Interpreting Church Services for Deaf People “But Now” sermon

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I’m Mike Tuccelli, known as DrSign or DrASL, retired senior lecturer at University of Florida (Teacher of the Year twice). Knowing ASL students need examples of signing, I thought what could be a more exciting venue … better than seeing Gator fanatics get excited about a touchdown? Why not show interpreters on fire for our Mighty God … the Lord Jesus Christ? This and future productions are from Pentecostals of Gainesville where you can observe interpreters do song services and sermons. Hope you enjoy these videos and I pray that you are blessed by Colossians 3:17!
Rev. Hinote’s sermon is called “But Now”.

Red Cross Offers Health Services to People Impacted By Hurricane Michael in Panama City, Florida

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Our hearts are with everyone affected by the immense devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Michael. The American Red Cross is on the ground helping thousands of people across Florida, Georgia and Alabama as they begin to pick up the pieces. The extent of this storm’s destruction is just now being revealed. In some areas, entire blocks of homes are demolished along with schools, medical facilities and businesses. More than a half million people are without power and many roads are closed.

The Red Cross is doing all we can to get help to where it’s most needed, and we’re reaching more neighborhoods each day. We’re working around the clock with partners like the National Guard to move volunteers and supplies, and to support dozens of shelters where people can find comfort and refuge. With the magnitude of destruction and many roads impassable, we know that getting help into some areas will be challenging for some time. The Red Cross is providing shelter, food, health services and emotional support during this challenging situation. More volunteers and relief supplies are being mobilized now. In many areas, evacuation centers are transitioning into emergency shelters which are better resourced to help people in the days ahead. Some shelters are being relocated to more comfortable and appropriate locations.

This is a huge disaster, and while the Red Cross isn’t a government agency, we are coordinating closely with government and nonprofit partners to provide aid. It will take time and require the resources from a large variety of organizations to help families and communities recover.

After two major hurricanes in less than a month, thousands of people are looking for help. The Red Cross depends on financial donations to fund our relief services. Help people affected by Hurricane Michael by visiting calling 1- 800-RED CROSS or texting the word MICHAEL to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Donations enable the Red Cross to prepare for, respond to and help people recover from this disaster.

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Drone Video for The Mountain Church by Scott Stevens Unmanned Advantage Services Las Vegas

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Drone Video Photography Commercial for The Mountain Church in Las Vegas Nevada by Scott Stevens of Unmanned Advantage Services.


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Mountains are high the perfect example of God’s wonders.
Earth that towers over a valley.
A valley that imagines but doesn’t believe they can conquer it.
Thinking about the tools, the skills, the knowledge, to climb to the top and scream this is mine can be daunting.
But I tell you this,
If you have faith…
Even as small as a mustard seed you can say to this mountain, our mountain
“Move from here to there!” and it would move.
As a city surrounded by mountains,
It demands that we have a people that walk by faith.
Faith that moves.
Because in the end it is our courage that will move this mountain.
And make the way for many.
We are the people to do it.
And with one voice we say,

Christmas Eve Candlelight Services – Second Baptist Church

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Join us Christmas Eve for a meaningful family worship experience at all five campuses. Enjoy Christmas music, a children’s nativity, special message and the lighting of thousands of candles. Visit for times and locations.

Weekly Window Cleaning Services and Cost in Omaha-Lincoln NE LNK Cleaning Services (402) 881 3135

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Mennonite Mustangs with Tons of Horsepower Racing Home after Church Services

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Video of Mennonite buggies racing home after church services, taken on Sunday 19-Aug-2012 somewhere between Wellesley and Tiviotdale Ontario, Canada. Looks like they all drive Mustangs with tons of horsepower. We were returning home after a week-end in New Hamburg visiting my brother and attending Moparfest. There were lots of buggies we missed, since it took a while to find and setup the camera. Someone commented that the sedans and stretch limo’s were on the first part of the video and mostly convertibles on the second half going the other way. There is also a nasty smell that comes out of those tailpipes. Give it a Like if you smiled. Music is “Vanishing Horizon” a collective commons song performed by Jason Shaw.
Video shot by Renee and edited by Claude Pageau

City Jobs – Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley Office Assistant

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Go inside the Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley with Office Assistant Alex Steinmetz and learn what she does to help animals find a fur-ever home.

Implementation of Jordan’s Principle: Addressing Disparities in Services for First Nations Children

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Jordan’s Principle is a child-first principle intended to ensure that status First Nations children living on-reserve do not experience delay or disruption of services as a result of jurisdictional disputes between governments or government departments over payment for services. It is named in honour of Jordan River Anderson, a child from Norway House First Nation, who died in hospital after Federal and Provincial governments spent over two years arguing over payment for his at-home care. Jordan’s Principle was unanimously passed in the House of Commons in 2007, but the Canadian Paediatric Society reports that neither the Federal government nor any of the Provinces/Territories have fully implemented Jordan’s Principle. Moreover, while service providers and First Nations advocates provide anecdotal evidence to suggest there may be many situations in which First Nations children living on-reserve experience delay, disruption, or denial of services normally available to other children, the Federal government indicated in both 2011 and 2012 that it knew of no Jordan’s Principles cases. To date, there has been no systematic documentation of the number or nature of cases in which First Nations children living on-reserve experience delay, disruption, or denial of services normally available to other children. Nor has there been any systematic documentation of the structural differences, in processes for accessing or providing services, which might contribute to disparities in services for First Nations children living on-reserve and for other children.

