening music: “Stay (Don’t Be Cruel” by Rodney Crowell. And, yes, that’s my bullfrog-green van!

Shot the day before my snow ride on the Cass Scenic Railroad!

One of my “Yer’ Bullfrog Was There” videos! Or, “been there-done that.” There’ll be more.

From an 8mm recording. Mastered here in 720p for best upload results.

Silver State HIGHdraulic Scenic Elevator-Sands Regency PS-Reno, NV

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Here’s a 6 floor hydro! This is yet another elevator installed by another company. This one originally had GAL but got slapped on with Innovation Universal, which is strangely CA code compliant. Sadly, this elevator isn’t in the best of shape. It overshot the top floor, twice, and had to relevel multiple times. It does, however, offer a nice view! I like the blinking lights on the outside of the cab, and there is call recognition. Also, I have no idea why the elevator goes down to the basement, which is just a large, dirty industrial fridge…

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Metal Detecting A Ghost Town Finds Awesome Boot Plate, Coins and Relics on the Surface!

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Watch our full length metal detecting movie here Team Dirt Fishin America travels to a long lost ghost town to metal detect in the high desert of Nevada. The dry desert doesn’t allow much to sink, leaving the coins and relics virtually on the surface! Chinese coins, seated liberty and more! Finding, coins and relics. Digging the past!

A walk thru Goldfield Nv

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Early morning tour of Goldfield Nevada. Goldfield is a cool old town that still has some working mines and a lot of history. Below is some information from Wiki.

Goldfield is a community located in Esmeralda County Nevada with a population of around 270.
Goldfield was a boomtown in the first decade of the 20th century due to the discovery of gold between 1903 and 1940, Goldfield’s mines produced more than $86 million. Much of the town was destroyed by a fire in 1923, although several buildings survived and remain today, notably the Goldfield Hotel, the Consolidated Mines Building (the communications center of the town until 1963), and the schoolhouse. Gold exploration continues in and around the town today.
Gold was discovered at Goldfield in 1902, its year of inception. By 1904, the Goldfield district produced about 800 tons of ore, valued at $2,300,000, 30% of the state’s production that year. This remarkable production caused Goldfield to grow rapidly, and it soon became the largest town in the state with about 20,000 people.

50,000 Silver Dollar Montana Gift Shop Cafe Casino Hotel Truck Stop I90 Idaho Road Trip Dollars

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50,000 Silver Dollar Gift Shop Casino Hotel Truck Stop World Famous I90 Idaho Montana On the way to deliver a car from Montana to Sacramento on the I90 between Missoula and Spokane there is the 50,000 Silver Dollar Store. They have a huge gift shop, cafe, casino, hotel, and truck stop. The gift shop has a very impressive amount of knives that you can buy. The gift shop is huge and has all sorts of different unique collectibles you can buy. This place is World Famous so I just had to stop there and do a video review of it. Would of been better during the day but don’t always get it how I want it. The walls of Silver Dollars is very impressive they have over 62,000 of them and have them all logged and if you gave them one they will know exactly where it is. Just a cool fun place.

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Austin Nevada – Part 2 “The Way It Was Grand Tour”

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It all started in 1862 when a pony express ride by the name of W.H. Talcott’s horse kicked up a rock at the mouth of pony canyon which turned out to be high grade silver and gold ore. This led to a silver rush by the time the mid 1860s rolled around this town boasted a lumber mill, saloons, brothels, assay office, banks, hospital, hotels, telegraph station, four hundred houses and at least 10k residents. Although floods, fires and elements have erased a large portion of this living ghost town what does remain are some of the finest structures in the wild west such as its frontier churches. Austin held the Lander County seat for many decades it also brought millions of dollars in silver revenue and for a short time hosted the Nevada Central Railroad. This was a town that boasted the good, bad and the ugly everything from epidemics to axe yielding men and frontier justice. Austin not only has one of the oldest saloons/hotels in the state but one of the last Greek revival court houses in the nation and one of the oldest operating Nevadan newspapers that still exist today. Today life has slowed down in Austin to about 200 residents. Many shops thrive on tourism and the sale of there jewelry. Life in this canyon dates back to 3,500 years ago when the Shoshone used Pony Canyon to hunt and sustain themselves. We welcome you to journey with us as I take our friends and viewers to the way it was!