Grant Norsworthy and band @ Valley Baptist Church , Bakersfield, CA “Mighty To Save” 01/21/10

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Grant Norsworthy leads a local band and the congregation of Valley Baptist Church in Bakersfield, CA singing “Mighty To Save” 1/21/10.

A Letter from Hell — Friends don’t let friends die without Jesus

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Do you have a friend, a friend who doesn’t know Jesus like you know Jesus? How much do you love your friend? What are you doing … if anything … to acquaint your friend with the only One who can save him/her from an eternity of darkness and separation from the Father.

What if your friend died …

What if your friend died … and then sent you a letter from hell. Shoulda, wouldas and couldas don’t save lives. Watch this alarming video shared by Evangelist Naeem Nasir. It will make you think … hopefully about all the loved ones in your life … who still may night have a loving relationship with Jesus.

It’s not too late.

Share the video. It could help in a life or death situation of a friend of yours … or maybe someone you have never met.

If you are unsure how to share “the good news of Jesus,” I would like to encourage you to visit The Church Guide’s website at

There you can find tools, training and videos that can teach you, and help you change the life of a friend … maybe even a family member.

Jesus loves you. He loves your friends. He has asked each of us to share the good news of His first coming, and that He’s soon to come again.

On our website, you can also find listings and events for Virginia Beach churches, Chesapeake churches, Norfolk churches, Portsmouth churches, Suffolk churches, Hampton churches, Newport News churches, Williamsburg churches, in fact all the churches in Hampton Roads Virginia.

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Church of Christ vs Baptist Debate does Faith alone save

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This Debate took place at South End Chuch of Christ in Louisville Kentucky. Baptist preacher is Billy Jenkins and Gospel preacher is Ron Daly. Ron preaches at the congragation at Emerson avenue Church of Christ in Indianapolis Indiana.the Congragation their also has a radio program that comes on world wide internet on mondays at 5:30 eastern standard time at just click listen now button at that time, and a local Radio program on 1500 am at 4:15 pm on sundays

Harvest Church Dothan Sermon for Sunday, November 2, 2014

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In this sermon, Pastor Ralph Sigler of Harvest Church in Dothan, AL talks about finding the lost. God calls us to a commitment beyond ourselves. As Christians, we have a message and we need to be ready to use every platform He gives us to represent Him. He wants to use us to make an eternal difference in people’s lives. As we go out to find and rescue the lost, we have His power available to help us in every way.

Save St. Pat’s West Park Church in Cleveland Town Hall and Prayer Service

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Video of Saint Patrick’s Church in the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, who are fervently fighting the decision to close the parish by Bishop Richard Lennon. In the video, Patricia Schulte-Singleton explains why she feels the church should remain open and explains why they feel they will win the appeal to Rome which is in the process of being filed. Patricia is leading the charge of of Parishioners who are fighting for the survival of one of the oldest Catholic churches in the dioceses at 161 years old.

The video was shot on Thursday July 16th, 2009. The Save Saint Pats group has raised a substantial amount of money from their supporters and will hold meetings every Thursday to update the status of the appeal.

For further information please look for stories on The Cleveland Leader website along with Save Saint Pats groups on Facebook.

Prayer service and town hall meeting.

Gypsies Feeding The Homeless!–Gypsy Church In Atlanta GA

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Gypsy Homeless Ministry Atlanta, Georgia

Shooting at Charleston, S.C., restaurant

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Officials say a disgruntled employee entered a Charleston, South Carolina, restaurant with a gun Thursday afternoon, shot one person and took hostages.

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Church Insurance Louisville, Kentucky

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Church Insurance Louisville, KY – – Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency is the largest church insurance agency in Kentucky and Southern Indiana, representing over 1000 churches. Our goal is to show you exactly what you have and what you don’t have on your current policy. We want to provide you with the very best coverages and save your church money. Call Us Today for a FREE Quote! Claude Reynolds Insurance Agency Inc. 6801 Dixie Highway Suite 232, Louisville, KY 40258 (502)933-2255 –