In this webinar, we will provide an overview and update on the implementation of Jordan’s Principle in Canada. We will discuss the narrow operational definition of Jordan’s Principle adopted by the Federal government, review the Canadian Pediatric Society’s report card on Jordan’s Principle implementation, and assess the implications of a recent court ruling (the Pictou Landing Band Council & Maurina Beadle v. Canada) for the implementation of Jordan’s Principle. In addition, we will introduce a research study being conducted by researchers at McGill University, working in partnership with the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres, the Assembly of First Nations, UNICEF Canada, and the Canadian Paediatric Society. The goal of the study is to systematically document differences in processes for accessing or providing health and social services for First Nations children living on-reserve and for other children. Webinar participants will be invited to give feedback on the study design, to consider participating in the study, and to attend a follow-up webinar presenting preliminary research findings.

Presenter Bios

Vandna Sinha is an assistant professor in the School of Social Work at McGill University. Her research explores the ways that minority and marginalized communities support and care for their members in light of resource limitations, restrictions imposed by social policies and other factors which limit members’ quality of life and access to opportunity. She conducts community-engaged research which supports efforts to develop and improve community based health and social services for children and families. Dr. Sinha is principal investigator for the First Nations component of the Canadian Incidence Study of Reported Child Abuse and Neglect (CIS-2008), working closely with a First Nations advisory committee to oversee the most comprehensive national level study of First Nations child welfare investigations ever completed in Canada. She also collaborates with representatives of diverse minority communities on a number of projects supporting the development, implementation, and evaluation of services for families and children.

Lucyna Lach is an Associate Professor in the School of Social Work, McGill University and an Associate Member of the Departments of Pediatrics and Neurology/Neurosurgery in the Faculty of Medicine, McGill University. She has a special interest in health-related quality of life and parenting of children with chronic health conditions and disabilities. Dr. Lach is principal investigator for the Quebec subsample of the pan-Canadian study on Outcome Trajectories in Children with Epilepsy, a study examining determinants of health related quality of life in this population. She is also co-principal investigator of the CIHR Team in PARENTING MATTERS! The Biopsychosocial Context Of Parenting Children With Neurodevelopmental Disorders In Canada. Working closely with parents, clinical and institutional leaders, and policy makers, Dr. Lach hopes to increase awareness of what constitutes parenting, what makes a difference to how parents parent their child, and what difference parenting makes to child outcomes.

Bush, Arroyo attend church services

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1. Tilt down exterior of church
2. US President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush walk down line of choir singers
3. George and Laura Bush walking
4. SOUNDBITE (English) George W. Bush, US President:
“We again thank the church for the opportunity to come by. My hope is that people all across the world will be able to express religion freedom. It is our way of expressing our personal faith and at the same time urging societies to feel comfortable with and confident in saying to their people if you feel like praising God you are allowed to do so in any way you see fit. God Bless and thank you”
5. George and Laura Bush walk away
AP Television
6. Various shots of choir singing
7. Mid shot of person playing keyboard
8. Mid shot of choir singing
9. Mid shot of congregation including Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, President of the Philippines (wearing red outfit)
10. Mid shot of man conducting choir
11. Zoom in Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
12. Mid shot of Vietnamese priest
13. Mid shot of crucifix
14. Wide shot of mass
15. Mid shot of statue of Christ
16. Various shots of Arroyo praying
17. Wide shot of Arroyo receiving communion
18. Wide shot of Arroyo walking out
19. Mid shot of statue of The Blessed Virgin Mary
20. Wide shot of Arroyo sitting with choir and priests for photo
21. Mid shot of choir
22. SOUNDBITE (English): Father Laurent Chu van Minh, Priest
“Now the situation of the religious (religious situation) is easy and before the situation (was) difficult. Now my situation is more easy.”
23. Wide shot of exterior of chapel
24. Mid shot of statue
On the last day of APEC leaders’ summit in the Vietnamese capital, Hanoi, leaders with Christian beliefs attended morning services.
Communist Vietnam, which is hosting the meeting for the first time, shunned organised religion until recently and had in the past come under sustained international criticism for violations of religious freedom.
US President George W. Bush’s attendance at a Sunday morning service prompted pointed comments to encourage religious tolerance. He and his wife, Laura, attended services at Cua Bac Church, a concrete basilica built by the French more than a century ago.
“My hope is that people all across the world will be able to express religion freedom,” he said
Bush continued, “It is our way of expressing our personal faith and at the same time urging societies to feel comfortable with and confident in saying to their people, if you feel like praising God you are allowed to do so in any way you see fit.”
The couple shook hands with a few dozen choir members standing on cobblestones outside the church. Aside from the visit, Bush has had virtually no public appearances in Vietnam or contact with locals.
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo attended a private mass led by a Vietnamese priest at the chapel adjacent to St. Joseph’s Cathedral, the biggest Catholic church in Hanoi.
While some restrictions on religion remain in the country, harassment has eased enough for the the United States to drop Vietnam from a list of countries said to severely violate their people’s religious freedoms.
But although the US has decided that Vietnam’s treatment of such groups has improved in the past year, Human Rights Watch, a New York-based group, issued a report this week saying that Vietnam’s record on religious freedom remains poor.
For members of Vietnam’s six officially sanctioned faiths, including Catholicism, the stigma that communist leaders once attached to their expressions of faith have all but disappeared.
For several years, temples and churches across the country have been packed with the faithful, with even communist officials now taking part in religious ceremonies.

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