Le Sueur Church Community Shaken After 2 Men Steal Historic Bell

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Authorities in Le Sueur County say two men are responsible for stealing a historic church bell and then trying to sell parts of it to a scrap yard, John Lauritsen reports. WCCO 4 News at 6 – Jan. 25, 2016

New World Order is Shaken and Gives Up Massive Wealth

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The Panama Papers: This is the Consequence of Centralized Money and Power, Wealth Pyramid 1, Wealth Money Pyramid 2
Steve Shultz: Prophetic Word: “I Am Releasing the Whistle Blowers”
New World Order is Shaken and Gives Up Massive Wealth
Panama Papers: The Nazi, CIA, and Nevada Connections, Scale of Leak, Panama Papers, Panama Headquarters 1, Panama People
Reno: Biggest Little Tax Haven
Panama Papers Nations
Popular Tax Havens
9. China and 57 Nations have Declared a Currency War Against the US Dollar, 57 AIIB Founders, China’s Top Trading Partners
China is about to Take Control of the World Oil Markets

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Valley Vegas Church – We WiIl Not Be Shaken

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The Valley Vegas worship team sings “We Will Not Be Shaken” by Bethel Worship, in the wake of the tragedy that took place in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. (This was recorded from our morning services on Sunday, October 8, 2017) God is stronger and Jesus is greater! May we always remember this truth so we will not be shaken. We love you Bailey Schweitzer!

Thank you to Jeff Miller and Jesse Curiel for putting this music video together.

#PrayForLasVegas #VegasStrong

We Will Not Be Shaken By Bethel Music