How are Doug Jones and Roy Moore resonating with Alabama voters?

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In the final days of the Alabama Senate race, Democratic candidate Doug Jones barnstormed the state with multiple events, while Republican opponent Roy Moore avoided the trail and the national media. The night before Alabama goes to the polls, Don Dailey of Alabama Public Television joins Judy Woodruff to discuss the surprise toss-up race, the allegations against Moore and what voters think.

Roy sermon September 23 at the South Edmonton Church Of Christ(2012)

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the video for the Scripture reading is not available but the video of the sermon is
Roy Granau

Sunday Mornings -Millwoods Community Center
Bible Classes for all ages 10:00 AM
Congregational Worship 11:00 AM Singing, communion service, prayers, giving, preaching and fellowship
Midweek Bible Studies (Care Groups) Tues, Wed, Thurs 7:00 PM

188-37 ST. NW
Edmonton, Alberta
contact info
780-902-1329, 321-220-7519
[email protected]
[email protected]

Watch Live: North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper holds media briefing on Hurricane Florence aftermath

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper holds media briefing on Hurricane Florence. The storm, which has now been downgraded from a Tropical Depression, has killed at least 32 people, including 25 in North Carolina

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Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up Part 80 (Lawrence Bittaker & Roy Norris – The Toolbox Killers)

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— — —- DISCLAIMER! —-Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Note: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT in this video.

Most of the series information comes directly from the book: Programmed To Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder by author David McGowan.

Please visit & support:

Part 2

Investigation in Serial Killers, Assassin’s, Mass Murder, Spree Killers, Cults, MK-ULTRA, Project Monarch, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Military, Army, U.S. Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, CIA, Mossad, Black Ops, FBI, OSS (CIA), Special Forces, KGB, Intelligence Agencies, Blackmail Purposes, Global Conspiracy, Disinformation Agents,
Cointelpro, Satanic Ritual Abuse, False Flag, Psychological Warfare, Electronic Warfare, Satanic Networks, Occult, Satanism, Wicca, Black Magic, Alchemy, Witchcraft, Devil Worship, Magical Thinking and Secret Societies


John Wayne Gacy Accomplices Robert Pickton Inquiry Zodiac Killer Connecticut Economy Collapsing Kingston Police Officer James Champion Eyes Wide Shut The Game Abre Los Ojos Vanilla Sky Arlington Road 8MM
Dazed Hypnotized Drug-Induced Mind Control Programs Flicker Fusion Defense Advance Research Projects Agency HNC Software Neural Network FICO Camp Max Straus of the Jewish Big Brothers and Sister Defense Language Institute Jason Bourne TREADSTONE Super-Soldiers Phi Beta Kappa Golden Key Defense Language School
Eyewitness Corbin Dates NBC News Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates Booby Traps Security Ofiicers FBI Mind-Altering Neuroscience Drugs Hypnonis Trauma Weapons Gear Military Connection Geneva Centre For The Democratic Control Of Armed Forces Terrorism Left-Wing Right-Wing Social-Revolutionary Nationalistic Religious Intelligence Agencies State Department NSA CIA Think Tanks Around The World Manchurian Candidate Government Black-Op Surveillance Cameras Biometric Scanning
Snuff Ring Kiddie Porn Pornography S&M Rituals King Albert the Second Belgium Society Snuff Film Police Officials Black Mass Satanism Occult Practises International Paedophile Ring Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer Satanic Influence Pedophilic Pedophiliac Tendencies Theft
Breaking and Entering Parole Air Force Camp Mirage Dubai Afghanistan Hells Angels American Justice Witches Coven Military Connection Occult Bondage Sacrifice
Process Church of the Final Judgement Robert Degrimston Malta The Wizard Charles
Ted Kacsinksky International Network Political Leaders Military Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City Bombing Dennis Rader BTK Killer Randy Kraft U.S. Air Force Canadian Forces Gary Ridgway Roy Norris Anthony Sowell Scarborough Rapist Jane Doe Ken Murray Publication Ban Kristen French Leslie Mahaffy Jon Benet John Patsy Ramsey Boulder Society Pedophile Ring Burke Ramsey Cover-Up Sexually Abused Stephen Singular Oklahoma City Bombing Terry Nichols ATF Conspiracy RFID Chip Enlisted in the Army Experimental Black Project Mind Control Electronic Warfare Josef Mengle Brainwashing Desert Storm Medal of Honor False Flag Operation Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined 2010 Documentary The Most Dangerous Game Michael Tsarion Architecs of Control Program Donald Ewan Cameron Shock therapy Interrogation Techniques Manchurian Candidate 2004 Jim Keith Bilderberg Group Indianapolis Hand of Death
Sexual Abuse Ritualistic Sacrifice Death Rituals Wikileaks Julian Assange Rothschild Banking Australia Melbourne Cult The Family The Great White Botherhood Anne Hamilton-Byrne Santiniketan Park Association LSD Drug Prescription Brainwashing Corruption of Canada New World Order Church of Satan Video Cameras Snuff Filmmaking Secret Rituals Fred Rose West Human Sacrifice Ottis Toole Henry Lee Lucas Igor Suprunyuck Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs David Parker Ray Burbank California Sexual Abuse Lucinda Schaeffer Presbyterian Church Shirley Ledford Sheriff Peter Pitchess Richard Dryburgh Scott Motel Mike Horn Christina Dralle Steven Eastman Dr Tronkman Jan Malin Detective Paul BynumMcMartin Preschool District Attorney Stephen Kay Richard Shoopman Motorcycle Gangs Redondo Beach Hermossa Andrea Joy Hall Jackie Doris Gilliam Jacqueline Leah Lamp Shirley Lynette Ledford Arrest Confession San Gabriel Mountains The Devil and the Death Penalty Phillip D. Gibbons Richard Dryburgh Mike Horn Scott Motel California Burbank Christina Dralle Steven Eastman Chemicals Pornographic Video Rape Tape

