‘Open The Floodgates of Heaven’- Bishop Paul Morton @ GE Patterson Church

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Bishop Paul S Morton Powerful Ending of this Anointed Sermon @ Temple of Deliverance COGIC

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. was born in Windsor Ontario, Canada but was destined to move to the United States. God had a special calling on his life that extended far beyond the Canadian borders. In 1972, he moved to New Orleans, Louisiana. Not long after, he became the Senior Pastor of the Greater Saint Stephen Missionary Baptist Church. He served faithfully there for thirty-three years. Under his leadership, it became a “Full Gospel” Baptist Church, expanding to three areas of the city, maximizing at seven services per Sunday.

However, after the devastating storm, Katrina, God repositioned him. At God’s command, he passed the mantle to his wife, Debra B. Morton, who now serves as Senior Pastor of the mother church in New Orleans. Bishop Morton now serves as Senior Pastor of the “baby” church, G.S.S. Changing A Generation, in Atlanta, Georgia which was birthed out of the mother church. Bishop Paul S. Morton and Pastor Debra Morton now serve as each other’s Co-Pastor. Now “One Church in Two States”, their slogan is “Changing The Way We Do Church!”

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. is also the founding Presiding Bishop of one of the fastest growing movements in America – The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.

As an apostle, he has birthed many churches out of Greater Saint Stephen, New Orleans. Bishop Morton is also an international television preacher who, for over twenty-five years, reaches thousands of souls for the Lord on a weekly basis.

Morton is also a gifted author and an anointed singer, having received five Stellar Awards.

His life in Christ is evidenced by his love and compassion for his family, the brethren and those who are lost.

Many esteem him as a Pastor’s Pastor; a Leader’s Leader; His wife and children revere him as a loving husband and role model father.

Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. who strives to exemplify the heart of God, is truly God’s Man!

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Sermon for Oct. 21st, 2018 (Highland Park Lutheran Church; LCMC)

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Twenty-second Sunday After Pentecost
Pastor Michelle Jessen
Highland Park Lutheran Church (Des Moines, Iowa; LCMC)

Pastor encourages guns in church

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) – A Louisville church is inviting gun
owners to bring their pistols to the church to celebrate the Fourth
of July and the Second Amendment.

New Bethel Church is welcoming “responsible handgun owners” to
wear their firearms Saturday, June 27 at the church. An Internet ad
for the event says there will be a handgun raffle, patriotic music
and information on gun safety.

Church pastor Ken Pagano says guns must be unloaded at the event and private security will check visitors at the door.

Marian McClure Taylor, executive director of the Kentucky
Council of Churches, says Christian churches work to prevent
violent harm and promote peace, but most “allow for arms to be
taken up under certain conditions.”

Alone in St. Anne Church, Detroit, MI.

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Here’s the interior of St. Anne’s Church, Detroit, MI.

2 Alarm Fire in a Vacant Church, Woodward Avenue Detroit – 5/11/14

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At approximately 6:30AM Engine 1 had just extinguished an automobile fire and was returning to quarters when they reported smoke and a possible fire several blocks away. On investigation they found a fire in a vacant church on Woodward Avenue and Edmund Place and requested the box. When Chief 1 arrived on the scene he called for a second alarm, as well as two additional engine companies. Senior Chief reported that units would be taking a defensive posture, as the church by this point was fully involved. Three ladder trucks and supporting engines brought the fire under control within an hour. Crews were hampered by low water pressure and equipment problems, with Ladder 7 overheating and having to go to the repair shop. Engine 9 overheated and caught fire, requiring an additional engine to extinguish.

The 125-year-old church was a total loss. Arson is suspected, as the owner had sought to demolish the church, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The location had been placed on a list of potential owner arson targets by the Department of Justice, who got in touch with arson investigators. Due to the condition of the building and the facade facing out over a busy street, it was partly demolished later in the day.