Geography Now! Rep. of North Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M)

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2019 UPDATE! As of Jan 25 2019 the Greek Parliament voted to accept the new title of “North Macedonia” ending nearly 3 decades of dispute however many Greek citizenss are still opposed to this move, nonetheless actions can now be made to move forward.


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Watch Full Speech from Rep. Paul Ryan at RNC

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Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan addressed the Republican National Convention Wednesday night, and pledges to take on tough issues, take responsibility and stick to their “founding principles.” Ryan characterized Obama administration big government. He said: “I was on my own path, a distinct journey, an American journey … that’s what we do in this country – that’s the American Dream. And I’ll take it any day over the supervision and sanctimony of the central planners,” Ryan said.

LIVE VIDEO: Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Beto O’Rourke debate in Dallas

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Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Democrat challenger, U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, are debating domestic policy from SMU in Dallas.

More on this story:

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Rep. Athena Salman – Member, Arizona State House of Representatives

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American Atheists 2017 National Convention

Rep. Athena Salman is the only openly atheist female state legislator in the country. She represents the 26th Legislative District, which comprises of Tempe, Mesa, Phoenix and the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Arizona State University with degrees in Economics and Political Science.

Convention 2017 Playlist:

AMERICAN ATHEISTS is a national 501(c)(3) organization that defends civil rights for atheists, freethinkers, and other nonbelievers; works for the total separation of religion and government; and addresses issues of First Amendment public policy. Follow our updates on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Christian Rapper The Rep is coming to Albuquerque NM

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The Christian Rapper The Rep In concert
October 20,2012
Huestes De La Fe
4616 2nd st NW
Albuquerque NM 87107
Tickets Only $10.00 Get your tickets now!
They are going fast … Will be $15.00 at the door… Space will be limited…

Colorado St Rep Lori Saine Says Blacks & Whites Were Lynched In Equal Numbers For Being Republicans

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Lori Saine has all of her facts wrong.

Hosted by Phillip Scott

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Wed, Jan 30: Fmr State Rep. LaDawn Jones; American Pledge is Racist? Kaepernick’s dating his MOMMA!

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Wed, Jan 30 Hour 1: Jason Ottley on the Five Things that Matter the Most

| 1) Jason Ottley, a health & wellness expert, joins the show today to talk about the 5 things that really matter, how to stay healthy when you travel for work, and his idea for a workout of the day contest.

KT from Maryland called to ask Jason and Jesse’s opinion on some aspects of maintaining fitness.

| 2) Selena is calling from Atlanta, Georgia to ask Jesse why he blames women.

Luke out of West Virginia is Jesse’s number one fan. He called to show Jesse some support.

Wed, Jan 30 Hour 2: Former State Representative is a Snowflake; Pledge of Allegiance Banned in California College

| 1) LaDawn Jones is the second guest today, and she came on the show to talk about women empowerment. She believes women must continue to stand up for themselves in this country.

Jennifer is a first time caller and she lives in LaDawn’s town. She claims that LaDawn has ruined her city, its the worst its been the 20 years she’s been living there. She says the city is dirty now and her property has no value now.

Destinee is a first time caller from Illinois who needs some clarity on forgiving her parents.

Denise is another first time caller out of Pennsylvania. She heard Jesse’s interview with LaDawn and reckons LaDawn would be in favor of the new abortion bill that passed in New York.

| 2) President Robert Miller of the Santa Barbara College Board of Trustees says the board will no longer recite the Pledge of Allegiance because it is “racist.” He thinks the Pledge’s history and symbols are steeped with “nativism and white nationalism.” He then adds that the Pledge of Allegiance violates the First Amendment’s separation of church and state because of the phrase ‘one nation under God.

Wed, Jan 30 Hour 3: Colin Kaepernick is Dating his Momma!

| 1) Steve is calling from Florida to update Jesse on his relationship with a black woman – he is a white man. He also informs Jesse that some people believe that black people are cursed.

David is a 29-year-old from New York who called yesterday about speaking up during work.

Devin called Jesse to tell him that women are in denial about abortion.

Sion is an Ethiopian from Georgia, she is a first time caller and is a huge fan of Jesse. She is a legal immigrant and voted for President Trump.

Rick is calling out of California to comment on the banning of the pledge of allegiance by a college in California.

Joel and Jesse read today’s Super Chats!

| 2) Colin Kaepernick has been dating a woman who is almost 7 years older than him. His girlfriend is MTV personality Nessa Diab. According to ESPN, NFL star Ray Lewis from the Baltimore Ravens claims his team did not sign Kaepernick in 2017 after his girlfriend posted racist tweets.

Jesse reads some more online comments.

Earl is a first time caller out of Pennsylvania who called to ask why he hates black people so much. Jesse asks for proof of his hatred.

Belisa is another first time caller out of Arizona who is calling Jesse to show support. She agrees that black people’s biggest problem is themselves. She is also appalled by New York “legalizing murder.”

Henry from Houston, Texas called Jesse to thank him for not being afraid to speak up. He is also wondering what the difference between anger and aggression.

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Calvin Harris – Summer (Mike Stud Remix)
Clean Bandit – Rockabye (Cover Madilyn Bailey)

Rep. Don Young Says Introducing Wolves Can End the Homeless Problem

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Rep. Don Young of Alaska tells Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and members of the House Natural Resources Committee that if gray wolves were introduced into other congressional districts, the homeless problem would disappear. This hearing occurred March 5, 2015.

