Bishop Charles H. Ellis III (Pt 1) – Illinois District Council of PAW 2012 Spring Session

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PAW Presiding Bishop Charles H. Ellis III preaching evening service during the Illinois District Council of the PAW / 2012 PAW Spring Executive Board Meeting 3/23/12 at:

Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church of God (
Bishop Charles E. Davis, Pastor
3520 S. Indiana Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60617

Illinois District Council of the PAW

Bishop Charles E. Davis, Diocesan
District Elder David Kay, Chairman
Pastor Yolanda Hunt, Vice Chairman

Mormons: Who They Are, What They Believe (Session 2 – The Exodus)

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The Mormon Church (aka The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) means different things to different people. From its feel-good, family-oriented TV commercials to its Grammy- and Emmy-winning Mormon Tabernacle Choir to its bicycling missionaries, the Mormon Church is high profile all the way. Founded in the early 19th century, this religious movement boasts more than 15 million members and 85,000 missionaries, ranking it in the top five of “Christian denominations” in the U.S., according to the National Council of Churches.

2018 Whole-of-Community Conference: Session II

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In July 2018, scholars, researchers, community organizers, service providers, local officials, leaders of faith communities, immigrant advocates, and others gathered together for a three-day event on how diverse groups in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana are working together to meet the needs of immigrant communities. This event examined “whole of community” responses to welcoming, integrating, and protecting immigrants, lift up models and best practices, and provide opportunities for further community-focused collaborations. It also helped participants identify and bolster their legal support, research, and capacity needs in addressing these issues.

This video features Session II: Mobilizing with Immigrant Communities Throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana

Moderator: Sr. Tracey Horan, Bilingual Community Organizer, Faith in Indiana, Archdiocese of Indianapolis Justice for Immigrants Campaign


Karina Barillas, Executive Director, La Casita Center

Antonio Fernandez, Director of the International Welcome Center, Roberts Academy

Allison E. Herre, Immigration Attorney/Immigration Legal Services Director, Catholic Charities Southwestern Ohio, Archdiocese of Cincinnati

Terri Morris Downs, Executive Director, Immigrant Welcome Center

Rev. Christopher Wadelton, Pastor, St. Philip Neri Catholic Church and Holy Cross Catholic Church

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Atheist Experience 23.01 with Matt Dillahunty & Phil Session

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18:25 Jimmy: San Antonio, TX: Drug-Induced “Mystical Experiences”, Perennial Philosophy
53:20 John: Huntington Beach, CA: Evaluating Evidence, Examples of “Design”, Life Elsewhere
1:28:15 Marie: NC: Ex-Pentecostal Christian Asks About Heaven, Fear of Hell
1:38:15 Adele: Oakland, CA: God’s Will vs Free Will, Praying
1:49:15 Alexander: OK: Having a Purposeful Life as Atheists, “There is No God” vs Disbelief

The Atheist Experience episode 23.01 for January 6, 2019, with Matt Dillahunty and Phil Session. ACA Goings On. Phil talks about the latest ACA volunteer efforts.

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We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. This definition also encompasses what most people call agnosticism.


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NostalJah – Whosoever Will (Acoustic Session)

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Kardo and Drea from Nostaljah performing their original song “Whosoever Will”
All audio and video work done by Josh Baker for EQ Recording and Multimedia in Cape Coral, Florida.

Terry MacAlmon – Session 1 (Heart of Worship 2010)

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In the spiritual realm there’s no such thing as time and distance. So as you’re watching this video, we’re inviting you to enter in and to connect to this divine moment. This video is all about our Healer, Deliverer, Restorer and Savior: Jesus Christ. As you keep the eyes of your heart focused on Him, He will do the work in you, through His Holy Spirit. So be blessed today!

This video was recorded during one of the events of LoveUnlimited, formerly known as Jaweh Ministries International. You are allowed to share a link to this video, to share the video on Social Media and to embed this video on your website. However, it is not allowed to modify, transmit, republish or upload this video to any other YouTube account or to any other website, without written permission.

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Terry MacAlmon (born May 12, 1955) is an American Christian songwriter, recording artist and worship leader. He heads a worship music ministry (New Glory International) based in Dallas, Texas and leads worship in conferences, retreats, worship seminars, and churches throughout the United States, and internationally.

He is known for writing the song I Sing Praises that has been a Top 40 Christian song around the world and is still regularly sung in many churches. The song was published by Integrity Music in 1989 and is included in some modern hymnals.

MacAlmon began playing the piano at an early age. By the time he was five, he played his first solo in church, and by age 11 became the church pianist. He won denominational talent awards as an adolescent. His life was marked by visitations of the Holy Spirit which prepared him for future worship ministry around the world.

After a spiritual experience in 1973, MacAlmon spent the next 17 years serving in music ministry positions for several churches and traveling in concert work across America. In 1990, he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado. But from that moment everything he tried to achieve started to result in failure. This continued for eight long years. He tried to start a Church and a worship center, but “people stayed away by the busloads”, as he said it. But then, after those eight years, all of that started to change. In 1998 he began a Wednesday noon worship hour, which became known as “Lunch with the Lord”, growing to several hundred in weekly attendance and continued for 6 years. During those meetings his first CD albums were published. In total Terry MacAlmon published 16 CD albums, of which a few million copies were sold all over the world.

After a brief ministry stop, Terry restarted his ministry in 2010 and continued as ‘New Glory International’. It was in this year that we came in contact with him and later that year we did our first conference together in The Netherlands, which is now known as the Heart of Worship Conference 2010. #TerryMacAlmon #Worship #BennyHinn