Sermon: Bringing People to Salvation During the Millennium, Part 2

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How is God going to bring people to salvation during the millennium? There are no resurrections during the millennium.

Given on October 9, 2017 by Rex Sexton
United Church of God – Feast of Tabernacles at Bend-Redmond, Oregon

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When I Speak Your Name | Day of Salvation | Indiana Bible College

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When I Speak Your Name | Day of Salvation (2008)

Lead Vox Jennifer Cobbs
IBC Choir
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Questions and Answers about Christianity with Dr. Rick Flanders.
Rick Flanders served as the senior pastor of the Juniata Baptist Church in rural Tuscola County, Michigan, from 1973 until the end of August 2007. During the time of his ministry there, the church operated a Christian school, conducted extensive evangelistic efforts, maintained a growing missions program, sponsored a weekly radio broadcast, and engaged in special ministries to correctional facilities and other residential institutions.
Pastor Flanders earned his Bachelor’s degree at Bob Jones University in 1969, and completed the Master of Arts program at the graduate school there in 1971. In 1988, Pensacola Christian College conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity. Pastor Flanders has written articles on a variety of subjects which have been published in both local and national periodicals, including the Detroit News, the Sword of the Lord, Frontline, Maranatha, Christian View of the News, Church Bus News, Pulpit Helps, Revival Magazine, and Preach the Word.
He has written a book on revival, Back to Normal, and a booklet on holiness in the church entitled “Blended Worship.” Both of these publications are experiencing national distribution.
Dr. Flanders was born in Richmond, Virginia, in 1948, and converted to Christ in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 1963. Dr. Flanders is a Baptist Fundamentalist who believes the Bible to be the written Word of God. He is keenly interested in the history of religion and religious revivals in America, and often speaks optimistically about the possibilities of a new revival era in our day.
Dr. Flanders and his wife Toni have three adult children, a son and two daughters. In September of 2007, he began a ministry of itinerant preaching for the cause of revival.


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I am trying to start a church in the Atlanta, Georgia area any donation’s would be greatly appreciated, God Bless You


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Drink of Death | Snake Salvation

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Big Cody drinks strychnine during church service.
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Drink of Death | Snake Salvation

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Salvation Is Here – Live at Saddleback Church Easter Service 2013

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Opening Song for the last of 13 Easter Services at Saddleback Church with Pastor Rick Warren.
I am playing my own gear. Gretsch Brooklyn Series Drum Kit with all Zildjian Cymbals.

Drums: Chase Parker
Guitar: Jason Valverde, Mike Kopulos
Bass: Dyan Wilson
Piano/Organ: Collin Boyd
Keys/Tracks: Ryan Clark
Song led by Bryon Bos and Saddleback Vocal Team

Bakersfield Salvation Army ” Doing the most Good “

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Video produced by , Hosted by Don Clark. Visit with Bakersfield Salvation Army Majors Daniel & Carole Abella as they describe some of the programs serving Bakersfield. For more than 150 years the Army has been a place of Christian worship, fellowship and service

“Repentance and Salvation” Baptist Preaching (independent, fundamental, KJV Christian sermon)

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Where Are the Nine? – Homer G Lindsay, FBC Jacksonville, FL

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Dr. .Homer G. Lindsay, Jr. preaches at First Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL (1995)

The Miracle of Salvation!

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Perhaps we may have forgotten how precious this gift of salvation is. Perhaps we spend more of our time asking and not thanking Him for this great gift. Perhaps you have been saved a long time and forget how close you were to spending eternity in hell.

Perhaps you spend so much time complaining about your circumstance that you have forgotten that it was in fact your circumstances that brought you to the cross.

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