Tue, Jan 29: Pastor Bill is Concerned with Socialists; Dem Rep. Born Wrong Color? Cellphone Addicts

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Tue, Jan 29 Hour 1: Bill Lockwood Concerned Over American Socialists; Caller says U.S. Should Invade Mexico

| 1) Bill Lockwood joins the show today to talk about environmentalism, politics, abortion, and the attack on whites. Bill is a radio host, teacher, pastor of Iowa Park Church of Christ, author of ‘Ezekiel: The Watchman of Israel’, and a long time friend of the show.

| 2) Robert is a first time caller from Florida. He called to ask Jesse about the Silent Prayer, but he is also concerned about Jesse’s health since he was attacked at the Women’s March.

Curtis, a first time caller out of Upstate New York, called in this morning to tell Jesse he’s a Trump supporter that is not for the wall. He says we should just invade Mexico.

David is another first time caller from New York who called to give his testimony. He forgave his father and got promoted at work! He also recounts something that happened at work pertaining to speaking out against lies.

Tue, Jan 29 Hour 2: Democratic Rep. Claims He’s the Wrong Color

| 1) Mike from Texas is a long time caller who argues there’s no such thing as being Right Winged.

Jonathon is a first time caller from Arizona who wanted Jesse’s take on anger and forgiving his mother.

Jesse touches on the topic of phone addiction.

| 2) Democratic Representative Ed Case of Hawaii made a comment about being an ‘asian man stuck in a white man’s body’ at an event for Asian and Pacific Islander American members of the new Congress. His office added that Case’s comment was in reference to what his Japanese-American wife sometimes says about him.

Darlene is a first time caller from Cleveland, Ohio who wanted Jesse’s take on “Be angry and sin not.” Jesse says you must forgive to let go of anger.

Tue, Jan 29 Hour 3: Slender Man Hoax; Adopted Black Teens Can’t Identity with White Family

| 1) Jesse opens the hour with some information on two 12-year old girls who attempted to murder their friend because of an internet hoax ‘slender man.’

Elijah from Periscope asks Jesse: Who is God? Jesse answers that God is his father.

Spencer is calling from South Carolina to ask Jesse some advice; his uncle adopted black children and now have identities issues. He says they are teenagers now and have been acting out and getting in trouble.

Rus from Virginia is calling the show this morning to tell Jesse that he doesn’t prove anything he says. Jesse wants to know how he can prove it.

| 2) James is a first time caller from Littleberg, Florida who is an avid follower of Jesse. He is a former death row sargeant who had a lot of hatred in his life and had a lot of hate directed toward him. He says Jesse helped him confirm his faith.

Bumper Playlist:
Feel – LiQWYD
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07 – Is Just Dreams
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Calvin Harris – Summer (Mike Stud Remix)
Clean Bandit – Rockabye (Cover Madilyn Bailey)

Rep. – Blacks Lazy, End Up In Prison

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Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern apologized for her offensive, race based comments regarding black students being lazy. Michael Shure breaks it down.


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Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) Attacks Trump Supporters in Church Speech

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In a New Year’s Day address to parishioners at the Friendship Baptist Church in Atlanta, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-GA) said the following:

“Americans elected an authoritarian, an anti-immigrant, racist strongman to the nation’s highest office. Donald Trump and his ‘Make America Great Again’ followers who want to return American back to a time where white men and white privilege were unchallenged, and where minorities and women were in their place. These folks now control the highest office of the land. Donald Trump supporters are older, less educated, less prosperous, and they are dying early. Their life spans are decreasing, and many are dying from alcoholism, drug overdoses, liver disease, or simply a broken heart caused by economic despair.

Much like how Hitler took over the Nazi party, Trump has taken over the Republican party.

Hitler was accepting of violence toward the achievement of political objectives. Trump encouraged violence against protesters at his rallies, and his messaging about Charlottesville, that there were bad people on both sides, sent a powerful message of approval to the far right racists in America.

Americans, particularly black Americans, can’t afford to make that same mistake about the harm that could be done by a man named Hitler or a man named Trump.”

The American Joe Show

I am just your Average American Joe… and this channel is where I share my opinions on News, Politics, Headlines and more.

So who am I and why should you care? I describe myself as a God Fearing (Jesus the One TRUE God), Gun Toting, Freedom Loving, Combat Veteran who was born and bred in the greatest country on Earth…the U.S.A. I served for 6 years in US Army with one tour in Iraq…I was a member of the first unit to combat test the Avenger Air Defense system. I have strong Conservative beliefs that I will defend to the end… as I believe Conservatism is the right answer and only path to make and keep our Country Great.


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Rep. Byron Rushing: “Slavery and Emancipation in the Invention of Massachusetts” | Talks at Google

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As part of Black History Month, Google invited MA State Rep & Majority Whip Byron Rushing to give a talk on any topic relevant to the black experience. In this talk, Rep. Rushing delves into the lesser-known history of slavery in Massachusetts.

Rep. Rushing is a historian by training and former President of the Museum of African American History in Boston.

Rep. Hank Johnson Saying Trump Supporters Are Less Educated

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The Atlanta NAACP posted a video of US Congressman Hank Johnson giving a speech at the Friendship Baptist Church in Atlanta Georgia. During his speech he attacked President Trump supporters as being less educated.
This is the same Hank Johnson who was worried Guam was going to capsize.

Rep. Hank Johnson Saying Trump Supporters Are Less Educated