Scottsville Cemetery, Scottsville, Texas

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The Scott family remembered their dead monumentally and the volume of artistic memorials makes one think that they may have kept a stonecutter/ sculptor on the payroll.

The church at the cemetery was erected by the family of William Scott Youree after he was killed in Mexico in 1904. The weeping angel that marks his grave has become a popular regional photographic subject. It bears a striking resemblance to a memorial for a Hill family member in Houston’s Glenwood cemetery – even down to the missing hand.

The cemetery displays a Confederate monument that is much larger than many found on courthouse lawns around the state. The Scotts involvement in the war is reflected in seven of the names inscribed on the pedestal. Many of the others were relatives.

The Rose and Scott families joined each other in marriage prior to their arrival in Texas. The Yourees, Austins and Randolphs came later. The repetition of names in the cemetery would confuse all but the most knowledgeable genealogist or family member.

The Scottsville Cemetery is one of the most picturesque in Texas and is worthy of a trip – even if it takes you out of your way. The histories of the families demonstrates the closeness and inter-dependence that existed between pioneer families in the early development of East Texas.

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