Food 4 Thought – Mold, food on the floor & roaches in Hidalgo Co. restaurants

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High demerits are only part of the concern at dirty diners this week.
Health inspection reports show serious health code violations.
Stuff like roaches in a kitchen, mold in an ice machine and food found on the floor are some of the violations in question.
This week’s dirtiest restaurant is Sevilla Café on 241 South Texas Boulevard in Weslaco.
It scored 29 demerits on a health report.
Kitchen cops exposed off temperature beef, missing hairnets, insect contamination along with a cross contamination of foods, according to results on a report.
Colima restaurant on 1402 North Closner in Edinburg also scored low performer status with 21 demerits.
An inspector found food on the floor, missing towels for proper sanitation and dirty equipment.
Click on the video link to see the good, the bad and the dirty dining in this week’s Food 4 Thought!

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Top Performers List
Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (0 demerits)

Sevilla Café 241 S Texas Blvd (29) *Roaches, Mold & Off Temp. Beef*

Colima 1402 N Closner (21) *Food on the Floor, Dirty Equipment*

Weekly Top Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Domino’s 2016 Nolana Ave

McDonalds 2305 W. Lincoln Rd.
Subway 6780 Expressway 83
Taqueria Jalisco 712 N. 77 Sunshine Strip

Vermillion Restaurant 115 Paredes Lane
Café Shiraz 800 E. Alton Gloor
Domino’s Pizza 700 N. Main St.

Denny’s Restaurant 2301 W. University Drive
Church’s Chicken 3469 N. Business 281
McDonald’s 202 W. Monte Cristo Rd.

Food 4 Thought- Roaches creepy crawling their way around Valley restaurants

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They live in filth, spread diseases and are infiltrating a restaurant near you.

Roaches are seen creepy crawling at various low performing eateries across the Rio Grande Valley.

The Pearl on South Padre Island is one of the kitchens with insect contamination.

Kitchen cops report finding one on the wall during a health inspection.

The Director of Marketing, Marisa Castillo, did not want to appear on camera, but admitted swift action is necessary.

“It is an issue that we have to address immediately,” said Castillo. “And we will do so and take it very seriously.”

Roaches also pop up at Janitzio on 1042 East Adams in Brownsville.

Kitchen cops order the restaurant to re-fumigate to get the problem under control.

De Alba Tortilleria & Bakery on 2633 Pecan Boulevard in McAllen turns up a dead roach in the prep area, according to a health report.

But, this week’s dirtiest kitchen goes to Tacos El Pio, a taco stand outside Pharr on Jackson Road near Dicker Street.

It received 27 demerits.

The eatery is no stranger to dirty dining on Food 4 Thought

Back in January it was shutdown for multiple violations.

The recent report for Tacos El Pio shows no sink designated for hand-washing, meat not refrigerated, no soap or towels for proper sanitation, excessive flies and no health permit on site as required.

They’re the kind of violations you don’t have to worry about at Laguna Bob’s on 2401 Laguna Boulevard on South Padre Island, according to the manager there.

“What we’ve always been known for,” said restaurant manager Tom Rich. “Good service… Good food… And now clean.”

Laguna Bob’s, which serves a variety of small seafood dishes, clawed its way to zero demerits.

The Food Patrol awards Rich a Top Performer sticker.

“You put forth the same standards,” said Rich. “You do something… You do it well… That’s what we do.”

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Top Performers List
Low Performers List

Weekly Low Performer List: (total # of demerits)

Hidalgo County
Tacos El Pio Jackson Rd & Dicker St (27) *Repeat Dirty Diner/Excessive Flies*

De Alba Tortilleria 2633 Pecan (3) *Dead Roach in Prep Area*

Janitzio 1042 E Adams (7) *Roaches*

Pearl 310 Padre Blvd (16) *Roach on Wall in Kitchen*

Weekly Top Performer List: (0 demerits)

Laguna Bob’s 2401 Laguna Blvd

Fat Daddy’s 1322 International Blvd.
Ranch House Burgers 1015 S. International Blvd.
Taco Landia 3900 E. Hwy 83

San Juan
Garza’s Café 308 N. Nebraska
Church’s Chicken 1612 N. Raul Longoria

El Taco Chuy 121 E. Palmvista

Delia’s Tamales 106 W. Nolana

Luby’s 500 N. Jackson

El Pato 1110 W. University Dr.
Dairy Queen 1224 W. University Dr.
Church’s Chicken 1607 S. McColl
Burger King Exp 83 and Tahoma

BOYCOTT Wife Saver Restaurants in Augusta GA! Racist American Businesses exploit Hebrew ISRAELITES!!

