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Only on FOX – A sex tape scandal rocks a local local church….’Some’ members of a Houston congregation say it is time their pastor steps down after they’ve learned he’s made several sex tapes with different women…

That man is the Rev. Hosea Stubblefield at Salem Missionary Baptist Church. The 32 year old divorced Pastor admitted to our Isiah Carey he made those tapes but he maintains it was before becoming pastor at Salem.

Stubblefield says all of his members don’t want him to resign but church deacon Craig Davis says otherwise. He says Stubbleifeld’s behavior is unbecoming a pastor whether the sex videos were made in the past or present. The explicit videos were first posted on a blog by a woman who said she once dated Stubblefield.

Stubblefield said he was regretful he made the tapes but he has asked our Isiah Carey to come back and interview church members who support him.

If those members agree to talk we will have it on the air later today.

South Carolina Sex Offender Search | Sex Offender Registry | Charleston SC Lawyer David Aylor

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South Carolina Attorney David Aylor explains the SC Sex Offender Registry Search and how you can use it to search your neighborhood.

To Search the Sex Offender Registry, Click Here:

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Sex Abuse Allegations Surface Against Former Nashville Priest – John Dunn

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Stream Fox 17 newscasts LIVE starting with Fox 17 This Morning at 5 am and News at 9 pm.NASHVILLE, Tenn. — There are new worries that a Catholic priest may have sexually abused children during his time in Nashville. The allegations against Father Kenneth Gansmann have just been exposed. St. Vincent De Paul is a small Catholic church in North Nashville, and during the 1960’s it was led by Father Kenneth Gansmann. The Franciscan priest not only led the predominantly African-American parish, but he also oversaw St. Vincent’s elementary school. Just last week church leaders in Minnesota revealed that credible claims of sexual abuse were made against Gansmann while he was in that state in the 1950’s.FOX 17 News started asking questions, and we learned that allegations have also been made against Gansmann here in Nashville. About three and a half decades after he died, we got an allegation that he may have abused a student at St. Vincent’s during the late 1960’s, says Rick Musacchio with the Diocese of Nashville. Mike Coode, who is a survivor of church sex abuse, says it is especially disturbing knowing that Gansmann spent so much time around hundreds of children. It would not surprise me in the least, in fact it would surprise me if he didn’t abuse kids here, says Mike Coode.Coode is one of several survivors urging the Nashville diocese to acknowlege what happened and seek out other possible victims. The Diocese of Nashville is now encouraging anyone to come forward, and offering support to anyone who may have been molested or abused. The diocese wants any victims of past abuse to come forward no matter how long ago that might have happened, says Musacchio.Although the abuse may have occurred more than 45 years ago, it’s possible some may have remained silent about the past.Father Kenneth Gansmann died in 1974. In addition to his time in Minnesota and Nashville, he also worked in several dioceses in Illinois.For news updates follow John Dunn on twitter @WZTVJohnDunnFollow us on Twitter @wztv_fox17 and LIKE us on Facebook for updates.

Can my sex offender status be temporary in Nevada?

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Top Las Vegas attorney explains the possibility of negotiating ‘temporary sex offense registrations’ in Nevada.

More info at or call our Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys for a FREE consultation at 702-DEFENSE (702-333-3673).


Sometimes, a Nevada criminal defense attorney can negotiate a resolution to a case where during the period of time in which the defendant is placed on probation, he/she is required to register as a sex offender…but upon successful completion of probation, that requirement is no longer in place. Then the defendant can withdraw his/her plea to a sex offense requiring registration in Nevada and no longer have to register as a sex offender once the case is completed.


Our criminal defense attorneys at Las Vegas Defense Group, L.L.C., represent clients all throughout Nevada including Las Vegas, Henderson, Washoe County, Reno, Carson City, Laughlin, Mesquite, Bunkerville, Moapa, Nye County, Elko, Pahrump, Searchlight, Moapa Valley, Goodsprings, Boulder City, North Las Vegas, Beatty, and Tonopah.

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Lawsuit Against North Carolina Sex Offender Law

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Convicted sex offenders are fighting against North Carolina laws they say deprive them of constitutional rights without protecting children. On Monday, Two anonymous sex offenders and a Raleigh-based national nonprofit filed a federal lawsuit challenging the state laws. The lawsuit says the law violates the U.S. Constitution by enforcing added penalties after conviction and sentencing. The offenders say they are unconstitutionally banned from practicing their religion by being forbidden from entering churches. They further contend The law also violates constitutional due process rights, by depicting all offenders as dangers to young children.

