Angel of the Resurrection, Tiffany Studios

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Angel of the Resurrection

Samuel H. Kress Interpretive Fellow Leslie Anderson-Perkins reveals the man behind the design of Angel of the Resurrection and describes his role as part of the Tiffany team.

Louis Comfort Tiffany, the dominant figure in American decorative arts for more than half a century, founded several firms to satisfy the strong demand for his metalwork, pottery, and furniture. But his zeal for sensuous materials and striking colors found its fullest expression in his stained-glass windows. Angel of the Resurrection, the lower half of which appears here, was commissioned by Mary Lord Harrison, second wife and widow of President Benjamin Harrison, upon her husband’s death in 1901. It was installed at the First Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, where the president had served as an elder for more than forty years. Perhaps because he carries a trumpet, the figure is often mistaken for Gabriel, Angel of the Annunciation, but it is actually Michael, Angel of the Resurrection, who signals the dead to rise.

Remember me in Your Kingdom, Resurrection Coptic Catholic Church, Brooklyn, New York

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القدّاس الاحتفالي من أجل الراقدين على رجاء القيامة
في الذكرى الثانية لانطلاقة جماعة “اذكرني في ملكوتك”
في كنيسة القيامة للأقباط الكاثوليك في بروكلين، نيويورك – الأحد 6 أيلول 2015
احتفل به قدس الأب فرنسيس فايز – خادم الرعية
المسيح قام، حقًا قام!

Divine Liturgy at St Herman of Alaska reliquary – Holy Resurrection Cathedral Kodiak 2010.avi

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I missed the boats to Monks Lagoon, however I attended services at St Herman’s reliquary – Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Kodiak.
Bishop BENJAMIN was lone celebrant and it was beautiful. simple, plain and humble… kinda what I would imagine St Herman was like when he lived amongst my ancestors over 200 years ago.

I will follow with other videos of the final portions of the service – but first I have a meeting to attend.
This video clip is from the part of the Liturgy when bread and wine is offered up as a sacrifice and then Blessed making the Change to the Body and Blood of Christ. Our religion claims Apostolic Succession whereby we can trace our lineage back to the Last Supper, the first communion, on that day, in that room with Christ Himself.

Joys of Resurrection – Latest video from St. Mary & St. John church Bayonne NJ

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A selection of Joys of Resurrection hymns filmed by Mina ElKomos Besada from St. Mary & St. John Coptic church, Bayonne NJ.

Christ is risen, truly He is risen! 🙂

Share the video with your friends for Easter greetings.

Happy Easter 🙂

“Who are Eastern Catholics?” PART 2 with Fr. Maximos of Holy Resurrection Monastery

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Catherine Alexander continues to speak with Father Maximos of Holy Resurrection Romanian Catholic Monastery in Newberry Springs, CA about Eastern Catholic identity.

Questions Asked:
4. With this balance of being fully Orthodox and fully Catholic, some people believe the Eastern Catholic Churches are a bridge for unity between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches. They say unity is the main purpose of the Eastern Catholic Churches, and a failure to bring about full unity means the Eastern Catholic experiment was a failure. Would you shed some light on this position?

5. With those three things in mind, what would you say it means to be an Eastern Catholic?

Evidence for the Resurrection vs Mormonism; Mike Licona’s TED-Like Talk

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In this video I compare the evidence for the resurrection as proposed by Dr. Michael Licona, to the evidence for Mormonism. The original video can be found here:

Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1961, Mike became a Christian at the age of 10 and grew up in a Christian home. He attended Liberty University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance (Saxophone). During his undergraduate studies, he had a strong desire to know God, devoting himself to studying the Bible daily. He decided to learn Koine Greek in order to read the New Testament in its original language and later completed a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies.

