SBCoFD Structure Fire Division 3 City of Victorville Condor Road.

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#Local935 #Firefighters with #SBCoFD responded to a residential structure fire yesterday in the City of #Victorville. Firefighters found a well established fire and through a coordinated aggressive attack the fire was extinguished in less than 30 minutes. Two dogs were rescued and returned to the home owners. Local935 would like to thank Victorville on its continued support of public safety and staffing.

SBCoFD Structure Fire Division 2 City of Hesperia Oxford Avenue.

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Structure Fire Oxford Ave, #Hesperia.
BC138, ME302, ME301, MA301, MT304, ME314, ME40, BP40, I165
#Local935 #Firefighters with #SBCoFD Personnel performed a safe and aggressive attack on a single story residence. Crews were met with a fully involved garage extending in the main residence. Initial on scene resources dealt with multiple explosions from two 5 gallon propane tanks on the rear patio and an electrical service drop that was immediately secured by #SouthernCaliforniaEdison after it fell from the residence. Roof construction consisted of lighweight truss and upon arrival of the first in company the decision was made to perform a defensive attack due to partial roof collapse. As crews obtained knockdown of the fire they transitioned to an offensive mode for mop up and overhaul. For this reason a Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC) was established and maintained throughout the incident. It is a standard practice for RIC group supervisor to evaluate the structure during a 360 for potential forcible entry issues, softening opportunities, confirmation of entry and exit points as well as an initial confirmation of crew location and assignments. In this case it was determined as a defensive fire and no crews were interior in an IDLH. RIC was maintained until knockdown and assisted in a situation status and resource status role.
Due to the continuous service and closest resource concept the incident was handled by units from multiple divisions as well as backfill of stations in the City of Hesperia.
The first due engine arrived within 5 minutes and had #fire knockdown in approximately 30 minutes. #RedCross was contacted for 6 adults and two children who were displaced. The fire was confined to the building of origin. No damage to surrounding homes or structures. No injuries to the public of fire department personnel.