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Pastor Ken Hampton

Ken Hampton is pastor of a church in Detroit, Michigan. Pastor Hampton speaks of the deteriorating state of churches in the United States today and explains how churches can not only flourish but also recapture America by returning to a strong and uncompromising stand for the fundamentals of the faith.

Grace Bible Chapel
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Author: Rev. Noah Hutchings

After serving in churches for many years, Noah Hutchings became interested in why those who profess the name of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord believe differently on hundreds of doctrinal issues, when it is so obvious that all cannot be right.

After an appraisal of the entire spectrum of denominational differences, the author reduces the many ecclesiastical variances to one common denominator: the Gospel of the Kingdom committed to Peter to preach to the Circumcision (Israel) and the Gospel of sovereign Grace committed to the Uncircumcision (Gentiles).

If you have ever wondered why there are so many denominations, sects, and cults, and why church memberships cannot agree on even simple doctrines like baptism, then you will want to read and study this book. This book is also used in seminaries, and thousands have been published.

My Day with the Westboro Baptist Church

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Yesterday (which is what I refer to as “Today” in the video, thanks to the fact that it took so long to compile), I visited Savannah, GA where members of the Westboro Baptist Church were protesting. As they traveled across the town and picketed various churches, I recorded them as well as the people trying to counteract their protest. Enjoy!

Westboro Baptist Church in El Paso

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This is the Shurley phelps of the Westborow Baptist church in Topeka Kansas picketing the entrance to Fort Bliss in El Paso Texas. They protested the funerals of the six soldiers who had died earlier that week. They were met by over 200 counter protestors.
BUT what is really impressive is how peaceful the EPPD was
THERe is no audio because the camera I used at the time was a JVC and JVC sucks, so the audio imported choppy.
The song is bittersweet by plumb

Kingdom Outpouring at Cornerstone Church – Columbus, GA

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An event is coming… A celebration… An outpouring of faith. January 10 – 13, 2009. 7:00 p.m. nightly. 706.326.2636.

Unalaska 09 Poetry Out Loud, “Learning To Love America”

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Unalaska, Alaska 2009 2nd place Poetry Out Loud Recitation Contest held at Unalaska City School on 02-03-09. Poem “Learning To Love America”, Author Shirley Geok-Lin; Recitation by Bianca Barrera.