Toward the end of his graduate work in 1985, Mike began to question the veracity of his faith and wondered if there was any evidence to support it. He decided not to go into Christian ministry at that time. Finding answers to his questions consumed him and he almost jettisoned his faith. He investigated the evidence for Christianity and a number of other major world religions. He also considered the arguments for atheism. His investigation solidified his belief that God exists and that he has actually revealed himself to mankind in Jesus Christ and that the Christian view provides the most plausible and unified theory of reality.

In July of 1997, Mike formed TruthQuest Ministries in order to give an official name to his growing ministry and to allow future donors to make tax-deductible gifts. In October 2001, the ministry was renamed “RisenJesus” in order to avoid confusion with other ministries named “TruthQuest” and more closely reflect its vision of equipping 100,000 Christians to share their faith using the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection.

Mike has a Ph.D. in New Testament (University of Pretoria). He completed all requirements “with distinction” and the highest marks. He is a frequent speaker on university campuses, churches, Christian groups, retreats, frequently debates, and has appeared as a guest on dozens of radio and television programs. He is a member of the Evangelical Theological and Philosophical Societies, the Institute for Biblical Research, the Society of Biblical Literature, and the prestigious Studitorum Novi Testamenti Societas. Mike is associate professor in theology at Houston Baptist University and the president of Risen Jesus, Inc.

Say Good Night by Joakim Karud
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Eastern Catholic Theology PART 1 with Fr. Abbot Nicholas of Holy Resurrection Monastery

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Catherine Alexander speaks with Father Abbot Nicholas of Holy Resurrection Romanian Catholic Monastery in Newberry Springs, CA about Eastern Catholic theology.

Questions Asked:
1. The Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches say in Canon 28 that “a rite encompasses the liturgical, theological, spiritual, and disciplinary patrimony, culture, and circumstances of history of a distinct people by which its own manner of living the faith is manifested in each Church sui iuris.” What does each rite having a different theological patrimony mean in this context?

2. Is there a multiplicity of theologies then accepted among the different Catholic Churches?

3. How can two churches in communion with each other have different theologies?

4. Do Eastern and Oriental Catholics have to affirm dogmas proclaimed by Rome?

5. Do Eastern and Oriental Catholics have to accept all Roman Catholic teachings and theology?

6. May Eastern and Oriental Catholics reject dogmas proclaimed by Rome as being outside their theological patrimony?

“Jesus is Resurrection” by The Rev Dr Fulton L Porter, III, St Thomas Episcopal Church 11 04 18

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The Rev. Dr. Fulton L. Porter, III, is Rector, The Rev Trilby Murray is Deacon, The Rev. Dickson Barasa is Seminarian, and Dr. Keith Hampton is Music Director and Organist at St Thomas Episcopal Church at 3801 S. Wabash, Chicago, Illinois. Join us for our 8:00 – 9:00 am for Sunday Service without hymns or choir. Join us at 10:30 am for our Sunday Service with hymns and choir. After each service please join us for fellowship and refreshments. Filmed by St. Thomas Video Ministry and edited by Rory Smith, St. Thomas Video Ministry. We invite you to join us for Bible Study:
Mondays: Women’s Bible Study Noon at Hunter Parish House, 3800 S. Michigan.
Wednesdays: Lifeline Telephone Conference Call Noon to 12:15pm call 712-775-8972 Access code: 438019
Fridays: Bible Study Noon at Hunter Parish House, 3800 S. Michigan.
Sundays: Bible Study 9:15 – 9:45 am in St Thomas Episcopal Church 3801 S. Wabash, Chicago, IL 60653

Dr Charles Stanley 2018, GOD’S PLAN FOR THE RESURRECTION – PART 1-2 — MARCH 30, 2018

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Dr Charles Stanley 2018, GOD’S PLAN FOR THE RESURRECTION – PART 1-2 — MARCH 30, 2018
Death—it wasn’t the end of Jesus’ story. And it isn’t the end of our stories either. Learn what God’s Word reveals about the resurrection of the saints. Make peace with death, taking comfort in the knowledge that God’s plan for you extends far beyond your final breath. For believers, the grave is only another beginning.

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