First significant wildland fire in Nevada in 2018; Chaves Fire seen from McClellan peak at 2:26 PM

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Here we go, Fire Season 2018 …. the beginning of the Chaves Fire is first seen at 2:26 PM as McClellan Peak camera points toward Dayton, NV. The fire has grown to over 1500 acres overnight.

Significant Damage Reported Around Greensboro After Tornado Hits

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Significant damage reported around Greensboro after tornado hits

Severe storms on Sunday blew down trees, caused airport delays and knocked out power to tens of thousands in North and South Carolina.
Significant damage was reported in the Greensboro area after a tornado reportedly touched down.
The first report was near US-29 and East Gate City Boulevard about 5:15 p.m.

ROBERT JEFFRESS (Pastor, First Baptist Church, Dallas, TX) : SIGNIFICANT INSIGHTS

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This clip from the June 12th Significant Insights features Robert Jeffress, the well-respected and outspoken senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. Speaking boldly and practically, he discusses various cultural and church related issues. Please listen to Robert Jeffress compassionately share his insights on how we are living in America’s twilight years.

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