George H.W. Bush Texas memorial service

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Family, dignitaries and friends of former President George H.W. Bush gather in Texas at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church for the final memorial service for the 41st president.

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Full Service – 07/01/2018 – Christ Church Nashville

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Mark 5:21-43

Jesus was constantly interrupted during his ministry—interrupted by opportunities to heal, teach, feed, or care for someone. Can we learn to follow Jesus’s lead by welcoming the interruptions of life?

Dre & Bow Struggle with a Long Church Service – black-ish

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Dre and Bow take their churchgoing friends to the local Baptist church to prove they’re loyal churchgoers, but they aren’t ready for the length of the services, and their stamina gets worse as the session gets longer. Watch a scene from black-ish – Season 2, Episode 5: “Churched.”


JPAOGC: Is There Not A Cause? – Columbus Africans All-Night Service (3/4)

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Speaker: Apostle Rev. Bismark Akomeah (Senior Pastor of Jesus Power Assembly of God Church, Columbus, Ohio).

Date: Friday, February 22th 2013 – All Night Service

Bible Verses

1 Samuel 17:23-29

Ro-shonda Preach 1st sermon service 9/24/2017

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Watch Ro-Shonda preach her 1st sermon of the word of God Live Fayetteville, North Carolina 2017… Filmed Live by Ro-Shonda King
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Church Service at the U.S.-Mexico Border

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El Faro holds a church service every Sunday at the U.S.-Mexico border, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Friends and families from both nations gather to share communion and pray together regardless of nationality or immigration status.

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6/25/2017 AM – Worship Service and Testimonies

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Sunday Morning Service. Join us at 4210 Sabrina Lake Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27127. We saved you a seat. For more information and service times visit our website at
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Church Of Christ Worship Service Greensboro NC

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Traveling to the East Coast so I had to get my Church on. Everybody SINGS here. Straight our of the Hymn’s Book in the Pew. You will enjoy it.

Check out the Evening Service for the young men and lady’s in attendance. So the Church is, Church of Christ in Greensboro, NC a family members fellowship and worship service for that evening.

There… you stay in Church most of the day. They break it down in 3 parts. Morning @ 9 am Bible Study after that Regular 11am Service. That is over at 1 pm give or take and then back at 5pm for this service you will see. Enjoy!

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Grace Trinity Church Assemblies of God Sunday Evening service 7/22/2018

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Церква Триєдиної Благодаті Асамблеї Бога, недільне вечірнє зібрання 07/22/2018