Laser Light Show San Fernando Cathedral 2016

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Leider mussten in den letzten beiden Minuten die Songs durch Youtube entfernt werden… das übliche Problem! Aber besser so als eine komplette Sperre des Videos in Deutschland!

Eine unglaubliche Lasershow wird derzeit an die Fassade der San Fernando Cathedral projiziert. Untermalt mit Musik ist diese Show ein unvergessliches Erlebnis und sicher einer der Höhepunkte eines San Antonio Besuchs!

“He Knows I’m Caffeine Sensitive!” (The Jerry Springer Show)

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When they ask for the receipts, show them the receipts!

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The Rocky Mountain Pikes Peak Regional Air Show Colorado Springs Event 2014 AirShow HD

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This famous seaplane was a wartime workhorse, performing as a torpedo bomber against enemy ships and as a patrol aircraft, looking for enemy ships? PBY Catalina! What fighter is considered to be the most capable carrier-based fighter/bomber of WWII? F4U Corsair

Episode 195 Paddy Bowes – Medium, Reiki Master, Healer & Friend on We Don’t Die Radio Show

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Faithful listener of We Don’t Die Radio Show, Paddy Bowes is a Reiki master, Healer, and Physical medium who has been sitting for physical mediumship for 6 years. His wife Maureen is also a Reiki master. Paddy is filled with love, compassion, incredible stories and wisdom.

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Leaving the Big Show

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This has been the choice ever since the days of Justin Martyr in the mid second century A. D., when “The Church” broke off as a schism away from the Assembly of the early believers: Will you choose the Big Show or the Real Deal?

Justin learned about Messiah and his teachings from the Nazareans, but he didn’t want to take up the life of a Nazarean. It was too simple, too humble, for him. After all, he was a Roman who had been educated in all of the Greek philosophical schools of his day. To live as a Nazarean was beneath him, or so he thought.

At the same time, he saw the power that was latent in the Messianic gospel. He realized that if he adopted the Nazarean message, got rid of the Jews it came from, and added some bells and whistles from Greek philosophy – THEN he would have something! THEN he would have his ticket to fame and fortune!

That’s exactly how it turned out. Justin took his newly re-worked Christian philosophy to the Romans, set up his own school, and gained money and fame on the back of his gospel – a newly amalgamated gospel that made the Gentiles feel like they were saved from their abundant sins, without needing to keep the commandments or any of that other distasteful Nazarean stuff. The Gentiles loved it and came flooding in. Other Greek and Roman sophisticates realized that this new teaching could be harnessed to promote themselves as it had Justin, so they got on the bandwagon too. Soon, with a small army of Gentile promoters behind it, Gentile “Christianity” swept the Empire from one end to the other.

The Christian Church had become The Big Show!
The Big Show has never stopped. It just kept getting bigger and more phony.

Today we see it in America, in America’s Mega Churches. As Christianity declines Mega Churches are taking over. People prefer the glitz and glamour of The Big Show!

This is all “optics” and no reality. The Church building is amazing to look at. The show of wealth is staggering. The salaries of the preachers are staggering as well. Many people say attending a mega church makes them feel like they are part of something special. It is impressive to see the massive crowds of thousands, all singing “feel good” Christian songs, often along with famous Christian Music Stars – performing right on the Church stage!

The Mega Church offers all manner of entertainments for the entire family – even a real Starbucks right in the Church!

What the Mega Church can never deliver, though, is the Gate to the Narrow Way. They don’t want the Narrow Way. The day they actually start living and preaching the Narrow Way is the day the Big Show is over. Those people who are drawn to the Mega Church don’t want the Narrow Way. Like Justin of old, the Way of the Nazareans is too plain, too demanding, requiring way too much self-sacrifice. And besides, didn’t “Jesus suffer for me so I don’t have to”? In the Mega Church you are saved, which means that you can be exactly like the world in every way, and Jesus is going to love you! Isn’t that appealing – or nauseating – depending on who you are?

Today, even while the Mega Church is growing, Christianity is declining, even dying. The young people are seeing through all of this and they are leaving the Church in droves.

What does all this mean for the Church? What does it mean for you and I?

