Jesus is Everything, March 7 1998, Brownsville Revival Pensacola FL

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Many nights Pastor Kilpatrick would have people give their testimonies about what God was doing in their life. Brownsville was in for a big surprise with this group of people that would end up on stage.

1st Joy from Tupelo, MS tells about how she was healed and much more.

2nd Danielle Morris from CA tells about how God made a way back to Pensacola to help with the harvest.

3rd was Dennis from Flomaton, AL. He was homeless man that God brought to the revival and was delivered from 20 years of drugs. Having no church background he tells how he knew it was God when he entered the church.

4th was Daniel from Tallahassee, FL, a 15 year old who came to the revival on a dare. He was caught at school with a switchblade and the principal dared Daniel to go to the revival. Full of rebellion and hating God, Daniel found himself in a front row set at the revival. What God did next in his life is amazing.

5th Angel, a young woman from Salisbury, Maryland finds herself moved upon by God and fighting the tears. The series of events that transpire next will blow you away. Her whole family and pastor Gloria Ortez end up on stage and explain how God has changed all of their lives The power of God moves on many of them as they give their testimonies.

Kirk Franklin – Love by Resurrection Catholic Church Liturgical Dance (Montgomery, AL)

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Resurrection Catholic Church Liturgical Dance (Montgomery, AL)
Love by Kirk Franklin
choreographed by DeShaun Beasley
I hope you all enjoy!

Church of the Resurrection, New York

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A brief introduction to the Resurrection, its life and worship. Father Swain narrates a series of film clips and images from Resurrection’s life and work, while Resurrection’s Choir are heard in the background. Live action videos and photos of high mass are a feature of this video. Visit or call 212-879-4320 for more information.

Sunshine Bands Resurrection Play (Revival Temple’s Youth 2010)

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Revival Temple’s Sunshine Band Youth Play
Resurrection Sunday 2010

Video from Because He Lives DVD

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“He’s Alive!” – First Baptist Church | Jackson, MS

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Featuring the Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra of First Baptist Church of Jackson, Mississippi – April 20, 2014 – Easter Celebration – Live Streaming each Sunday Morning and available Online and via Satellite – See

Old Church House With Rich History May Be Doomed

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Resurrection Church of God in Chartiers Township, Washington County, is looking for a new home after losing its building to back taxes. Pastor Lewis says the building is a historic site from the “Underground Railroad” days, and needs to be saved.

Jesus Slept Here – April 1st, 2018

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The Christ Church International Worship Arts Department present “Jesus Slept Here” where we observe the lives of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus during the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. We get to see a glimpse of what they went through and the significance of who Jesus was and what He did for each of them.

Starring Josh Williams, Diane Briley, and Kalyn DelVecchio

Baptisms at Pure Words Baptist Church – Houston, TX

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