Richard Ramirez ( The Night Stalker ) – Serial killer documentary

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Pledge 1$/month to support this channel – Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez, known as Richard Ramirez (February 29, 1960 – June 7, 2013), was an American serial killer, rapist, and burglar. His highly publicized home invasion crime spree terrorized the residents of the greater Los Angeles area, and later the residents of the San Francisco area, from June 1984 until August 1985. Prior to his capture, Ramirez was dubbed the “Night Stalker” by the news media. He used a wide variety of weapons, including handguns, knives, a machete, a tire iron, and a hammer. Ramirez, who was an avowed Satanist, never expressed any remorse for his crimes. The judge who upheld his thirteen death sentences remarked that Ramirez’s deeds exhibited “cruelty, callousness, and viciousness beyond any human understanding”.[1] Ramirez died of complications from B-cell lymphoma while awaiting execution on California’s death row.
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History of The AOH Church of God Inc “1916” Our Rich AOHCOG Heritage…

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The Late Right Reverend William Thomas Phillip (1893-1973) one of the greatest religious leaders of this Christian era was thoroughly convinced in 1912 that holiness was a system through which God wanted him to serve. He was called to the ministry in 1913. Though his initial literary training was limited, he committed himself to the inevitable. He dedicated his life to God without reservation to perform the task for which he felt he had been chosen and went on to become one of the greatest religious literary and church leaders of his day.

The spirit led him to go to Mobile, Alabama where he began evangelical work on March 16, 1916 he organized the Ethiopian Overcoming Holy Church of God (an all-black organization).

The Church was locally incorporated on July 14, 1920. Realizing that Gods message was to all people, the name of the church was later changed on April 1, 1941 the church was incorporated in the State of Alabama as the Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God.

The church spread to many parts of the United States and into foreign territories. Bishop Phillips led the church successfully for 57 years. He passed away on November 30, 1973 and Bishop Jasper Roby served as the National Presider until May 2000. In June 2000, Bishop George W. Ayers Ph.D. was voted by the Executive Board as the National/International Presiding Prelate. His position was reaffirmed in June 2002 and he presently serves.

The Church has purchased property, which shall be used to expand the physical plant of the Body in facilities for relief, education and recreation. The church presently has missionaries serving Western, Southwest and Southeast Africa.

The Church publishes youth literature and a quarterly magazine, THE PEOPLES MOUTHPIECE. It also publishes the Manual of the Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God and a Members Orientation Guide.

The local churches are united under districts which are governed by overseers and district or diocesan bishops selected and approved by the National Presiding Prelate and/or Board of Bishops.

The Annual Pentecost Meeting convenes annually (June 1-10) and consists of bishops, overseers, pastors. missionaries, mothers, convention leaders, evangelists and laypersons, delegates and visitors.

The Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God is set up on the foundation laid by Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

We believe that the work that Christ began must be continued to bring mankind to complete reconciliation with God.

The church must seek out and provide the message of love to the lost. It is the responsibility of the church to disseminate the apostolic spirit and life to as many as possible. We have been charged to teach and preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all people. Ministers, missionaries and laypersons have, therefore, dedicated their lives to objectives that will accomplish this goal.

Our Rich AOHCOG Heritage


By: Minister Robert E. Bonner

Tom Petty: “No One’s Got Christ More Wrong Than The Christians”

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Veteran rocker Tom Petty isn’t pulling any punches with his new song “Playing Dumb.”

In an interview with Billboard magazine, Petty said that he wrote the song about the decades of child sex abuse in the Catholic church and the elaborate lengths that priests and their leaders have gone to cover up the crimes.

“I’m fine with whatever religion you want to have,” Petty said, “but it can’t tell anybody it’s OK to kill people, and it can’t abuse children systematically for God knows how many years.”

Petty went on to say that he doesn’t understand why people continue to donate to the church, which has paid out millions of dollars in legal settlements to the victims of child-molesting priests.

“If I was in a club, and I found out that there had been generations of people abusing children, and then that club was covering that up, I would quit the club. And I wouldn’t give them any more money,” he said.

“Religion seems to me to be at the base of all wars,” said the Florida-born singer and guitarist. “I’ve nothing against defending yourself, but I don’t think, spiritually speaking, that there’s any conception of God that should be telling you to be violent. It seems to me that no one’s got Christ more wrong than the Christians.”

Petty’s career has spanned more than 30 years, spawning multiple gold and platinum records, including the hit singles “Refugee,” “Don’t Come Around Here No More” and “Won’t Back Down.” He has performed as a solo artist, with his band the Heartbreakers and as a member of the supergroup The Traveling Wilburys alongside rock legend Roy Orbison, ELO founder Jeff Lynne and George Harrison of the Beatles.

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Dr. Richard Daniels – One dilemma is self

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Dr. Daniels of Fellowship Baptist Church of Fresno, CA shares at Pastor Rodney Croom’s 7th Pastoral Appreciation Celebration.

First Baptist Church
588 Rosa Parks Rd
Palm Springs, CA
Rev. Rodney Croom, Pastor

ESBC’s Pastor Scott and Rev. O. C. Myles | Total Praise by Smallwood

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Eastern Star Baptist Church, Port Arthur, Texas, Rev. L. W. Scott, Sr., Pastor. Rev. O. C. Myles, Jr. and Pastor Scott praises God with their version of Richard Smallwood’s “Total Praise” during Associate Ministers’ Appreciation Service. The ESBC Sanctuary Choir completes this awesome rendition.

Amb. Richard Grenell on the Trump-Merkel relationship

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Newly appointed U.S. ambassador joins ‘The Ingraham Angle’ to discuss his long confirmation process and the U.S. relationship with Germany.

