Visit Santa Clarita

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The scenic Santa Clarita Valley is 20 minutes north of Burbank airport and a short drive from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Santa Clarita offers an abundance of California sunshine and a plethora of activities for all ages. Home to Six Flags Magic Mountain & Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Santa Clarita boasts some of the golden state’s most coveted golf courses, charming wine lounges, family and fine dining, impressive retail shopping, live music events, and a rich western heritage.

Santa Clarita blends its small-town charm with the sophistication of a larger urban center. Make the most of your next visit to Southern California by staying in Santa Clarita, where you will enjoy the very best that California has to offer.

La Santa Misa | 3 de febrero, 2019 | ESNE

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#LaSantaMisa #ElSantoRosario

Ahora en DirecTV canal 456 solo en EE.UU.

ESNE TV | Radio Programación Católica 24/7 sin comerciales.


EL SEMBRADOR – Canal Católico

Es una sociedad católica de evangelización no lucrativa y legalmente establecida en el Condado de Los Ángeles, en el Estado de California, USA. Fundada el 3 de Abril de 1984 por su coordinador y director, Noel Díaz, este apostolado y sociedad evangelizadora desde sus inicios ha permanecido fiel a la Iglesia Católica y al Santo Padre y funciona bajo la guía y el apoyo de la pastoral de la Iglesia a través de la asistencia espiritual del Mons. José H. Gómez, Arzobispo de la Arquidiócesis de Los Angeles, California

El Sembrador nació del corazón inmigrante de Noel Díaz, quien se identifico con un grupo de personas de diferentes países que comenzaron a congregarse con una necesidad espiritual interior.
La ardua labor de El Sembrador se ha extendido en más de 17 países, incluyendo España, a donde llega la señal del canal “El Sembrador” ESNE.

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Santa Fe, New Mexico – Santa Fe Plaza HD (2016)

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The Santa Fe Plaza is a National Historic Landmark in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico in the style of traditional Spanish-American colonial cities. The plaza, or “city-square”, was originally, and is still to this day, the center gathering place in town. Many know it as “the heart of Santa Fe”. The landmark has since grown into a playground for many tourists interested in Spanish, Native American, and Mexican cultures, and includes music, design, jewelry, art and dance. Known to locals simply as the “Plaza,” it is home to annual events including Fiestas de Santa Fe, the Spanish Market, the Santa Fe Bandstand, and the Santa Fe Indian Market.

Santa Fe NM Downtown #SantaFe #NewMexico

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Santa Fe New Mexico nos ofrece en la parte del centro de la ciudad un increíble muestra de galerías de arte, iglesias y restaurantes aquí podemos encontrar la iglesia de San Miguel construida en 1610, la capilla de San Lorenzo (1873) con su escalera milagrosa y la catedral de San Francisco de Asís (1869).

Aquí esta Santa Fe

Música por: Scott Holmes –

10 dead in Santa Fe, Texas, school shooting

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10 people have been killed in a school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas. Police officials told reporters the suspect was a student at the school and on social media said that a second person had been detained.

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Catholic Wedding Procession @ St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, CA

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Santa Monica Wedding Video.
Brenda & Nicholas wedding video procession @ St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, CA. St. Monica Catholic Community.
Shot and edited by Viva Videography

Santa Monica wedding video. Catholic wedding video. Catholic wedding procession video. Catholic wedding ceremony procession video.

Naming of Hamburg Sud container vessel Santa Teresa in Rotterdam

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National anthems are played in Rotterdam during the naming ceremony of Hamburg Sud container vessel Santa Teresa.


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She is taking singing lessons since 10 years and from time to time she is Singing ant Christings and Weddings, in Churches or similar, e.g. for Christmas the Altus Solo Parts in the Christmas Oratorium or singing small concerts.

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Thanks to Hamburg Sud for the invitation to the naming ceremony.