Roy Brown – Rainy Weather Blues

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When you draw up a short list of the R&B pioneers who exerted a primary influence on the development of rock & roll, respectfully place singer Roy Brown’s name near its very top. His seminal 1947 DeLuxe Records waxing of “Good Rockin’ Tonight” was immediately ridden to the peak of the R&B charts by shouter Wynonie Harris and subsequently covered by Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, and many more early rock icons (even Pat Boone). In addition, Brown’s melismatical pleading, gospel-steeped delivery impacted the vocal styles of B.B. King, Bobby Bland, and Little Richard (among a plethora of important singers). Clearly, Roy Brown was an innovator — and from 1948-1951, an R&B star whose wild output directly presaged rock’s rise.
Born in the Crescent City, Brown grew up all over the place: Eunice, LA (where he sang in church and worked in the sugarcane fields); Houston, TX; and finally Los Angeles by age 17. Back then, Bing Crosby was Brown’s favorite singer — but a nine-month stint at a Shreveport, LA, nightclub exposed him to the blues for the first time. He conjured up “Good Rockin’ Tonight” while fronting a band in Galveston, TX. Ironically, Harris wanted no part of the song when Brown first tried to hand it to him. When pianist Cecil Gant heard Brown’s knockout rendition of the tune in New Orleans, he had Brown sing it over the phone to a sleepy DeLuxe boss, Jules Braun, in the wee hours of the morning. Though Brown’s original waxing (with Bob Ogden’s band in support) was a solid hit, Harris’ cover beat him out for top chart honors.
Roy Brown didn’t have to wait long to dominate the R&B lists himself. He scored 15 hits from mid-1948 to late 1951 for DeLuxe, ranging from the emotionally wracked crying blues of “Hard Luck Blues” (his biggest seller of all in 1950) to the party-time rockers “Rockin’ at Midnight,” “Boogie at Midnight,” “Miss Fanny Brown,” and “Cadillac Baby.” Strangely, his sales slumped badly from 1952 on, even though his frantic “Hurry Hurry Baby,” “Ain’t No Rockin’ No More,” “Black Diamond,” and “Gal From Kokomo” for Cincinnati’s King Records rate among his hottest house rockers.
Brown was unable to cash in on the rock & roll idiom he helped to invent, though he briefly rejuvenated his commercial fortunes at Imperial Records in 1957. Working with New Orleans producer Dave Bartholomew, then riding high with Fats Domino, Brown returned to the charts with the original version of “Let the Four Winds Blow” (later a hit for Domino) and cut the sizzling sax-powered rockers “Diddy-Y-Diddy-O,” “Saturday Night,” and “Ain’t Gonna Do It.” Not everything was an artistic triumph; Brown’s utterly lifeless cover of Buddy Knox’s “Party Doll” — amazingly, a chart entry for Brown — may well be the worst thing he ever committed to wax (rivaled only by a puerile “School Bell Rock” cut during a momentary return to King in 1959).
After a long dry spell, Brown’s acclaimed performance as part of Johnny Otis’ troupe at the 1970 Monterey Jazz Festival and a 1973 LP for ABC-BluesWay began to rebuild his long-lost momentum. But it came too late; Brown died of a heart attack in 1981 at age 56, his role as a crucial link between postwar R&B and rock’s initial rise still underappreciated by the masses.


