Tabernacle of Hope SDA church – Indianapolis

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It was truly amazing and a blessing beautiful and wonderful people at this church. It was me and Dave’s fist time attending it.

* Tabernacle of Hope SDA church me and Dave attended the Saturday that passed It was such a blessed day…

City Temple SDA Church, Dallas, Texas

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Welcome to the Temple. We just experienced three weeks of spirit-filled church services including baptism, great preaching, and great singing. Guest speakers included Pastor Snell, First SDA Church, Huntsville Alabama, Elder E. Woods III, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Director, Lake Region Conference, and Pastor Dan Serns, Richardson SDA Church. Pastor Serns was the guest facilitator for a training event entitled “Assimilating New Members.

New Life SDA Church Houston Live Stream From Sabbath school and divine service

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A small Church with a big heart. Located in Houston Texas. Address: 7800 W. Bellfort, Houston Texas 77071. Our Website.