Praise Break CH Mason Memorial COGIC Tri-State Choir :Lord I Remember:

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Praise Break CH Mason Memorial COGIC Tri-State Choir :Lord I Remember/Lord I Thank Yoi/ Mason Temple Memphis
This channel Great Gospel Songs, Sermons, Praise Break and Testimony Videos is dedicated to the Worship and Praise of Our Father God, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Ghost/Holy Spirit.

Remember me in Your Kingdom, Resurrection Coptic Catholic Church, Brooklyn, New York

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القدّاس الاحتفالي من أجل الراقدين على رجاء القيامة
في الذكرى الثانية لانطلاقة جماعة “اذكرني في ملكوتك”
في كنيسة القيامة للأقباط الكاثوليك في بروكلين، نيويورك – الأحد 6 أيلول 2015
احتفل به قدس الأب فرنسيس فايز – خادم الرعية
المسيح قام، حقًا قام!

Community gathers to mourn, remember Indy victims of Missouri duck boat sinking

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Hundreds of people gathered at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church where Pastor Carl Liggins led a service remembering the members of the Coleman family who were lost and also the two that survived.

A Year to Remember

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A Year to Remeber. DVD available from
Post Card DVD from Maine Swedish Colony! “A Year To Remember” captures an unforgettable year for Madawaska Lake, Stockholm, New Sweden and Woodland. There are highlights from ice fishing at the lake, a housewarming party at Stan’s, Midsommar with Birgitta Whited Anderson, Stockholm’s 125th Parade, the “Settling Stockholm” Pageant and the construction of a Knockout ’42 replica hunting camp. Re-live the fun and excitement of this special year with this 24 minute Postcard DVD.

Remember | Pastor Jabin Chavez

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A special message from Pastor Jabin Lakewood Church in Houston, TX. This talk is about how we shouldn’t give into the fears of life and of the enemy.

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Community gathers to remember the life of Alan Amaya

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The community gathered to remember and commemorate mathematics graduate student Alan Amaya who died of a possible drowning last Saturday. Friends shared their favorite memories of Amaya at a memorial service on Sept. 27 at Lake Arlington Baptist Church.

Women First & Foremost: Volume 1 – Remember the Ladies

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Imagine trying to become the first woman doctor, or being a slave woman who helped lead over three hundred others to freedom, or daring simply to write of an equality and a freedom that seemed so natural and yet was left out of the Declaration of Independence. Within the individual stories of the progress and accomplishments of a history of women, one can only illustrate by example and hope that their courage, against often incredible odds, leads to an understanding of some of the ladies who with wit, perseverance and strong determination, enlighten us about women earning their place in the pages of history.

Living Faith Church Indianapolis – “Healthy Churches Remember”

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Today’s Sermon: “Healthy Churches Remember” in Acts 2: 42-47