Bobby Goldsboro – Honey (The Bobby Goldsboro Show)

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Best remembered for his 1968 chart-topper, “Honey,” singer/songwriter Bobby Goldsboro was born January 18, 1941 in Marianna, FL. After relocating to Dothan, AL, while in his teens, he went on to study at Auburn University, quitting school after his sophomore year to pursue music full-time. During the early ’60s, Goldsboro played guitar in Roy Orbison’s backing band, mounting a solo career in early 1964 and soon scoring a Top Ten hit with the self-penned “See the Funny Little Clown.” His sophisticated yet sentimental vocal style yielded Top 40 entries throughout the middle of the decade, among them “Whenever He Holds You,” “Little Things,” “Voodoo Woman,” “It’s Too Late,” and “Blue Autumn”; though Goldsboro primarily wrote and recorded his own material, he also notched a minor hit with the Burt Bacharach/Hal David novelty “Me Japanese Boy I Love You.” “Honey,” a maudlin tale about the tragic death of a young bride, remained at number one for five weeks in the spring of 1968, reaching the number two spot in the U.K. soon after and falling just shy of the top spot upon re-entering the British charts in 1975.

However, “Honey” was far and away the biggest of Goldsboro’s career, and after returning to the Top 40 twice more in 1968 with “Autumn of My Life” and “The Straight Life,” he was absent from the charts for over two years. He made an unexpected comeback in early 1971 when “Watching Scotty Grow” nearly reached the Top Ten, but outside of the follow-up, “Summer (The First Time),” his commercial heyday was over. Between 1973 and 1975 he hosted the syndicated television variety series The Bobby Goldsboro Show, next forming the Nashville-based House of Gold Music publishing firm. Goldsboro retired from performing during the mid-’80s to producing children’s entertainment, including a number of audiobooks and television specials, the first of which, Easter Egg Mornin’, premiered on the Disney Channel in 1991. Concurrently, he scored the CBS sitcom Evening Shade, and in 1995 launched the children’s series The Swamp Critters of Lost Lagoon. ~ Jason Ankeny, Rovi

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Sensational Crystals & Stunning Stones. Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show 2018 (Part7)

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For two weeks every year Tucson hosts the world’s largest Gem, Mineral & Fossil show. The Tucson Convention Center hosts a special showcase during the last three days this awesome gem show. This year the stones on display were superb.

Special Thanks to:

Dusty Atkinson of “The Geode Guys” for the demo of his spinning rock art…

JS Noor Indian Jewelry & Design. [email protected]

Music “Nonstop” & “Dub Feral” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

The Pastor Raw Reality Show Sizzler

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Pastor Raw
Pastor Raw, is an independent media icon in Memphis, TN. Pastor Raw is viewed by over 300,000 households nightly. He has a social media following of over 50,000 people all over the country and pulls 10’s of thousands views on Facebook. Thousands of viewers tune in nightly by way of Facebook Live. Pastor Raw is a master of researching, revealing and exposing it in the “Raw”. Although he has worked in television for the last 4 years, Pastor Raw has over 32 years vested as both a television and radio personality. He has announced both blues and gospel music. Pastor Raw is also an Emcee/Host for many Blues Shows in the area. After his mother’s death in April 2016, Pastor Raw decided to go back into the pulpit, a promise he had made haphazardly to his mother earlier. In July 2016, Pastor Raw founded Naked Truth Liberation and Empowerment Ministries. He is a non-denominational, non-traditional pastor. His motto is Luke 14:23 “And the lord said unto the servant, Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.” So he visits the clubs, casinos, he cusses and drinks. Pastor Raw feels that the bible says not to be given to much; it doesn’t say not to drink; even Jesus changed water into wine. As a single man, Pastor Raw often catch other preachers up when they say they don’t look at women. He openly makes it known that he will look at a big booty girl…and if you ain’t looking at a big booty girl, you must be looking at a big booty boy. Pastor Raw’s stance is that there is too much hypocrisy in the pulpit. No one is perfect. Just be real and truthful with people and foremost with yourself. We as a people are taught that we live to die and go to a better place. Life is to be lived, so live your life now, even if the exposure leaves you in the “Raw”! The Pastor Raw Reality Show will encompass his everyday life, from the parlor to the pulpit.

Terry Fator show in Las Vegas

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Watch the outstanding Terry Fator show live in Las Vegas!

Catch award-winning ventriloquist Terry Fator and his band of puppets at this popular show at the Mirage. The America’s Got Talent winner will entertain you with 90 minutes of hilarious stand-up comedy and uncanny impressions of popular singers, from Lady Gaga to Marvin Gaye. This fun-filled show is perfect for the whole family, so book your tickets today.

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Caller shuts down Kendrick Murray for negative comments about Apostle Gino Jennings on a radio show

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A caller called into a radio station sometime in the month of August 2018, because of negative comments made by a False Prophet in Mobile, Alabama by the name of Kendrick Murray who calls himself an Elder.

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Does This Child Preacher Understand the Words He’s Yelling? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

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In the late ’80s, the Strode family of Marion, North Carolina, became infamous for striking fear in the heart of their town. Their son Duffey, who started preaching at age 5, could be found screaming Bible verses at the top of his lungs on school grounds. His parents eventually decided to homeschool their children after Duffey was suspended from school multiple times and a petition suggesting the family should leave town received nearly 500 signatures, according to The Washington Post. For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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Does This Child Preacher Understand the Words He’s Yelling? | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN

Best New Suppressors 2019 Shot Show : Gunwerks Hunting Suppressors

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Take a look at the new Gunwerks Hunting 6 and 8 inch Suppressors new at Shot Show 2019.

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Chuck Berry – Memphis Tennessee (The London Rock N Roll Show, Wembley Stadium Aug 5, 1972)

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Chuck Berry (Charles Edward Anderson Berry – born Oct. 18, 1926, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.) singer, songwriter, and guitarist who was one of the most popular and influential performers in rhythm-and-blues and rock-and-roll music in the 1950s, ’60s, and ’70s.

Raised in a working-class African-American neighbourhood on the north side of the highly segregated city of St. Louis, Berry grew up in a family proud of its African-American and Native-American ancestry. He gained early exposure to music through his family’s participation in the choir of the Antioch Baptist Church, through the blues and country-western music he heard on the radio, and through music classes, especially at Sumner High School. Berry was still attending high school when he was sent to serve three years for armed robbery at a Missouri prison for young offenders. After his release and return to St. Louis, he worked at an auto plant, studied hairdressing, and played music in small nightclubs. Berry traveled to Chicago in search of a recording contract; Muddy Waters directed him to the Chess brothers. Leonard and Phil Chess signed him for their Chess label, and in 1955 his first recording session produced Maybellene (a country-and-western-influenced song that Berry had originally titled Ida Red), which stayed on the pop charts for 11 weeks, cresting at number five. Berry followed this success with extensive tours and hit after hit, including Roll Over Beethoven (1956), School Day (1957), Rock and Roll Music (1957), Sweet Little Sixteen (1958), Johnny B. Goode (1958), and Reelin’ and Rockin’ (1958). His vivid descriptions of consumer culture and teenage life, the distinctive sounds he coaxed from his guitar, and the rhythmic and melodic virtuosity of his piano player (Johnny Johnson) made Berry’s songs staples in the repertoire of almost every rock-and-roll band.

At the peak of his popularity, federal authorities prosecuted Berry for violating the Mann Act, alleging that he transported an underage female across state lines for immoral purposes. After two trials tainted by racist overtones, Berry was convicted and remanded to prison. Upon his release he placed new hits on the pop charts, including No Particular Place to Go in 1964, at the height of the British Invasion, whose prime movers, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, were hugely influenced by Berry (as were the Beach Boys). In 1972 Berry achieved his first number one hit, My Ding-A-Ling. Although he recorded more sporadically in the 1970s and ’80s, he continued to appear in concert, most often performing with backing bands comprising local musicians. Berry’s public visibility increased in 1987 with the publication of his book Chuck Berry: The Autobiography and the release of the documentary film Hail! Hail! Rock n’ Roll, featuring footage from his 60th birthday concert and guest appearances by Keith Richards and Bruce Springsteen.

Berry is undeniably one of the most influential figures in the history of rock music. In helping to create rock and roll from the crucible of rhythm and blues, he combined clever lyrics, distinctive guitar sounds, boogie-woogie rhythms, precise diction, an astounding stage show, and musical devices characteristic of country-western music and the blues in his many best-selling single records and albums. A distinctive if not technically dazzling guitarist, Berry used electronic effects to replicate the ringing sounds of bottleneck blues guitarists in his recordings. He drew upon a broad range of musical genres in his compositions, displaying an especially strong interest in Caribbean music on Havana Moon (1957) and Man and the Donkey (1963), among others. Influenced by a wide variety of artists—including guitar players Carl Hogan, Charlie Christian, and T-Bone Walker and vocalists Nat King Cole, Louis Jordan, and Charles Brown—Berry played a major role in broadening the appeal of rhythm-and-blues music during the 1950s. He fashioned his lyrics to appeal to the growing teenage market by presenting vivid and humorous descriptions of high-school life, teen dances, and consumer culture. His recordings serve as a rich repository of the core lyrical and musical building blocks of rock and roll. In addition to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Linda Ronstadt, and a multitude of significant popular-music performers have recorded Berry’s songs.


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