Old Salem North Carolina Amazing!!!!!

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Located in Winston Salem, this preserved and restored historic section of the city offers a great view of the life of the first settlers of the region. After visiting the tourist center you can get a better idea of how to explore the area and get the most of your visit. here is some information about Old Salem: Visitor Center:
900 Old Salem Road
Mailing Address:
600 South Main St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
Phone: 336-721-7300
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Part 2 – Exploring historic “Old Salem” in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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Exploring “Old Salem” in North Carolina. This is installment No. 2 as we continue to make our way north on Main Street of this historic section of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

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1 Salem Road, Freeman Twp, ME 04983

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The Virtual Tour for the property at 1 Salem Road, Freeman Twp, ME 04983 listed for $19,500: Other homes for sale by Janet Peruffo of CSM Real Estate: There is a small primitive camp on lot. 2 lots being sold together along with a third lot that is near but not connected. Stone walls. Dug well.

Pastor Sedric Veal @ Salem Bible Church Atlanta “I Need Some Me TIME”

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Born on October 4, 1972 to the late Mrs. Marsha F. Veal of Leland, MS. His grandmother, the late Rosie McGill raised him. His new birth experience took place May 1980 at Pilgrim Home Church in Leland, MS. On December 6, 1989, he went from practicing & pretending to preach to actually being chosen by God at age of 17. His initial sermon was preached on January 28, 1990 at Zion Progressive Church in Leland under the tutelage of Dr. Charles E. Williams. Veal was ordained May 1990. In September 2003, he graduated from the American Association of Christian Counselors. He received his Th. M. Degree, November 2003 at Slidell Baptist Seminary, earning a 3.90 GPA. He has also earned a Th. D., December 2004, earning a 4.0 GPA. He is now divorced, but yet remains devoted father to Sedric, Sadrissia, Shandrea, Brittney & Olivia.

Also, through the leadership of Pastor Veal, TBC has transitioned into a 44,000 sq ft. Church campus in the heart of East Cleveland, Ohio

Best Tap // Flashlight – To the Pointe Dance & Arts Academy [Winston Salem, NC]

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Best Tap // Flashlight – To the Pointe Dance & Arts Academy [Winston Salem, NC]

201​7​ Industry Dance Awards – Outstanding Performance

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Westinghouse Hydraulic elevator @ 220 East Main St. Salem VA

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This is the elevator at 220 East Main Street in Salem Virginia. The fixtures were modernized and i believe they are either Kone or Montgomery fixtures. Facebook:
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Antique Salem Freight Elevator : The Handycam is back! with a peek of the elevaTOURS Museum!

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(10-21-2017) forgive the crappy editing, I am having to learn how to edit on windows and the machine has a hard time handling the 1080p but here is the first video on the repaired handycam! CONNECT WITH ME!
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