Maine Video Production with Sound & Motion presents Maine High School Class A Soccer Highlights 1

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Sound & Motion Productions was on hand Oct 24th in Kennebunk as the Kennebunk High School Boys Soccer team advanced over visiting Deering High School. Griffin Drigotas scored the only regulation goal for Kennebunk, with the victory coming via penalty kicks after 2 scoreless overtime periods. Kennebunk will face Gorham High School on Oct 27th in Gorham, Maine. Let Sound & Motion produce your next video project for you! or 207-283-9191!

Chollunna Nimisham Mathavin Chare by St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Dallas Sunday School

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Mother’s Day presentation by St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Dallas Sunday School – May 2015
Chollunna Nimisham Mathavin Chare – Malayalam Mariyan Song

Chollunna nimisham mathavin chare
Chellunnu japamala vazhiyayi….
Kayyilirikkunna unni Eashoyude chare ee njanum irikkum……2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oreyamma…..

Malakha nirathan sthuthi sagarathil en swaram aruviyayi cherum…2
Nairasha vaniyil prathyasha pakarum panineer pushpangal vidarum…2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oramma…..2 (Chollunna………)

Akatharilekum aathma sugandham snehathil onnaya bandham……2
Manavarkennum madhyastham eki saharekshakayayi nilpu…………2
Enthu nallamma ennude amma
Enikkum Eashokkum oramma…..2 (Cholunna nimisham……)

Recorded via phone!


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Texas lineman Joseph Pena squats 1,025 pounds. WOW. (San Antonio Holy Cross ,TX) Powerlifting Championship 2017 😱 @jpena6. An IPF Sub-Junior would record with a 1,025 lb squat.

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Shooting at South Florida high school | ABC News Special Report

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Police respond to report of shooting at high school in Parkland, Florida.

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February 9, 2019. Knoxville First SDA Church Sabbath School – Kelly Ferris

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NOTICE: This live stream is provided as a public service. The views and opinions of those presented here are not necessarily those of the Seventh-day Adventist Church or of our local congregation.

2016 Alaska Victory Campaign: Healing School (9:30 a.m.)

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Join Kenneth and Gloria Copeland for Saturday morning Healing School during the 2016 Alaska Victory Campaign.

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Florida School Board Meeting Shooting – Full WMBB Video – December 14, 2010

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Rambling gunman dead after opening fire at Florida school meeting
full story:

this angle is from the WMBB news camera… the footage was pieced together from a cnn clip and the wmbb website… both versions cut out the suicide shot, but this is the whole rant included… none of the board members were hit

DGK Amanuel Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Philadelphia – Sunday School Construction Story

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This video shows the story of Debre Genet Kidus Amanuel Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Philadelphia Sunday School Construction Story.

Eyewitness video of a school bus fire in New Orleans on Dec. 11, 2017

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NOPD confirmed a school bus caught fire Dec. 11, 2017, on Interstate 10. This video is a combination of eyewitness video, courtesy of a witness at the scene who did not want their name published, and reporter Laura McKnight as authorities responded.

Stevens Transport Denver, Colorado Training School

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Careers World Wide

The School Office Address is;

35 South Main Street

PO Box 587

Keenesburg, CO 80643

This is Stevens Transport Denver, Colorado Training School. Just want others to know what to expect if the company sends you to this dump. This was one of the many houses they put you in for the 3 week training. Yet they charge you $3995 for the training and $85 to live in this dump. They lied to every body they sent to it.