Saviour | First Baptist Nashville | Sunday, April 3, 2016

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The Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra
Special Guests:
Larnelle Harris, Steve Green, Rod Fletcher, and Ballet Magnificat

First Baptist Nashville presented the powerful musical work “Saviour: The story of God’s passion for His people” at 6:00 p.m. Sunday, April 3, 2016, featuring the Sanctuary Choir with special guests Larnelle Harris (5-time Grammy and 11-time Dove Award winner), Steve Green (four Grammy nominations, 18 No. 1 songs, and seven Dove Awards), Rod Fletcher (studio musician and Grand Ole Opry background singer), and Ballet Magnificat, along with full professional orchestral accompaniment. Saviour is created by Greg Nelson and Bob Farrell, arranged by David Hamilton, with choral settings and orchestration written by Ronn Huff.

“This work,” says producer Greg Nelson, “is about God’s passion for His people.” Nelson’s own passion is evident as he talks about Saviour, the modern oratorio he and co-creator Bob Farrell brought through three years of painstaking development. A stunning one-hour long work that fuses classical patterns with contemporary forms. “People ask me how strongly I feel about this project,” he says, “and I’ll tell you honestly: If, God forbid, something were to happen and this is the last thing I ever did, I would be very content with my life and my work.”

The passion – God’s and the project’s participants – is obvious from the outset. The duet between God and Adam is full of ardor, of mutual love, and caring emotions that permeate the work. Songs detail the Fall, the journey to the Promised Land, the desire for a Saviour, the Cross, and the Resurrection, with an ever-present knowledge of human weakness. “It’s a kind of snapshot look at the process whereby God provides, man messes it up, and God comes to rescue him”, says Farrell, “…it happens over and over, and it still happens today.”

Saviour takes us from creation through resurrection, a picture of a loving God pursuing His people. It is a powerful work which dramatically conveys the message of Hope found within its pages. You can learn more about the work via “Saviour” Story.

First Baptist Church is located at 108 Seventh Avenue, South in Downtown Nashville, next to Bridgestone Arena. Visit or call 615.664.6000 for additional information. Complimentary parking is available.

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The History of Baptists

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POVIJEST BAPTISTA | Tko su baptisti i jesu li dio protestantske reformacije? Baptistička crkva [s hrvatskim titlovima]

THE HISTORY OF BAPTISTS | Who are the Baptists and are they a part of the Protestant Reformation? Baptist church [with Croatian subtitles]

Excerpt from sermon “Blueprint for a Biblical Church: Why We Are Baptist”, preached by Pastor Roger Jimenez from Verity Baptist Church, Sacramento, California, on 02/19/2017 AM.

Verity Baptist Church

“Blueprint for a Biblical Church: Why We Are Baptist” sermon

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