Richmond CA City Council Video Is Nuts

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Richmond CA City Council is just plain nuts and if you want proof, watch the video that is over at the YouTube Channel Richmond 2014 and by the Black American Political Action Committee.

The video shows, among other things, how terrible Councilmember Tom Butt treated Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, getting up and approaching her in a way that can only be called threatening.

And that guy is running for Mayor? Looks like Nat Bates is a better candidate. Wow. – vlog produced by Zennie Abraham Zennie62 Blog – youtube video
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Bad Drivers and Random Videos of Lexington and Richmond, KY 2

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I went to Lexington to visit my little brother on his birthday. I stayed the night at a Hotel with a game room, basketball court, and indoor pool. He had a blast. Then we went to Richmond to visit more family. This is what I caught in just two days, enjoy!

Link to story about fallen Police Officer:

No. 6 Road Railway Crossing Tour, Richmond, BC

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Filming Device: iPhone 6.

The first Safetran Cantilever: The lights are 4 pairs of WCH 8” lights and 1 pair of Safetran 8” lights. The bell is a RACO Mechanical Bell.

The Mast signal: The lights are 3 pairs of GRS 8” lights.

The second Safetran Cantilever: The lights are 2 pairs of WCH 8” lights and 1 pair of Safetran 8” lights.

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“Church Hill Tunnel” | Old Haunted Train Tunnel in Richmond USA | HD

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Church Hill Tunnel is an old Chesapeake and Ohio Railway tunnel, built in the early 1870s, which extends approximately 4,000 feet under the Church Hill section of Richmond, Virginia. On October 2, 1925, the tunnel collapsed on a work train, killing four and trapping steam locomotive 231 and 10 flat cars. Rescue efforts only resulted in further collapse, and the tunnel was eventually sealed for safety reasons.
The Church Hill Tunnel also has a connection to the urban legend of the Richmond Vampire.

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Richmond Vampire –

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Three Homesick EKU Students Visit Richmond Church of Christ – Richmond, KY

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Three homesick and hungry EKU students visit the Richmond Church of Christ and find a home away from home.

Less than 1 mile from the EKU campus. We hope you’ll find us to be one of the most welcoming churches in Richmond, KY.

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It’s Go Time

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Have you thought about what eternity really means? All of us will spend forever in one of two places depending on our relationship with Jesus. Pastor Tavner Smith, Senior Pastor at Venue Church, showed us our everyday responsibility in Matthew 28:18-20. It is much bigger than our work or worries. Every person matters to God. What is He asking you to do today that will have an eternal impact on someone else?

A message by guest Pastor Tavner Smith, Senior Pastor of Venue Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Beach to Bluegrass: Traveling Virginia Highway 58

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An insider’s guide to places to brake along one of Virginia’s most historic and fun to drive routes.
Joe Tennis, author of “Beach to Bluegrass: An Illustrated Collection of Virginia stories and photos following 500 miles of Highway 58”

President Trump Holds Rally In Richmond Kentucky 10/13/18

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President Trump Holds Rally In Richmond, Kentucky. Kentucky’s governor and senior U.S. senator have greeted President Donald Trump upon his arrival for a political rally Saturday night in Richmond, Kentucky. Trump shook hands with Gov. Matt Bevin and Sen. Mitch McConnell shortly after Air Force One landed at Lexington’s airport. Also on hand were several state representatives. Trump is in the state for a rally at Alumni Coliseum on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University. President Donald Trump says America is the hottest country in the world, celebrating what he calls an economy unlike any other in its history. Speaking at a political rally Saturday night at Eastern Kentucky University, Trump is ticking off his administration’s accomplishments, leading with the low unemployment rate. He’s also assuring Kentuckians that coal has come back. Trump is in the state to promote the campaigns of GOP candidates for Congress. He’s warning that Democrats only want to obstruct and says their lust for power drove them to be incredibly unfair to his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Trump also led for a rousing cheer for the state’s senior senator, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.
President Donald Trump led a rousing cheer for Kentucky’s senior senator, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, as he celebrated his administration’s first two years in office during a political rally in Richmond, Kentucky.
McConnell returned the compliment, asking the president to continue nominating judges for the federal bench so the GOP-led Senate can keep confirming them.
Trump brought the state’s other U.S. senator, Rand Paul to the stage, who pointed out how supportive the president has been of one of his health care proposals.
The rally at Eastern Kentucky University gives Trump a forum to promote the campaigns of GOP candidates for Congress. He’s warning that Democrats only want to obstruct and are the party of crime and open borders.