Christ is Risen! Shout Hosanna!

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“Christ is Risen! Shout Hosanna!
Hymn to Joy arranged by Jeremy Bankson
Sung during the Easter 2013 services at First Plymouth Congregational Church, UCC, Lincoln, Nebraska, March 13, 2013

Christ is risen! Shout Hosanna!
Celebrate this day of days!
Christ is risen! Hush in wonder:
All creation is amazed.
In the desert all-surrounding,
See, a spreading tree has grown.
Healing leaves of grace abounding
Bring a taste of love unknown.

Christ is risen! Raise your spirits
From the caverns of despair.
Walk with gladness in the morning.
See what love can do and dare.
Drink the wine of resurrection,
Not a servant, but a friend.
Jesus is our strong companion.
Joy and peace shall never end.

Christ is risen! Earth and heaven
Nevermore shall be the same.
Break the bread of new creation
Where the world is still in pain.
Tell its grim, demonic chorus:
“Christ is risen! Get you gone!”
God the First and Last is with us,
Sing Hosanna, everyone!”

John Hagee 2019 – There Comes a Time to Shout

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John Charles Hagee (born April 12, 1940) is the founder and senior pastor of Cornerstone Church, a megachurch in San Antonio, Texas. Hagee is also the CEO of his non-profit corporation, Global Evangelism Television (GETV). He is the 5th of 6 pastors in his family, all of whom were named John Hagee, dating back to the colonial era.
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God Bless You!

KISS – Shout It Out Loud – Virginia Beach 2000 – Farewell Tour

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KISS – Live in Virginia Beach, VA, At Virginia Beach Amphitheater – July 02 2001 – Farewell Tour

01. Detroit Rock City
02. Deuce
03. Shout It Out Loud
04. I Love It Loud
05. Shock Me
06. Firehouse
07. Do You Love Me
08. Calling Dr. Love
09. Heaven´s On Fire
10. Let Me Go, Rock´N´Roll
11. 2000 Man
12. Psycho Circus
13. God Of Thunder
14. Cold Gin
15. 100,000 Years
16. Love Gun
17. I Still Love You/Black Diamond
18. Beth
19. Rock And Roll All Nite

High Hill Church Urbex Spirit Box (Shout outs) Abandoned Places Alabama Ghost Hunting Investigation

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We revisited High Hill Church for some spirit box and footage of the church and graveyard. Also a couple shout outs! If you would like to have one please comment below and let me know! Enjoy!

Jubilee Shout! Praise Break – Refuge temple Church |RTC Media

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A Jubilee Shout! Coming off a great selection from previous video, I believe by refuge temple mass choir. Breaks out into a praise bump!

Refuge Temple Church George Reid, Manchester, Ja

Convocation 2018 Year of Jubilee, Best is yet to come!

Hope you enjoyed the video. Stay tuned for more exciting uplifting powerful videos! Take care, God bless.

SHOUT Dr. Todd Hall – The Praiseologist

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Dr. Todd M. Hall aka. “The Praiseologist” is the eldest of nine siblings, born in Brooklyn, New York to a legacy of preachers of the Gospel, including his father, mother and grandparents. Overcoming the lure of the streets to accept his call to ministry has brought this man of God to a number of crossroads. Choosing ministry over fame and fortune has brought him and those who receive his message of purpose in Christ, greater riches.

Dr. Hall is the Founder and Overseer of Shabach Christian Church in Orlando, Florida. He has over 22 years of practical experience as a community leader and youth advocate, which he has used to establish Dove Inner City Ministries outreach to focus on the needs, pressures and concerns of youth.

Dr. Hall teaches on real life experiences and biblical principles in a common language understood by youth to persuade them to give their life to Christ. Not only does Dr. Hall reach the youth, but he bridges the gap between the young and the old with one of his most powerful sermons to-date based on his book entitled “Put Your Mouth On It!”.

Dr. Hall is internationally recognized as the “Praiseologist” for his wisdom on the application of Praise and Worship and his remarkable skill to locate Praise throughout the entire Bible. One of Dr. Hall’s most notable strong suits, is his ability to combine biblical truths and his understanding that the purpose of mans creation is to Praise, and Worship was created to be an intimate relationship between God and man. Dr. Hall is extremely gifted in the closing delivery of his messages with the melodious sound of his voice and the use of musicians, to bring the anointing of old back into the worship experience.

His excitement and intensity in delivering the Word of the Lord has helped to revive ministries, restore pastors, rebuild churches and renew the hearts and minds of Believers; as well as, Non-Believers to a new level of faith and commitment to God.

It is hard to believe when watching Dr. Hall jump, praise and dance to the Glory of God; that several years ago, he suffered a debilitating stroke which left him paralyzed, with partial vision and slurred speech. Through the miraculous healing power of God, Dr. Todd Hall is now using his testimony to impart wisdom and truth to this end time generation.

Once you have experienced the explosive ministry of Dr. Todd Hall, curses will be broken, reversed and void in your life. You will listen to Dr. Hall with expectation, as he equips your spirit with an encouraging and empowering message to engage in a battle that is already won!

Rejoice & Shout

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REJOICE & SHOUT covers the 200 year history of African-American Christianity, featuring the legends of Gospel music, including The Staple Singers, The Clara Ward Singers, The Dixie Hummingbirds, and Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Culled from hundreds of hours of music, tracing the evolution of gospel music through its many styles — the spirituals and early hymns, the four-part harmony-based quartets, the integration of blues and swing, the emergence of “soul,” and the blending of rap and hip-hop elements. It connects the history of African-American culture with gospel as it first impacted popular culture at large and captures so much of what is special about this music and African-American Christianity.

The Breakthrough Church Raleigh NC Prophetic Praise and Shout!

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Why wait to see what GOD said come to pass when you can FEEL it before it arrives and PRAISE HIM for it! Watch as Dr Larry Reid exhorts the Breakthrough Temple Saints to praise God ‘Because they got a Prophetic Word over their life!’ Dr Jennifer Brown was the speaker for the session and praised Him like a real Jamaican Church Mother! Go head and Praizim Breakthrough Church!!

The Beatles – Twist & Shout – Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/23/64

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The Beatles – Twist & Shout – Performed Live On The Ed Sullivan Show 2/23/64

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For the many who witnessed The Beatles’ early appearances on British television, this song is synonymous with those exciting era–defining times. The power of the band’s performances and the recording owes so much to John’s searing vocal. For their debut album, John recorded his vocal in one take at the end of a marathon recording session on February 11th 1963.

In July 1963, ‘Twist And Shout’ became the title track of the band’s first EP to be released in the UK. According to the advert on the front of New Musical Express, it was “The record you’ve been asking for”. A week after Twist And Shout was released it made the EP best-seller list and a week after that topped the same chart staying there for ten weeks. This clip was videotaped in the middle of a six-night run at the Odeon Cinema in Llandudno, North Wales.