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Pastor Caught Having Sex With Female Church Members Mercilessly Beaten And Chained In Edo State

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A pastor in Edo state was recently caught having sex with female member of his church.

Angry mob who caught this pastor in the act beat him mercilessly and chained him.

It was a strange sight when the pastor of a Pentecostal church who had been manipulating his female church members and sleeping them was humiliated by his members.

According to Eghosa Aifesehi Morgan who posted the incident on his Facebook page, the unnamed Pastor in Edo had been playing on the intelligence of his members, defrauding them as well having sex with female members both single and married.

Morgan who captured the scene on video narrated that the pastor’s cover was blown open when different members opened up on his atrocities, forcing the angry members to humiliate him and tie him up after he was beaten to a pulp.

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Mark Driscoll | Sex: A Study of the Good Bits of Song of Solomon

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Mark Driscoll doesn’t want you to hear this sermon he preached in Edinburgh, Scotland on November 18,2007. He had it scrubbed off the internet, and I think you’ll see why. Without a public acknowledgement or apology, he removed it from all his websites, and consecutively had it removed from any blog that was hosting it, even the church where it was original recorded in.

Why? You’ll find choice quotes like:

‘Jesus Christ commands you to do so’ (referring to oral sex)

‘And her vagina, he says, is like a glass of fine wine that’s opened up. You men need to know this, you single men don’t, but you married men need to know that when a woman is ready for lovemaking, like a flower she blooms. It’s beautiful. She opens. And what happens is, the color of her vagina and of her lips they redden, they darken as blood flows into that area, preparing for marital intimacy. And what he says is, as she’s dancing, ―Oh, you’ve bloomed. And it’ s like a wonderful glass of wine. It’s that color and it’s that taste.’

‘They will say that it is an allegory between Jesus and his bride the church. Which if true, is weird. Because Jesus is having sex with me and puts his hand up my shirt. And that feels weird. I love Jesus, but not in that way’

John MacArthur published a 3 part response titled ‘The rape of Song of Solomon’:

A summarized transcript is available here:

Gucci Mane Claims To Have Sex Tape With Nicki Minaj

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Welcome To The World Of Strange, Weird, and Down Right “WTF!” News Stories.
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Grandmas Watch Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape Funny Video RandomVideoEveryday

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Random Videos Everyday

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Sex Container :: Relationship Goals (Part 6)

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If you’d like to know more about our ministry please visit us at And if you have a testimony of the amazing things that God is doing in your life through our ministry, please email it to [email protected]

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TDOC Hosts Operation Blackout, Targets Sex Off

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The Tennessee Department of Corrections is cracking down on sex offenders this Halloween.

It’s called Operation Blackout, and it’s a way for law enforcement to make sure sex offenders aren’t trying to lure your kids to their front door.

“Number one our goal is to protect the citizens and make sure the people who are released from prison or released from the court to us, that were are monitoring and knowing where they’re at,” said David Lane with the Tennessee Department of Correction.

Those listed on the Sex Offender Registry aren’t allowed to decorate, put out candy or keep the lights on, on Halloween night.

“The highest risk offenders are those that have a child victim, child rape. Those offenders are on GPS for the rest of their natural life so they are easy to keep track of as far as their location goes,” said TDOC Probation Officer Bill Ford.

NewsChannel9 followed Tennessee Corrections officers around Chattanooga Friday night. On our first two stops, both offenders were found in compliance. But TDOC Officer William Ford says, that’s not always the case.

“We found pornography at one location so violations will be submitted for those,” said Ford.

Just a few days ago, police say Derek Gann was found in violation of the Sex offender registry. They say Gann was spotted at a trunk or treat event at a Soddy Daisy church. According to court records, Gann pled guilty in 2007 to sexual battery involving a 7-year-old girl. But officials say they don’t just monitor offenders one night out of the year.

“We monitor sex offenders all year round,” said Lane.

Parents have that option too, right at their fingertips. All they have to do is log onto Familywatchdog.us and type in their address. There you can find all registered sex offenders in your area.

Ford says with their team, they’ll expect to hit about 20 houses. But as a whole, TDOC will check on 160 homes total in the Chattanooga area.

By Alyssa Spirato