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Always stay encouraged and faithful TO THE MOST HIGH!
Bible Prophecies are being fulfilled everyday! WAKE UP!
Read Psalms 147!
Learn from your mistakes and completely stop our transgressions! Obey God’s Commandments and operate as pilgrims and hermits upon the earth and always watch your back and stand by and protect your family and your salvation!!!
Read Matthew chapters 4-24!! Christ is and will always be our example on how to live and defeat our enemies and THE ENEMY -satan!!!
Stop supporting: The racist, feminist, and satanic American businesses because they all support racism, immorality, homosexuality, feminism, police & government misconduct/corruption, and many other forms of social injustice!!!
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We must seriously prepare for the 2nd coming of Christ because He will return sooner than we think!!!!

Chesapeake City, MD Restaurants Chesapeake Inn

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Whether craving some oysters or planning a party, head to Chesapeake Inn. Located in Chesapeake City, Maryland, this restaurant by the bay offers Mediterranean cuisine, fresh seafood, pasta, pizza, cocktails, party facilities, a veranda, a view and more. whether you want oysters, prime rib or cold beer, it’s a grand place to relax, refuel, reflect.
Visit us

#7 Sticky Fingers, Chattanooga, TN – GRILLA GRILLS BBQ WARS TOUR 2017

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All categories are scored 1-10 (10 being best. 100pts possible)

#7 Sticky Fingers – Chattanooga, TN (final score 75/100)
Baked Beans:6
Mac & Cheese:6
Grand Total:68/100

Baked Beans:7
Mac & Cheese:7
Grand Total:80/100

Baked Beans:8
Mac & Cheese:7
Grand Total:78/100

Living in St. Matthews – Louisville, KY

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St. Matthews is a highly sought-after neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky due to its location in the heart of the east end inside the Watterson Expressway. Considered a suburb, St. Matthews homes still have an urban neighborhood feel. St. Matthews is a hub of bars, restaurants, parks, shopping, schools, churches, and plenty of entertainment. St. Matthews’ central location attracts plenty of home buyers and offers a variety of home styles and lot sizes; From a Cape Cod on a small lot, to a multi-million dollar home on 2 acres. Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty knows this area very well, and would love to show you the amazing homes for sale in St. Matthews.

Las Vegas Balloons Totally Twisted Balloon Design

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Charlotte NC Ultimate Uptown Tour Part 6 – Church St. Tryon, Trade & More

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Part 6 of my driving tour of Charlotte, NC with 4 GoPro Hero3 cameras attached to the top of my car. This portion includes:

0:02 – Church Street heading south
0:19 – S. Church and W. 4th St.
0:27 – Residence Inn Charlotte Uptown
0:40 – S. Church and W. 3rd St.
0:46 – Charlotte Skyline – Duke Energy & more
1:17 – Heading North on S. Tryon
2:04 – Courtyard Charlotte City Center
2:19 – Merrill Lynch
2:20 – Tryon St. & Trade St.
2:43 – Cool Charlotte Fire Truck

Judge Bean’s BBQ – Tennessee Trip (part 3)

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Jack’s family now visits the best BBQ in Tennessee according to Jack’s friend Jeff Rheins.

Here is where they went:

7022 Church St E
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 823-2280

9/12/2018 “Church Street Cafe”, Albuquerque/NM with “The Nomad Crew” Jhoanna Trias & Mitchell Langon

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9/12/2018 “Church Street Cafe”, Albuquerque/New Mexico with “The Nomad Crew” Jhoanna Trias & Mitchell Langon


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Welcome to Butte, Montana! The Copper Jewel of the Treasure State, Butte, Montana, located half way between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park is the perfect year-round travel destination for families, fun-seekers and the history buff in all of us.
A treasure-trove of fascinating sights and adventures, Uptown Butte boasts the largest and most interesting historical district in the United States. In Butte, you can stay at one of our historic or modern hotels, take a variety of exciting and unique tours Uptown and underground, enjoy some amazing local food, and shop for treasures to take home with you.

Things to See & Do in Butte, MT:
The Copper King Mansion
The Art Chateau
The Dumas Brothel
The Mai Wah Museum
Old Butte Historical Adventures
Butte Urban Safari Tours
The Science Mine
The Mineral Museum
The World Museum of Mining
Our Lady of the Rockies
Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church
The Montana Folk Festival
Evel Knievel Days
An Ri Ra State Irish Festival
St. Patrick’s Day
Silver Dollar Saloon
The Butte Depot
NRA Rodeo
Pro Bullriding
The Butte Civic Center
Fairmont Hot Springs Resort
The Copper King Hotel & Convention Center
Brenda’s Florist
Feathering Your Nest
Cavanaugh’s County Celtic
Hilltop Market
The Chamber Visitor’s Bureau
The Berkeley Pit
The Copper Shop

Where to Eat in Butte, MT:
The Pekin Noodle Parlor
Lydia’s Supper Club
The Uptown Cafe
Christina’s Cocina
Casagranda’s Steakhouse
The Derby
The Montana Club
Soho Asian Restaurant
Park & Main Cafe
Metals Bar
Tacos Del Sol
The Red Door