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Flipside talk with Richard Martini at Fellowship of the Inner Light Church Virginia Beach

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While speaking in Virginia Beach, I was invited to speak for a half hour at the Fellowship of the Inner Light Church in Virginia Beach. (More info at FLIPSIDETHEBOOK COM) And eclectic group of individuals who come together to worship from all faiths, the room was filled with people who have had near death experiences, or where there to pray for an ill or recently departed relative.

The references in the talk are to my book “Flipside: a Tourist’s Guide on how to Navigate the Afterlife” and my documentary “Flipside: a Journey Into the Afterlife” both available on Amazon and other websites. For further information, please see flipsidethebook com or flipsidethefilm com – for further information on the Tonglen meditation that I speak of in the video, please search youtube for people who are well versed in its practice. I give a layman’s version of what the meditation means to me, as well as research from the University of Wisconsin via Richard Davidson on the effectiveness of the meditation towards the treatment of depression. While I say the word “cure” in the talk, there’s no one making those claims that I’m aware of – however, the body of evidence coming from Davidson’s lab shows that the meditation can change the shape of the amygdala, the source of depression, after only one session, so worth checking into.

Lecture – Richard Hays – Did Moses Write about Jesus? The Challenges of Figural Reading

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Lecture by Richard Hays, “Did Moses Write about Jesus? The Challenges of Figural Reading”

Given 7pm – 9pm on May 23, 2015 at The Lanier Theological Library Chapel in Houston, Texas. It is part of the Lanier Library Lecture Series. A series devoted to bringing world class lectures to benefit the community of all those who might be interested.

I am indebted to the generosity of the library to allow me to share these videos of theirs. Please support them by visiting their website for more information and resources:

In his lecture, Richard Hays will illustrate and explore the surprising ways in which the four Gospel writers interpreted Israel’s Scripture as a witness to the identity of Jesus. The talk will first summarize and then extend the hermeneutical proposals explored in his recent book “Reading Backwards: Figural Christology and the Fourfold Gospel Witness.” What might it mean for readers in late modernity to take seriously the interpretative methods employed by the Gospel authors? Are Christian claims about Jesus bound inextricably to these interpretative methods?

Richard Hays bio info:

Richard B. Hays, Dean and the George Washington Ivey Professor of New Testament at Duke Divinity School, is internationally recognized for his work on the letters of Paul and on New Testament ethics. His scholarly work has bridge the disciples of biblical criticism and literary studies, exploring the innovative ways in which early Christian writers interpreted Israelʼs Scripture. Haysʼ work focuses on New Testament theology and ethics, the Pauline epistles, and early Christian interpretation of the Old Testament. He received his Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School and his Ph.D. from Emory University.

In the field of New Testament Studies, Hays has often been identified with figures such as N.T. Wright, Luke Timothy Johnson, and Raymond Brown. Some of Professor Haysʼ studies surround the narrative interpretation of Scripture, the new Testamentʼs use of the Old Testament, the subjective genitive reading of pistis Christou (“faith(fuleness) of Christ”) in Paul, and the role of community in the New Testament. Hays is well known for his criticisms of the Jesus Seminar and the modern Historical Jesus movement. He has also been vocal about his criticisms of Dan Brownʼs best-selling The Da Vinci Code for its controversial historical claims.

His book The Moral Vision of the New Testament: Community, Cross, New Creation was selected by Christianity Today as one of the 100 most important religious books of the twentieth century. His most recent books are The Art of Reading Scripture (2003, co-edited with Ellen Davis), The Conversion of the Imagination (2005), Seeking the Identity of Jesus: A Pilgrimage (2008, co-edited with Beverly Roberts Gaventa), and Revelation and the Politics of Apocalyptic Interpretation (2012, co-edited with Stefan Alkier).

Professor Hays has lectured widely in North America, Europe, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. An ordained United Methodist minister, he has preached in settings ranging from rural Oklahoma churches to Londonʼs Westminster Abbey. Professor Hays has chaired the Pauline Epistles Section of the Society of Biblical Literature, as well as the Seminar on New Testament Ethics in the Society for New Testament Studies, and has served on the editorial boards of several leading scholarly journals.

As a theologically conservative Methodist throughout the course of his career, he has remained committed to his Wesleyan roots in emphasizing the importance of charity and friendship in the Christian life. Moreover, Hays is a committed pacifist and makes his position clear in The Moral Vision of the New Testament, in which he argues that Jesus Christ taught his disciples to be non-violent.


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Pastor Ken Hampton

Ken Hampton is pastor of a church in Detroit, Michigan. Pastor Hampton speaks of the deteriorating state of churches in the United States today and explains how churches can not only flourish but also recapture America by returning to a strong and uncompromising stand for the fundamentals of the faith.

Grace Bible Chapel
5440 Oakman Boulevard
Detroit, Michigan 48204-2682
(313) 933-9322
Fax: (313) 933-1424
email: [email protected]

Author: Rev. Noah Hutchings

After serving in churches for many years, Noah Hutchings became interested in why those who profess the name of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord believe differently on hundreds of doctrinal issues, when it is so obvious that all cannot be right.

After an appraisal of the entire spectrum of denominational differences, the author reduces the many ecclesiastical variances to one common denominator: the Gospel of the Kingdom committed to Peter to preach to the Circumcision (Israel) and the Gospel of sovereign Grace committed to the Uncircumcision (Gentiles).

If you have ever wondered why there are so many denominations, sects, and cults, and why church memberships cannot agree on even simple doctrines like baptism, then you will want to read and study this book. This book is also used in seminaries, and thousands have been published.

Amazing Grace-Rev. Richard White

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Gospel Legends
Song: Amazing Grace
Artist: Rev. Richard White & The National Mass Choir of the Highway Churches Of Christ Album: Just An Old Story -Savoy SL-14659 – 1982

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