J Frank Norris (Roy Falls) – True story of John Birch – Who I Personally Knew

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The story of an unsung hero…the first victim of undeclared World War III.

After college, John Birch attended the seminary at First Baptist Church of Ft. Worth. Visitation was his passion. Under the auspices of J. Frank Norris, John Birch was sent as a baptist missionary to China…and ultimately was shot execution style by the Communist party.

J. Frank Norris named one of the church buildings after John Birch…The John Birch Hall.

John Birch had been a personal friend of both Roy Falls and his brother, Lloyd Falls, during the time they all attended Dr. Norris’ First Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

Most associate John Birch with The John Birch Society, which was formed several years after his death.


I personally knew J. Frank Norris since about 1928. Although my family & I lived in Paris, Texas, we took every opportunity to hear Dr. Norris……(mostly revivals) …… traveling between Paris and Fort Worth. The man we got to know was the reason my family & I moved to Fort Worth in 1936. We became very active members. After serving 4 years in World War II, I personally taught Sunday School in every department, poured concrete, knocked on doors all over Ft. Worth, made two out of town trips … one in St. Louis and one in Oklahoma City, passing out handbills….a lot of us did whatever it took. We left the church when Dr. Norris passed away in 1952. I will never forget those joyous days.

Roy Falls

Roy Long Road Railroad Crossing, Athens, AL

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*originally recorded on 10-3-18*

Signal on the left: 2 pairs of WCH 12×24 inch lights with Leotek EV Series LEDs, an NEG electronic bell, a “Safetran” (Siemens) gate mechanism, and NEG LED gate lights.
Signal on the right: 2 pairs of WCH 12×24 inch lights with Leotek EV Series LEDs, an NEG electronic bell, a “Safetran” (Siemens) gate mechanism, and NEG LED gate lights.

After seeing the three trains on the NS Memphis District East End, I went over to the CSX S&NA North Subdivision to see about recording this crossing. However, I got rather lucky here as just as I was pulling up to it, I saw that a southbound mixed freight (IIRC, either Q513 or Q525) was just beginning to leave Athens siding (after meeting a northbound which had stopped in the siding). What was even better was the fact that the train had a Dash-8 leading an AC44CW, an ET44AH, and another AC44CW! This was the first time since August of 2017 that I had caught a CSX Dash-8 leading!

This crossing here features a pair of rather new signals, having been installed to replace a pair of crossbucks either late last year or earlier this year. The signals feature gate mechanisms with Safetran’s logo on them, a bit weirdly enough, though there seems to be a slight debate over whether these ones (and similar ones) were reused by the railroads, refurbished ones, or brand new ones with reused covers. Personally, I’m almost certain that these are brand new Siemens S-60s with reused Safetran covers on them, likely done when Siemens was redesigning the standard cover for their gate mechanisms, for the following reasons:
-The Safetran covers on these gate mechs are noticeably browner (rustier?) than the rest of the gate mechanism, even the part that the mechanism is attached to. If they were reused gate mechs from elsewhere on the railroads, then they would most likely be all the same color.
-The cover is the same design as the last covers that were made with the Safetran branding, prior to Invensys Rail doing away with the Safetran brand in 2011. If they were reused gate mechs from elsewhere on the railroads, then they would most likely feature an older design.
-NS and CSX were both installing these at the same time, and prior to installing these, both railroads were using the Siemens gate mechanisms with the sticker logo. Both railroads also now use Siemens gate mechanisms with the cast-on logo.

Right on the other side of the crossing is one of the sirens in the Brownsferry Nuclear Power Plant warning system, used to alert the public to evacuate in case there’s a melt-down or some other serious issue at the plant, as well as general warning about other disasters (such as tornadoes). For those curious, the siren is a Federal Signal 508 siren. These sirens get tested at 9:15 AM on the second Monday of every month (assuming the weather is “good” on that day), so make sure to bring hearing protection should you plan to be out at this crossing around that time.

Roy Yamamoto- a life of Crime to a life of Redemption

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Roy Yamamoto was a career criminal that once faced a sentence of 80 years in prison. Yamamoto has been charged with five felonies in his life. He’s turned his life of crime to a life devoted to Christ. He runs Camp Agape and an Arizona prison outreach to help inmates, like himself from staying behind bars. To read more about Roy Yamamoto’s story and Camp Agape go to: