SDA Flat Earth New York Conference; Seventh-day Adventist Flat Earth Pioneers

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“The sect which produced the most Flat Earth adherents in the nineteenth century was the Seventh Day Adventists. Several Seventh Day Adventists authored Flat Earth books based on ‘Earth Not a Globe’ by Samuel Rowbotham. The most notable of these is ‘Is the Bible From Heaven? Is the Earth a Globe?’ by Alexander Gleason. This voluminous book is possibly the most informative Zetetic Flat Earth book aside from ‘Earth Not a Globe.”

SDA For FE Truth:

Thank you to YouTube = Solomonknew, who introduced me to the author and his book.

Is the Bible From Heaven? Is the Earth a Globe? book text:

Alexander Gleason map:

ALEXANDER GLEASON.- Died at Darien Center, N. Y.,
March 13, 1909, Alexander Gleason, aged 81
years, 3 months, and 13 days. About three
months before his death Brother Gleason had
a stroke of paralysis, which rendered his left
side helpless. He hoped that the Lord would
restore him, but as weeks went on, he realized
that the time was nearing when he would
rest. He made all necessary arrangements,
and left a testimony to be read at his death,
which expressed courage and faith. He said
that he accepted the Bible as the infallible
Word of God at Toledo, Ohio, from his study
of a pamphlet, “The Four Universal Monarchies.”
He was baptized by Elder J. H.
Waggoner at Hillsdale, Mich., in the spring
of 1859. Since that time he had never
doubted the truth of this message. The writer
has been personally acquainted with Brother
Gleason for twenty-five years. He has ever
been at his post, faithful to the principles of
the message. In his last hours he realized
that the battle had been. fought, the victory
won. We laid him to rest like a fallen warrior
to awake at ‘his Master’s call. The
church sorrows, but with a bright hope. He
leaves three daughters, also his life companion,
to mourn his death. He chose for
Scriptural texts I Cor. 15 : 21, 22 ; Job 19 : 25.
26. Remarks were made by the writer.
R&H, April 15, 1909

Roy Farr part 3 of 3 People of the Book, AE Map History, SDA Mockers There Will Be!

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Beracah II French Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Beracah II French Seventh-day Adventist Church
6330, Moore street
Orlando, FL 32818

[email protected]

We, at Beracah II SDA French Church, in Orlando, Florida, are pleased to welcome you while you are visiting our website. We hope that one of these days you can stop by to join with us in worship of our God.

2012_JUNE_2 Scottsdale Thunderbird __Seventh-day Adventist Church

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2012_JUNE_2 Serving Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ – Proclaiming! The Good News of Christ Coming! – Thunderbird Seventh-day Adventist Church, 7410 E Sutton Dr, Scottsdale, AZ

Workers Needed:Tour Gambell & Savoonga, Alaska, Seventh-day Adventist Parsonages

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This “NW Spotlight on Mission” feature highlights the need for good quality, dedicated Bible workers who are willing to relocate to Gambell & Savoonga, Alaska to build up the work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church there. Produced by Todd Gessele with Ken Crawford, Leon Ringering, and Monte Church.

North Pacific Union Conference
Producer: Todd Gessele

Cape Coral Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Florida Conference In Mission is a video series about people reaching people.

This video highlights how Cape Coral Seventh-day Adventist Church has grown exponentially through members actively engaging in ministry.